Reaction: Gossip Girl 3.03

30 09 2009

In lieu of live-blogs Monday and Tuesday night, I offer you my old-school reaction post.

I posted One Tree Hill yesterday and 90210 will be up later in the week.

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  • Previously on: Scott freaking a bit, Bree hoping her parents will accept Chace, Serena spoiling Chuck’s plans, Chuck questioning Serena’s relationship with Carter, Serena telling Carter she wants to be with him, Dan making up an excuse to Vanessa and kissing Georgina
  • Blair just finished her first class.  It’s about time.
  • She wants a “mid-morning reniassiance” or something with Chuck.  Why am I not surprised?
  • Instead she walks in on Georgina making out with Dan!  And Dan has his shirt off!
  • Understandably, Blair is freaking out.
  • Q1: “Don’t think you can run me out of my room with a half-naked Dan Humphrey.”  “Fine.  Stay.  Maybe you’ll learn something.”–Blair and Georgina
  • Q2: From Serena to Georgina? Quite a fall, even for you.–Blair to Dan
  • Georgina says everyone else will be supportive of them…including Serena.  Yeah, right.
  • How long has it been since the last episode?
  • What weird timing!  Dan just ran into Serena in the hall.  Of course she would be on campus and in that dorm at this very moment.
  • Love that she knows Dan is doing the “walk of shame.”  His open shirt certainly doesn’t help.
  • LOL I love Serena and Vanessa freaking out at the possibility of Dan with Serena.
  • But now they’re having a calm conversation about it. Mature.
  • Q3: College is the time for experimentation.–Vanessa
  • Aw, they say they’re going to “tease [him] mercilessly” but “without judgment.”  Kind of sweet.
  • Q4: Besides, who doesn’t have a Georgina in their closet?–Serena (Not exactly sure what that means or who she is referring to.  I guess Carter?)
  • Q5: You wanna button up, and come with me tiger?–Serena to Dan
  • Vanessa sort of catches Scott in a lie.  And he continues to be all mysterious.
  • Woah!  Scott is actually at Lily’s place playing guitar with Rufus!
  • I truly don’t think he’s into Vanessa and has just been using her the whole time.
  • Scott says he wants to talk to Rufus about something!
  • But Rufus cuts in and gives the fatherly hint that he better not hurt Vanessa.
  • Jenny and Eric just walked in, and she said hi to Scott.  When have they met before?  I guess we’re just supposed to assume they have.
  • Scott, clearly uncomfortable, leaves.  Good riddance.
  • Jenny says Scott’s been spending a lot of time there.  Guess it makes sense then that she knows him.  Also indicates it’s been at least a few days since the last episode, and Scott still is acting weird without telling anyone the truth.
  • Dan thanks Serena for being cool about Georgina, which Serena attributes to the fact that she’s dating Carter–much to Dan’s surprise.
  • Q6: Is that because Chuck isn’t currently available?–Dan
  • Q7: If Georgina likes somebody, she will go from zero to crazy before you know it.–Serena
  • Carter and Serena are kind of cute.
  • Apparently Carter’s parents have cut him off.  That’s news.  He stills looks pretty spiffy.  And wants to go to a hotel with Serena.
  • Q8: Where there’s a white fluffy road, there’s a way.–Carter
  • Wonder if it’s weird for Leighton and Penn to watch their respective significant others kiss each other!
  • Some chick named Aubrey walks up and claims she slept with Carther.  And slaps him.
  • Carter denies it and says that’s not “him anymore.”
  • Serena is clearly upset–and rightly so.
  • Vanessa is doing some detective work on Scott–it’s about time!
  • Q9: The questions we fear the most to ask are the ones we actually already know the answers to.–Gossip Girl
  • Vanessa asks the admin if Scott is even a student at NYU.  Ding ding ding!
  • No record of a Scott Adler.  Shocker.
  • It seems that Blair and Chuck’s relationship is only about the physical.
  • Kind of glad to see him pushing her away so he can do his work.
  • Blair feels like she has nowhere to go.  How about home??
  • Le Table Elitare invitation.  Whatever that means.
  • LOL Dan is making it clear to Georgina that they are doing friends benefits and not together.
  • Georgina claims it’s “no strings” but I can’t believe that.
  • Ah, it means The Elite Table!  Duh.  I feel stupid now.
  • And apparently it’s a Secret Society.  Chuck’s been there and done that but I imagine this will be different.
  • It’s NYU’s secret academic society.  I suppose that is very different than one with prostitutes.
  • Blair’s upset because she hasn’t had sex with Chuck in 5 days. That just proves my above point.
  • Lily still doesn’t know Serena isn’t going to Brown?!  How is that possible??
  • Blair disses Carter yet again.  I don’t think she’s being fair.  Serena has plenty of reasons to tell Blair that Chuck’s no good for her but she doesn’t.
  • Chuck is flirting with the business dude’s assistant-partner person thingie.  Typical Chuck.
  • Chuck planning to go to the Sotheby’s auction.  And so is Serena.  Should be interesting.
  • First Nate and Bree scene.
  • Bree says her parents still won’t talk to her.
  • Q10: I even wrote on my dad’s Facebook wall.–Bree
  • Nate says he wants to go out and be seen by other people…as they walk along a Manhattan street.
  • Bree wants to meet Nate’s friends.  That’s kind of cute.  Legitimizes things more.
  • Blair is at the auction, too, and thinks Chuck is there for her.  Cause it’s all about her.
  • Q12: My prayers have been answered! A secret collegiate society wants me.–Blair
  • Whoops.  Blair and Chuck are going to go after the same picture!
  • Q13: Well, you’re not getting it!  Or anything else I might add!
  • Vanessa is going to call Scott out!  Good!
  • Scott’s response: “It’s complicated.”  Lame.
  • Good thing Vanessa is saying she won’t stand for it.
  • WOAH! He just revealed the truth! I did not expect him to do that!
  • Q14: I am Rufus and Lily’s son.–Scott
  • Vanessa looks shocked.  Wonder if she’ll believe him.
  • Q15: I hope everyone’s policies are paid up because it’s look like we’re on a collision course.–Gossip Girl
  • Wow.  He’s really coming clean and telling Vanessa everything–he found out he was adopted and decided he wanted to find his birth parents.  He told his adopted parents, who said they had already spoken with them and they wanted nothing to do with him.
  • Which we know is a lie.  And Vanessa is telling him that–Lily and Rufus went looking for him, and his parents said he was dead.
  • Wouldn’t think Vanessa would know this intimate detail about Lily and Rufus’ life.
  • Scott says the death was his younger brother.  And wants to talk to his parents first.
  • Q16: It’s been 20 years.  What’s a day or two more?  If you have any feelings for me, you won’t say anything yet.–Scott
  • A fair request regardless, I suppose, and she probably does have feelings for him anyway.
  • Carter’s card was at a hotel is rejected, just as Serena appears.  Carter denies that the charges are all his but she doesn’t believe him.
  • Q17: You would make a terrible poker player.–Serena
  • Q18: “I want to believe you’ve changed. You’re just making it hard for me.” “If you don’t trust me, then what are we doing?”–Serena and Carter
  • Those are both very fair points.
  • I really like Serena’s makeup.  And I like this storyline.  I think.
  • Q19: “I came to apologize.” “So apologize.” “That was it.  But I came with a bottle of champagne.”–Chuck and Blair
  • Chuck proposes that neither go to the auction.  Not what I expected.  He must have some other plan.
  • Q20: “I already have my bidding paddle.”  “I’m sure we can find some other use for it.”–Blair and Chuck
  • Vanessa asked Dan to meet her.  Guess she’s going to betray Scott and tell the truth.
  • Saved by the Georgina!
  • And Dan is going to the auction, too!  And Rufus! And Vanessa!  So contrived!
  • Dan is opening to Georgina, who suggests they find out who Scott really is.  This can’t end well.
  • I love that Blair and Chuck are making out…and fiddling with their phones to stay atop of the auction, thinking the other one has no clue.  I feel like this has been done before in some form on so many other shows.
  • Q21: I guess Dorota’s counter-intelligence isn’t what it used to be.–Chuck
  • Chuck at least admits he did come over to distract her.
  • Looks like the Humphrey loft has been redecorated. Random.
  • Georgina is doing a search on Scott.  They find out his real last name, and you can tell Dan is connecting the dots.
  • Scott says he stayed in town because of Vanessa, even though his parents “didn’t take it very well” that he found Rufus.
  • Vanessa says he doesn’t have to tell Rufus alone.  Kind of sweet.
  • Whoops. Dan connected the wrong dots.  Sort of.  He realizes Scott is the one that wrote him that fan letter a while back.
  • Q22: So he’s kind of like your stalker?  How rock star is that?–Georgina
  • I kind of like this Georgina.  Helpful, calm, not evil.
  • Dan leaves Vanessa a message that Scott isn’t who he says he is and could be dangerous. A bit over the top. And V already knows he’s not who he said he was but she didn’t tell him that. I wonder if this message will make her think Scott is lying again.
  • Figures Dan asks her to go to the auction with him.  Though that is SO not the right place for all of this to go down.
  • WTF! Nate and Bree are going to the auction, too!  (When I first wrote that, I wrote Chace and Nate.  That wouldn’t make much sense.  LOL)
  • Their scenes feel like such a waste.  Filler that isn’t even necessary.  It could be a lot more compelling if there was more of it.
  • Love Serena’s dress!
  • Q23: There aren’t enough curse words in the world to satisfy me right now.–Blair
  • Serena tells Blair she was right about Carter but we don’t know that that’s true yet.  Wish Serena learned by now to give people more of a chance.  She would want the same.
  • Serena and Chuck are still facing off.  I wonder how much longer this will last.  I like when they fight but I like when they bond, too.
  • Almost kind of like Vanessa’s dress, too. Kind of.
  • Wow, Scott isn’t wasting any time trying to tell Rufus.  Respectable.  Too bad Rufus stops him.
  • Uht oh! Scott’s mom is there to stop him!  How did she know where they’d be?
  • How convenient.  The picture Blair and Chuck want is the first piece up.
  • LOL Chuck and Blair were so busy arguing with each other–and making good points, mind you–that Serena outbid them!
  • I do hate that they just have this money to spend whenever they want.  Seven thousand dollars!
  • Scott’s mom says she came straight to NY after he called. She knew where Lily lived, and the doorman told her about the auction.
  • She says she’s not here to stop him. Hm.
  • Q24: I’m here to stand by you.–Scott’s mom (Kind of sweet, no?)
  • Wow, this scene is making me tear up. I don’t know that Gossip Girl has ever done that to me.
  • Q25: “This is my kind of date.” “Racing to an art auction to confront a stalker? Was your last boyfriend Batman?–Georgina and Dan
  • So much for not dating and not being boyfriend-girlfriend-y.
  • I don’t like what Georgina’s wearing. She looks kind of trampy.
  • LOL Georgina just had to re-introduce herself to Rufus as NOT Sarah.
  • Dan points out all the sketcy things in regards to Scott, when Vanessa conveniently walks up and says Scott can explain everything, when Scott and his mom conveniently walk up.
  • Why isn’t Rufus instantly recognizing Scott’s mom?!
  • Oh, wait.  Did they only meet the dad?
  • WOAH! Scott just LIED!  Or didn’t quite tell the truth.  He said he just really wanted to meet him, since he’s his brother’s real father.
  • Man, is this really going to be prolonged some more?  Josh Schwartz either goes too quickly or not quick enough.  Jeez.
  • Dan and Vanessa are shocked…but for different reasons.
  • Q26: Sorry, Vanessa. I guess the price of truth was just too rich for Scott’s blood.–Gossip Girl
  • OMG! Serena figured out that it was Blair and Chuck “sabotaging” Carter and doing those things.  Did not see that coming at all!  Good for her for connecting the dots.
  • Q27: “I did it protect you.”  “Me, I just hate the guy.”–Blair and Chuck
  • Blair had decent intentions, I guess, but like always, she went about it all wrong.
  • Chuck says he hates Carter in part for the way he spent his summer: checking in and out of every hotel across the globe and only coming home when he was broke.
  • But! Serena explains that Carter was actually looking for her father.  Awww.
  • And the Santirini mystery is solved!  For those that don’t remember, Carter and Serena had some kind of falling out a while back which is why she’s hated him since.  No one else knew what went down but now Serena explains that she had found her dad and was going to confront him.  Carter offered a boat to help…a stolen boat.  Okay. I can accept that, I guess, if I have to accept everything else.
  • Bree just overheard that whole conversation and has a strange look on her face.  Would love to see her connected to this somehow ’cause right now she and Nate seem sooo irrelevant.
  • Rufus is happy Scott came to him, and wants to get to know him but Scott resists.
  • Aw, Rufus just hugged him and you can just tell Scott is melting inside.  Just tell him the truth, dammit!  Rufus would be even more warm and welcoming, I’m sure.  But the more you lie, the more he’s gonna be pissed.
  • Rufus has a strange look now, too!  Wonder if he figured out the truth himself?  Or is about to?
  • Blair apologizes to Serena…but again questions if Carter is worth it!  She has a lot of nerve.
  • Glad to see Serena is biting back.
  • Q28: You and Chuck are two of the most self-centered damaged people I know…somehow two wrongs make a twisted right.  You don’t think it was worth the risk?–Serena  (Yes! This is the point I made above.)
  • Serena looks so fed up with Blair and Chuck’s antics and drama.  I don’t blame her.  I don’t like it anymore.
  • Serena sees the secret society invitation Blair got and says “you gotta be kidding me.”  What is that about?!
  • Blair is giving Chuck the picture, but neither should take it, IMO.
  • Q29: I want you to have this…because I love you, you enormously stubborn pain in the ass.–Blair
  • Q30: I believe in you.  And if this is what it takes for you to believe in you, it’s worth it.–Blair
  • I don’t see how this will accomplish that but whatever.
  • I doubt Chuck will keep the picture, though.
  • Aha! Georgina sent Blair that invite.  It’s all a prank to get even!  Figures!
  • Serena tells G she has’t changed and asks about Dan.
  • Q31: Dan is Dan. But when it comes to Blair Waldoft, all I have to do is sit back, light a match and watch her go up in flames.–Georgina
  • Serena vows to stand by Blair when she wants to get revenge against G.
  • Rufus wants to go to dinner now, though Vanessa is still clearly upset.
  • Serena covers for where Georgina is, though if Dan had half a brain, he’d be able to tell she was lying.
  • For someone who hates signs of wealth, Vanessa seems to have no problem going to these events…and getting in the limo afterwards.
  • Georgina comes out to see Dan leaving.  She looks kind of sad.  I’m not sure whether to feel bad for her.  It’s possible she’s being genuine with him.
  • Next day, Georgina is on the phone with Dan who is being cold to her.  Apparently, Serena told Dan what she did to Blair.
  • Dan insists they take a break.  Good idea.
  • Is that a picture of them on Georgina’s laptop backgrounbd?!  I can’t tell if the guy is Dan.
  • Serena apologizes to Dan but he says she did the right thing by telling him.  I forget that they are siblings now.  I just see exes and base all their interactions with each other around that.
  • Serena says Carter isn’t returning her calls and that he wants nothing to do with her.
  • Q32: I highly doubt that. You’re a pretty tough one to shake.–Dan (Awww! See, there is still a lot subtext going on!)
  • Chuck calls out the business girl on setting up the photo thing with Georgina.  I didn’t realize the Chuck stuff was part of it, too.  I thought the scam was just on Blair’s end.  That went right over my head. Whoopsie.
  • Q33: Georgina has an MBA in deviant behavior.–Girl
  • Chuck gives the exec the photo, anyway, but blames the girl.
  • Scott comes to say goodbye and Vanessa refuses to keep the secret.
  • Scott makes an interesting point: Rufus and Lily chose to give him up (I guess he doesn’t know Rufus had nothing to do with it).  He wants to choose to keep things the way they are.
  • Just sucks that V is caught in the middle of it now!  And sad that Rufus got so close to his son without knowing.  It’s not really fair, but I guess what Lily did wasn’t either.
  • Scott says he can’t promise to come back and tell the truth.  Is this really the end of him for now?  I guess Schwartz is trying to save this plot to pick up again later.
  • Scott just gave Vanessa a big kiss.  I still don’t think it’s genuine.  More trying to persuade her to keep quiet.
  • But Georgina was listening the whole time!  Can’t expect her to keep quiet!  But who will she use the info against?
  • Carter comes over, and Serena explains Chuck and Blair were behind it all. Carter explains that he knew but just telling Serena he didn’t do it should’ve been enough.  The trust issue is the point.
  • Serena still looks really good.
  • Carter says he expected her to bolt at some point anyway, but she kisses and says she’s not going to.  Cute.  Curious to see where this relationship goes from here.
  • Carter joins “the family” for breakfast. Kind of nice to see him and Dan shake hands.  Mature.
  • There’s Jenny again. Second scene of the episode but no lines.  I can totally live with that.
  • Chuck bought a hotel! How Dylan McKay of him!
  • Chuck says he can handle it because Blair believes in him.  I get this is supposed to be cute and sweet but I’m not finding it so.
  • Carter and Serena part ways on the street and whattya know, there’s Bree.
  • She and Carter do in fact know each other. Apparently he did something to her family, and her finding him is what will get her back in with her family.  She tells him he can run again, if wants.
  • Wonder what he did!  This is an interesting connection.
  • Georgina is going to Boston!  Perhaps the Scott storyline isn’t over just yet!  Unless we don’t see Georgina for a while again, too, and stuff happens off-screen.  I think she was only going to be in a few episodes, anyway.
  • Q34: Anyone want to start the bidding on what happens next? Going once, going twice…–Gossip Girl
  • Liked this episode much better than the first two this season.
  • Preview: Tya Banks and Hilary Duff episode.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?




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