Fun Fact

19 03 2010

Since the first teen drama debuted in 1990, there’s only been one period of time without an active teen drama.

Active refers to: is the show current? It can be on hiatus. It just can’t be canceled.

In 1990, Beverly Hills 90210 debuted.

In 1998, while it was still on the air, Dawson’s Creek premiered.

But when Dawson’s Creek ended in spring of 2003, BH90210 had ended three years prior and there wasn’t any other teen drama on television.


A few months later The O.C. started in the late summer and very shortly after that, One Tree Hill began.

The O.C. ended in 2007 but, as we very well know, One Tree Hill has been active all this time.

And if this turns out to be the last season of OTH, there’s Gossip Girl (started in 2007) and 90210 (2008).

Will there be another period when there’s no teen drama left on the air? I hope not but time will tell!

Fun Fact

5 03 2010

While nearly all the teen dramas started with main characters who were siblings or would become siblings, every single one did begin with main characters who had some form of absentee parents.

On Beverly Hills 90210, Kelly’s dad took off when she little.

With Dawson’s Creek, Joey’s mother died when she was thirteen and her father was in prison. Jen’s parents sent her to Capeside to live with her grandmother.

Ryan’s father was in prison on The O.C. and his mom kicked him out of the house and soon took off. Summer’s mom abandoned her and her dad she was thirteen.

On One Tree Hill, Peyton’s mom died when she was 8 and her dad spent long periods of time away at sea. Brooke’s parents were often out of town as well. Lucas didn’t really have a dad in Dan.

Serena and Eric’s dad was MIA while Blair’s father lived in France and Chuck’s mom was dead (or so he thinks).

On 90210, Silver’s dad Mel appeared to be out of the picture while Dixon’s biological parents were who-knows-where.

Almost all these “absentee parents” led to much drama on the shows. But it’s worth noting that even the “2-parent households” had their problems, too!

Fun Fact

19 02 2010

Five of the six teen dramas began with main characters who were siblings or would become siblings.

On Beverly Hills 90210 we have twins Brenda and Brandon, while on 90210 there’s Annie and her adopted brother Dixon. The original also had Kelly and David as step-siblings while the new show made Annie and Dixon share a half-sibling with Naomi.

On The O.C., Seth found a brother in Ryan when the Cohens became his guardian.

One Tree Hill has half-brothers Lucas and Nathan.

And Gossip Girl has Dan and Jenny as well as Serena and Eric, along with quite a few pairs of step-siblings, some involving Chuck (with Serena and Eric) and Blair (with non-main character Aaron). And, of course, Dan and Jenny became step-siblings with Serena and Eric.

The lone exception is Dawson’s Creek. No original main characters as siblings in Capeside.

But DC is one of four teen dramas that introduced a baby sibling when the first child, the main character, was in high school or older.

On BH90210, Kelly was between her junior and senior years of high school while David was between his sophomore and junior years when they got a baby half-sister, Erin, now known on 90210 as Silver.

Dawson was a senior in high school when his parents had Lily.

Seth and Ryan were out of high school when the Cohens had Sophie.

Lucas was graduating high school when his mom had a baby girl, also named Lily.

Remains to be seen whether Gossip Girl and 90210 will continue the trend!

Fun Fact

22 01 2010

Many times the school year drives a lot of plot: back to school awkwardness, prom, college applications. But sometimes when you stop and think how old these character are supposed to be, it can not only be a reality check but also expose some consistency issues.

Did you know the original Beverly Hills 90210 showed junior year twice? When the series began in fall 1990, the characters (except for David) were starting their junior year of high school. The show ventured into hit status when they showed new episodes during the following summer and producers decided they needed to milk the high school years. So in fall 1991, it was junior year all over again. Season 3 was senior year and the college years followed with each subsequent season until they graduated from that, too.

Dawson’s Creek started with sophomore year but since the show debuted in January of 1998, we saw sophomore year last a year and a half on our calendar, in season 1 and season 2. Season 3 was junior year and in season 4 we saw them as seniors. Seasons 5 and 6 gave us the first two years of college.

The O.C. is also a bit confusing. When Sandy first meets Ryan in jail, he compliments Ryan on his SAT scores. This takes place during late summer. If Ryan’s already taken his SATs, he must’ve been at least a junior the previous school year. But let’s work backwards for a second: season 3 begins with senior year and takes place a few months after season 2, making 2 junior year. Season 2 takes place a few months after season 1, meaning 1 is actually sophomore year. Why had you already taken the SATs, Ryan?

One Tree Hill make things easy and hard by having seasons 1 and 2 be junior year and seasons 3 and 4 senior year. Whereas BH90210 didn’t have season 2’s junior year be a continuation of season 1’s, OTH did and managed to get four real-world years out of high school while having the characters be older than the freshman and sophomore age.

Gossip Girl began with junior year and followed a straight-forward timeline, giving us college year number 1 in the 3rd season.

It seems the new 90210 learned from the original’s mistake and kicked things off as sophomores. Although in season 2 we’ve seen Naomi preoccupied with getting into CU, she’s only a junior. If there’s a season 3, that should be senior year.

Whew! That was exhausting. Maybe one day there will be a teen drama that only takes place during summer!

Fun Fact

16 01 2010

In honor of the Golden Globes tomorrow…

Did you know Beverly Hills 90210 is the only teen drama to receive nominations?

It was nominated for Best TV Series-Drama in 1992 and 1993.

Jason Priestley (Brandon) was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series-Drama in 1993 and 1995.

Unfortunately, neither the show nor Priestley won.

They did, however, win a People’s Choice Award in 1992 for Favorite TV Series Among Young People!

Fun Fact

6 01 2010

Take a minute and consider the names of almost all the teen dramas.

Beverly Hills 90210

Dawson’s Creek

The O.C.

One Tree Hill


Apparently teen drama creators have a thing for titles based on locations. Granted, those locations–Beverly Hills, a–um–creek, Orange County, Tree Hill and, again, Beverly Hills–are (for the most part) integral to the premise of each show.

The lone outcast is Gossip Girl, which easily could’ve been called Upper East Side if it weren’t for the fixation on that never-seen-but-often-heard character also known as Gossip Girl. And, of course, the precedent established by the book series.

Details, details.

Fun Fact

18 11 2009

Did you know SoapNet airs 54 hours of teen drama each week?

(8 hours per weekday X 5 weekdays) + (7 hours per weekend day X 2 weekend days)

40 + 14


Add in the 3 hours each week we get on The CW, and that’s a whopping 57 hours of teen drama goodness in a seven-day period!

This includes Beverly Hills 90210, The O.C., One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and 90210.

Imagine if we could add in Dawson’s Creek!

Some might call this teen drama overload.

I just call it bliss!

Fun Fact

24 09 2009

Did you know many characters on our teen dramas have the same names?

Keep reading for tons of examples:

David: a main character on Beverly Hills 90210, and Jack’s boyfriend on Dawson’s Creek

Scott: a main character on Beverly Hills 90210 and a last name on One Tree Hill

Matt: a main character on Beverly Hills 90210, Joey’s mural-wrecker on Dawson’s Creek and Sandy’s partner on The O.C.

Zach: Carly’s son on Beverly Hills 90210 and Summer’s boyfriend on The O.C.

Nikki/Nicki: Brandon’s girlfriend on Beverly Hills 90210, Dawson’s classmate on Dawson’s Creek and Jake’s babymama on One Tree Hill

Samantha/Sam: Steve’s mom on Beverly Hills 90210 and Brooke’s “foster kid” on One Tree Hill

Abby: Valerie’s mom on Beverly Hills 90210, Jen’s friend on Dawson’s Creek and the witness to Keith’s murder on One Tree Hill

Emma: Brandon’s cheatee on Beverly Hills 90210 and Pacey & Jack’s roommate on Dawson’s Creek

Henry: Brandon’s boss on Beverly Hills 90210 and Jen’s boyfriend on Dawson’s Creek

Tracy: Brandon’s girlfriend on  Beverly Hills 90210 and Naomi’s mom on 90210

Cliff: Donna’s suitor on Beverly Hills 90210 and Dawson’s classmate on Dawson’s Creek

Sophie: David’s girlfriend on Beverly Hills 90210 and Sandy’s mom on The O.C.

Lauren: Matt’s wife on Beverly Hills 90210 and Jamie’s teacher on One Tree Hill

Allison/Alison: Kelly’s fellow fire victim on Beverly Hills 90210 and Dan/Jenny’s mom on Gossip Girl

Elle: the transvestite on Beverly Hills 90210 and Chuck’s mystery woman on Gossip Girl

Jen: a main character on Dawson’s Creek and Naomi’s sister on 90210

Jack: a main character on Dawson’s Creek, Dylan’s dad on Beverly Hills 90210 and Chuck’s uncle on Gossip Girl

Oliver: Dawson’s film partner on Dawson’s Creek and Marissa’s friend/suitor on The O.C.

Alex: Pacey’s boss on Dawson’s Creek and Seth/Marissa’s girlfriend on The O.C.

Eddie: Joey’s boyfriend on Dawson’s Creek and Theresa’s boyfriend on The O.C.

Ty: Jen’s boyfriend on Dawson’s Creek and Adrianna’s babydaddy on 90210

Ryan: a main character on The O.C. and 90210, and Steve’s brother on Beverly Hills 90210

Taylor: a main character on The O.C. and Haley’s sister on One Tree Hill

Jimmy: a main character on The O.C. and Mouth/Lucas’ friend on One Tree Hill

Anna: Seth’s girlfriend on The O.C. and Lucas’ girlfriend on One Tree Hill

Carter: Kirsten’s business partner on The O.C. and everyone’s frenemy on Gossip Girl

Lindsay/Lindsey: Ryan’s girlfriend on The O.C. and Lucas’ girlfriend on The O.C.

Theresa: Ryan’s girlfriend on The O.C. and the gang’s classmate/friend on One Tree Hill

Lucas/Luke: a main chacter on One Tree Hill and Marissa’s boyfriend on The O.C.

Nathan/Nate: a main character on One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl

Haley/Hailey: a main character on One Tree Hill and Kirsten’s sister on The O.C.

Dan: a main character on One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl, and Andrea’s boyfriend on Beverly  Hills 90210

Keith: a main character on One Tree Hill and Steve’s fraternity brother on Beverly Hills 90210

Karen: a main character on One Tree Hill and Pacey’s co-worker on Dawson’s Creek

Deb/Debbie: a main character on One Tree Hill and 90210

Rachel: a main character on One Tree Hill, Sandy’s colleague on The O.C. and Serena/Blair’s teacher on Gossip Girl

Cooper: Nathan’s uncle on One Tree Hill and a last name on The O.C.

Chuck: a main character on Gossip Girl and Jamie’s classmate on One Tree Hill

Jenny: a main character on Gossip Girl and Jake’s daughter on One Tree Hill

Lily: a main character on Gossip Girl, Dawson’s sister on Dawson’s Creek and Lucas’ sister on One Tree Hill

Ethan: a main character on 90210 and Jack’s boyfriend on Dawson’s Creek

Dixon: a main character on 90210 and Lucas’ director on One Tree Hill

Fun Fact

18 09 2009

On Beverly Hills 90210, we sporadically saw the parents of Brian Austin Green’s David.

Mel Silver was played by Matthew Laurance and Shelia Silver was played by Caroline Lagerfelt.

Know where else we’ve seen ’em?

Laurance appeared on two episodes of One Tree Hill in season 2 as a doctor–though I feel like we saw him more than that.  I’m also pretty sure he had an uncredited appearance on Gossip Girl.

Lagerfelt plays CeCe on Gossip Girl, Lily’s mom.

Wonder where they’ll pop up next…

Fun Fact

10 09 2009

Did you know Penn Badgley (Dan, Gossip Girl) played Brittany Snow’s love interest in John Tucker Must Die?

What I find particularly humorous about this is that on Gossip Girl, Snow played the young version of Lily–aka, the mother to Dan’s on-again, off-again girlfriend!

And, of course, Sophia Bush (Brooke, One Tree Hill) also starred in John Tucker.

To top it all off, Badgley also starred in The Bedford Diaries, where Ernest Waddell, who played Peyton’s brother Derek on One Tree Hill, was his co-star.

Yet another tangled teen drama web of connections!

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