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31 08 2010

Sunday night I had one eye on the TV for the Primetime Emmys and one eye on TweetDeck, where I saw a number of tweets asking why Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill weren’t being recognized at the awards show.

Historically, the teen drama genre has gone unrecognized at the Emmys, except for in 1995 when Milton Berle was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for his appearance as Saul on Beverly Hills 90210.

The closest the genre has come to similar-sized recognition was Beverly Hills 90210’s and Jason Priestley’s multiple Golden Globe nominations in the early and mid-90s.

There’s a lot of theories out there as to why the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences – the organization responsible for the Emmys – continually chooses not to recognize the genre, but I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Why do you think the teen dramas have received just one Emmy nomination over the last 20 years?

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18 08 2010

I’ve been very vocal about my inability to accept One Tree Hill without Lucas and Peyton.

(Though, to be fair, I have gripes with the show’s seventh season that have nothing to do their absence.)

There is now an unconfirmed (and let me stress unconfirmed) report that Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley) could possibly leave the show if the season 8 episode order is extended beyond 12 episodes.

That begs the question…

Can you accept One Tree Hill without Haley?

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17 01 2010

With One Tree Hill coming back from hiatus tomorrow night (expect a live-blog!), I thought it would be a good time to “check in.”

Back in May, after 6.24 aired and we all knew Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) and Hilarie Burton (Peyton) weren’t going to be in season 7, I wrote a little rant. I vented my disappointment that the show hadn’t ended with 6.24 and shared my hope that I would fall in love with what I called the “2.0 version” of the show.

In case I haven’t made it abundantly clear already, there’s been no falling in love thus far. With the exception of one episode (7.07, I And Love And You), I’ve found the season to be rather mediocre, with holes that go well beyond Leyton’s absence.

But I want to know what you think, especially now that we’re halfway through the season.

Is this One Tree Hill 2.0 to you? Are you adjusting to life without Leyton and with Clay, Quinn and Alex (et. al.) better than you had expected? Do you wish the show ended with 6.24? Should this season have been a spin-off?

Please note that my love for the show largely remains unchanged. I would never abandon it. I even feel like I’m being unfair judging this season at the midway point rather than waiting til all the episodes have aired.

But I will most certainly reassess in May and, again, I thought it would be nice to at least “check in” with you guys in the meantime.

Random Question

13 11 2009

I saw these two questions posed on a message board and I thought it would be interesting to discuss them here.

1. Which two characters would you like to see together?

Example: Haley and Lucas (One Tree Hill), Ryan and Summer (The O.C.)

2. Which two characters would you never want to see together?

Example: Dawson and Andie (Dawson’s Creek), Jenny and Chuck (Gossip Girl)

Feel free to link to YouTube videos to support your arguments!

Random Question

6 11 2009

These are more serious, behind-the-scenes questions.

What do you think teen drama stars get paid per episode?

What do you think they should get paid?

I know it probably varies not only show-to-show but season-to-season.

I remember it was a huge deal when the Friends cast got $1 million each per episode but I have no idea what the standard is.

What are your thoughts?

Random Question

1 10 2009

Faithful TDW reader Alyssa made an interesting comment last night.

What if One Tree Hill’s Haley and Clay got together?


I said I wouldn’t be in favor of that and I don’t think it would happen, anyway.

But it got me thinking.

What unlikely pairings would you like to see or have seen on any of the TDs?

Someone recently suggested Seth and Marissa (The O.C.) to me and that just blew me away…and not in a good way.

So, other faithful readers, what are your picks?

Random Question

12 09 2009

This one has a long back-story so bear with me.

In season 3 of Beverly Hills 90210, Dylan’s dad Jack died in a car bomb explosion.

In season 6, Dylan found out who was responsible for Jack’s death–Tony Marchette.  As a way to get closer to Marchette (so he could enact revenge), Dylan befriended Marchette’s daughter Antonia (aka Toni).  They ended up falling in love and marrying.

Marchette wasn’t having it and decided to put a hit on Dylan.  Things went awry and Toni ended up taking the bullets, leading to her death.  Following the funeral, Dylan leaves town.

In season 9, Dylan returns to Beverly Hills and again wants revenge on Marchette.  He is shocked to find out Marchette actually killed himself not long after Toni’s death.

In season 10, Dylan is shocked again when he finds out his father is actually alive–he’s been in the Witness Protection Program all these years.

Here’s the question: Was Jack’s death purposefully faked/staged or did the government (or whoever), knowing about the bomb, rescue him at the last second and put him in the program?

That then begs the following question: Was Marchette responsible for Jack faking his death (as in, did Marchette help him do it) or did Marchette actually try to kill him and think he succeeded?

The writers in season 3, I’m sure, didn’t specifically plan for the season 6 or season 10 storylines (I know this for a fact, actually).  Season 10 probably rolled around and they came up with the idea that Jack has been alive all this time and went with it.  But doing that had major implications for the past storylines.

Was Toni’s death in vain?  It certainly seems that way.  But for which reason: Was Marchette trying to keep Dylan from finding out the truth–that his father was still alive? Or, as far as Marchette knew, Jack was dead and, yes, he was responsible, just as Dylan thought, and wanted Dylan dead, too?

Another thing that bothers me: at the end of the episode where Toni dies (6.10, One Wedding and a Funeral), Dylan says to Marchette “My father is dead. Your daughter is dead. We’re even now.”  Dylan lost his father AND his wife!  How the hell is that even?

It’s a very complicated series of storylines and raises some interesting questions.  Would love to know Luke Perry’s take on all of this.  Maybe one day I’ll get to ask him!  Fingers crossed…

Random Question

22 08 2009

It’s technically old news already: One Tree Hill stars Hilarie Burton (Peyton) and Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) will not be back for season 7. But even though we’ve had a few months to digest it, many of us are still far from accepting it.

I think part of the uneasiness stems from the way it all went down.  For months there were rumors that Burton and CMM were leaving, that they were being forced out, not paid enough, or there were creative differences, a desire to move on.

Then Burton posted this mysterious video, where–with tears in her eyes–she more or less said she was leaving the show but that it wasn’t really her choice (at least that’s how I interpreted it).

We didn’t get the official confirmation until months later and even that was vague.  Yes, they are leaving and yes, there will be a season 7.

Here’s my question: Did Burton want to leave?

There’s been a lot of speculation that CMM wanted out, and because of Leyton’s storyline, that meant Burton had to go, too.

But with Burton’s growing company, Southern Gothic Productions, it seems that it would’ve been difficult for her to continue with One Tree Hill and run a business.  Maybe she was ready to move on, as well.

I don’t think we’ll ever know the truth–at least not anytime soon–but I was wondering what you all thought.

Also: had Chad and Hilarie returned for seventh season, what do you think was left for their characters to do? What storylines would you have liked to see?

Random Question

15 08 2009

There’s been much speculation of whether there will be a 90210-Melrose Place crossover.

When the original Melrose Place debuted, it was a spin-off to Beverly Hills 90210.

In January, it was reported that Ryan Eggold (Ryan, 90210) would be the one to crossover to Melrose Place.

In April, Eggold said he was talking to producers about it.

Then, in July, it was called a rumor.

And just this month, The CW’s Dawn Ostroff said a crossover was possible down the road.

Today, I was looking at Ryan Eggold’s IMDB page and it says he appears in the Melrose Place pilot.

So…what do you believe?

IMDB is usually correct and Ostroff could just be trying to surprise everyone.  Or, the IMDB could credit be based off the earlier “rumors.”


Random Question

14 08 2009

I recently posted the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s You Belong to Me, saying they fit perfectly for Joey and Dawson from Dawson’s Creek.

Now, after watching this video for The O.C.’s Marissa and Ryan, I’ve come up with a task for all of you.

What would or should be the theme song for each of our teen drama couples?

Is there a song that fits overall or works for a particular storyline?

Feel free to post links to videos or lyrics.  For inspiration, check out the videos I used in my Essential Teen Drama Love Triangles posts and Favorite Couples posts.

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