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2 08 2009

This site has been in existence for nearly six years but not all of you may know about it.

One Tree Hill Music is “your official source to the music from the show.”

The site, which keeps track of the music used in each episode, is actually endorsed by the show and gets all its information from them directly.

There’s a ton of cool features, such as mixes for each character, behind-the-scenes segments and a complete listing of every music performance ever seen on the show.

I think my favorite section is the episode title references, which explains the meaning/source behind every single episode title.

The site was inspired by, which used to be my bible but sadly has been “coming back soon” for months and months.

Be sure to check out One Tree Hill Music for, well, all your One Tree Hill music needs!

Site of the Week

27 07 2009

Did you know Punk & Disorderly, Peyton’s web site on One Tree Hill, actually exists?

Peyton used the site primarily in season one to share her artwork as well as her thoughts.  Also through the site that you could “watch” her on the web cam.  (Actually you still can.  It’s kind of weird!)

There are other OTH sites, like and

Making a legitimate site for fans was recently repeated on 90210, with Silver’s blog, The Vicious Circle.

Another example: a site jokingly mentioned on Dawson’s Creek––used to redirect to their web site but no longer does.

Not sure if there are any others sites created for teen dramas that actually exist.  Do you know of any?

Site of the Week

20 04 2009

Occasionally I reference or link to SoapNet, so I wanted to explain their Web site anymore. has a wider reach than the channel.  While the site covers the soaps (daytime and teen dramas) that air on the channel, it also includes entertainment and fashion news.  It also has links for a number shows on  sister networks such as Lost (ABC) and The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABCFamily).

The pages for each show include relevant new stories, picture galleries and message boards.

The site has a ton of other nooks and crannies filled with good stuff so take some time out and go explore!

Site of the Week

23 03 2009

Dawson’s Creek ended nearly six years ago but its official Web site still exists. has a lot of great features, including a detailed episode guide, lines to remember and media like screensavers,  audio interviews and clips.

Since the show doesn’t seem to be on the air anymore (if someone finds it, please let me know!) this is a great way to keep the memories alive.

Site of the Week

16 03 2009

Since I completed the Most Quote-Worthy Characters series, I’ve been feeling pretty guilty for not including Lucas (One Tree Hill).  One of the best things about One Tree Hill over the years has been the voiceovers he does at the beginning and end of most episodes.

I started feeling nostalgic, and worried that I left out a great series of Lucas quotes, so I did Google search which ended up leading me to…

Karen’s Cafe

Named for the restaurant owned by Lucas’ mom in seasons 1-4, Karen’s Cafe is a sister site to the  Unlike other more general OTH sites, Karen’s Cafe has 3 specific focuses: quotations, literary references and info on Karen and Deb.

The site provides a  pretty detailed account of Karen and Deb’s storylines through the middle of season 5.

In the section called Lucas Scott’s Book Club, there is a listing of all the books Lucas talks about in seasons 1-3.

Familiar Quotations is where you’ll find Lucas’ voiceovers, as well as collections of other special quotes.

The site is by no means complete and when you get to the end of each section, you’re left wanting more and wishing they kept it up-to-date.

Still, the site is a great idea and worth checking out.  Maybe the owners will read this and start working on it again!

Site of the Week

9 03 2009

One resource in particular was invaluable to me last week as I worked on the Most Quote-Worthy Characters series.


Wikiquote is part of the Wikimedia family, which is also responsible for Wikipedia, Wiktionary, etc.

Wikiquote takes Wikipedia’s general purpose of providing information and narrows it down to simply providing quotes.

They have some of the best collections of Dawson’s Creek, The O.C. and One Tree Hill quotes I’ve seen.

Unfortunately, the Gossip Girl and 90210 (old and new) sections are lacking.

But if you have a lot of time and want to relive some memorable lines, or if you’re looking for something in particular, Wikiquote is great place to start your search.

Site of the Week

2 03 2009

I recently re-discovered Mr. Video Productions, a great resource for Beverly Hills, 90210 fans.

Among the best features:

-A comprehensive episode guide with descriptions, cast, ratings and more

-A collection of promos that Fox aired

-A collection of advertisements that ran in TV Guide (see below for example)

One of the old-school 90210 ads that can be found on Mr Video Productions

There are also pages for Dawson’s Creek, The O.C., One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and the new 90210 but the Beverly Hills, 90210 one is the most complete.

Site of the Week

23 02 2009

This isn’t so much a site as it is a document but I think it still qualifies.

The O.C. Series Fact Sheet has information from the mundane to the trivial to the fascinating.

There’s a list of kisses to remember, the details of every single fight Ryan got into and the producers’ favorite moments.

How many musical guests have their been?  What hangouts have been featured?  What awards won?

Find it all out here!

Site of the Week

16 02 2009

The site of the week is Wikipedia…sort of.

Let me explain.

Wikipedia has the most thorough listing of every “teen drama” ever made.

The list not only includes programs that I don’t even consider to be traditional teen dramas (which, in my opinion, are the ones covered by this site) but also shows that are from other countries.

Wikipedia isn’t always accurate but this list, my site of the week, is a great way to familiarize yourself with what else is out there.

Also of interest: Wikipedia’s Teen Drama Page

Site of the Week: LAist

9 02 2009

LAist is a blog all about, well, Los Angeles. So what does that have to do with teen dramas?  Well, every Wednesday LAist posts the most entertaining 90210 recaps I’ve ever read.

In each “Morning After Report,” an in-depth summary is sparkled with just the right amounts of wit and snark.

Don’t believe me?  Read for yourself!

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