Reader Submission: YouTube Video of the Week

22 08 2010

Lexy submitted this Dawson’s Creek video, writing “I like it because I like the song and the show…but the whole time I think of Nathan and Haley” from One Tree Hill.

She recommends we “check out all [the] other vids” by this user, as “they are almost all teen drama and all amazing.”

Reader Submission: YouTube Video of the Week

9 05 2010

Erica submitted this video, writing “This is a random OTH video I found a year or so ago. It’s always been one of my fav’s. It’s kinda a fanfic.”

Reader Submission: YouTube Video of the Week

2 05 2010

Lexy submitted this O.C. video about Seth and Summer. It was made less than a month ago!

Reader Submission: YouTube Video of the Week

18 04 2010

Wes submitted this video featuring 90210’s season 1 cast.

Reader Submission: YouTube Video of the Week

11 04 2010

Wes submitted the following:

“I found a pretty cool OTH fan video :)”

YouTube Video of the Week

31 01 2010

I recently discovered that Luke Perry (Dylan, Beverly Hills 90210) played himself on an episode of Family Guy that aired in 1999.

Here’s what I could find on YouTube:

YouTube Video of the Week

20 12 2009

Following up on Becky’s submission of character theme songs for The O.C., here’s a set for One Tree Hill.

There’s a few other videos like this but I chose this one because it included the most characters.

YouTube Video of the Week

15 11 2009

I probably should be excommunicated for saying this but I am becoming more and more intrigued by a Clay-Haley pairing on One Tree Hill.

When Alyssa first told me people were already shipping them, I was shocked.

Naley is endgame. Duh.

But this Claley video in particular got me thinking that it wouldn’t be so bad to at least explore it.

Keep Naley in the end but, in the meantime, Claley is quite intriguing.

To me, anyway.

YouTube Video of the Week

1 11 2009

This video just had me at a loss for words as it is just so random.

Rather than trying to describe it, I’ll just take the description that’s given:

“A unique Michael Jackson Tribute, Beverly Hills 90210 style. Michael Jackson’s life had it’s share of drama, not unlike the lives of Brandon Walsh, Brenda Walsh, Kelly Taylor, Dylan McCay, Steve Sanders, Donna Martin, David Silver, and Andrea Zuckerman. Michael Jackson will live on in our hearts as the greatest entertainer of all time, and he will truly be missed, especially by the cast and crew of Beverly Hills 90210. Rest in Peace 1958-2009.”

YouTube Video of the Week

18 10 2009

Yet another Family Guy paraody of our teen dramas!

This one is of Dawson’s Creek.

And there’s still another one I can’t find a clip of.

In the episode Death Is A Bitch, Peter is forced to try to kill the Dawson’s Creek actors.  As you might imagine, it’s quite funny.  I’d love to post it but I can’t find it anywhere.  Let me know if you come across it!

Updated: I see now that the above video is no longer working.  I can’t find an alternative, either.  So, again, if you find any of the Dawson’s Creek-Family Guy parodies anywhere, please send them my way!

Updated Again: I embedded a different version of the video above.

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