Let’s Compare Scenes

6 09 2009

1. Beverly Hills 90210: Episode 10.25, I’m Happy For You…Really

Donna doesn’t want to answer David’s marriage proposal.

2. One Tree Hill: Episode 5.5, I Forgot to Remember to Forget

Peyton doesn’t want to answer Lucas’ marriage proposal.

Let’s Compare Scenes…er…Photos

29 08 2009

Changing it up a bit…

1. Beverly Hills 90210 cast shot, circa 1991

(Though I recently learned this isn’t the original version of the picture)


2. One Tree Hill cast shot, circa 2003


Let’s Compare Scenes

23 08 2009

1. Beverly Hills, 90210: Episode 9.27, That’s the Guy

Kelly shoots her rapist.

2. The O.C.: Episode 2.24, The Dearly Beloved

Marissa shoots Trey, who had attempted to rape her in an earlier episode.

Let’s Compare Scenes

13 08 2009

Introducing a new semi-regular series.

Let’s Compare Scenes will take a specific topic or event and see how two different teen dramas portrayed it.

Here we go…

1. Dawson’s Creek, Episode 2.14, To Be Or Not To Be…

Pacey defends Jack after he is humiliated for his sexuality.

(Start at 21:50)

2. One Tree Hill, Episode 2.10, Don’t Take Me For Granted

Peyton, in defense of Anna, takes a stand against homophobia.

TDW Originals

27 09 2009

One of my favorite things to do on TDW has been taking a topic, category or issue and seeing how each of the teen dramas have handled it.  Sometimes I do it via series of posts and other times in just one.

On this page, you can find them all as well some other original TDW content. As more is published, this page will be updated accordingly.


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