Tuesday Night Reaction

7 01 2009


  • Naomi’s interactions with Sean/Sean’s interactions with Naomi are so creepy–regardless of whether he’s her brother.
  • Again convinced Dixon and Silver are one of the best things about the show.
  • The Pictionary scene was pretty cute.
  • Still weird hearing “Ms. Taylor” and “Miss Walsh.”
  • Interesting they chose to reverse Dixon and Annie’s rooms from what Brandon and Brenda had in the original.
  • Liked the incorporation of some realism with Tabitha’s comment about the market.
  • Couldn’t the part about why Sean needs money be true?  Again, regardless of whether he’s who he says he is.
  • Brenda said she “burned bridges.”  What’s happened to her relationships with everyone else?
  • Loved Kelly telling her off, but hated her hair!
  • How/why does Brenda have such a nice house?!
  • I will never accept a new Peach pit.
  • Enough with the Dr. Pepper references.
  • Brenda’s semi-apology at the rehab center was kind of nice.
  • So was Sean really beat up and by who?
  • Strange that they’re going with a Brenda can’t have kids storyline when Kelly had the same problem.  At least they sort of mentioned it.
  • Brenda and Kelly patched things up way too quickly.
  • Since when do they give medical results in a waiting room?!
  • So did Adrianna sleep with Navid or no?
  • If Christina isn’t interested in Dixon, why kiss him?  (Even on the cheek?)
  • That’s a lot of pressure to be asked to sing like that!  I was very impressed with Tristan Wild’s voice.
  • Where was Navid?
  • Who knew $200,000 would be such a huge deal to Beverly Hills people?



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