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31 01 2009

So it’s still not clear whether or not One Tree Hill will be back for a seventh season–and if it is, whether Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) will be a part of the cast.

Regardless, I’ve come up with an idea for a spin-off centered around…Brooke!

Given the storylines in seasons 5 and 6, I envision Brooke (Sophia Bush) returning to New York where she tries to reclaim her company–Clothes Over Bros–from her manipulative mother, Victoria (Daphne Zuniga).  While there, she struggles to balance jumping back into her high-profile career with raising Sam (Ashley Rickards) and perhaps even another foster baby.

She would be single and casually dating until Julian (Austin Nichols) comes back into her life.

So what do you think?  Should I pitch it to Mark? 😉

Love Triangles Pt. 6: 90210

31 01 2009

Today is the last post in the series The Essential Teen Drama Love Triangles.  This week we looked at Beverly Hills 90210, Dawson’s Creek, The O.C., One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl.  And last, but certainly not least…

TODAY: 90210


How It Started: When Annie moves to Beverly Hills, she’s happy to see her one-time crush Ethan.  Her excitement ends when she catches Ethan receiving oral sex at school–and not by his girlfriend Naomi.  Ethan, intrigued now that Annie is back and unhappy with Naomi, breaks up with her.

How It Ended: Ethan’s interest in Annie has to be put on hold when she starts seeing Ty, her co-star in the school musical.  In the meantime, Ethan and Naomi  get back together but when he and Annie work together on a school project, the two grow closer and soon start an exclusive relationship.

Key Episodes: 1.1-1.11

YouTube Evidence: Naomi & Ethan It’s Over; Ethan & Annie Crush


How It Started: When new West Beverly teacher Ryan meets guidance counselor Kelly, he’s instantly attracted to her despite the large age difference.  Kelly is especially hesitant because she is a single parent to Sammy (whose father is Dylan).  Ryan and Kelly go on a few dates before she leaves town to see Dylan.

How It Ended: When Kelly returns, she notices Brenda is giving her the cold shoulder and calls her out on it.  Brenda’s reason: “I slept with Ryan.”  And so the Brenda-Kelly war over a man begins again…

Key Episodes: 1.2-1.4, 1.6, 1.10-1.12

YouTube Evidence: I actually cannot find anything!  Anyone have anything?





Spoiler: You Ask, I Answer

30 01 2009

You are the best for 90210 scoop, Korbs! So excited about Donna Martin’s return, but do you really know for sure that she and David are still married? -Linds
Yep. They’re still hitched and co-habitating in Japan. But Donna’s contemplating a move back to BH, because she’s not happy overseas. However, if she does relocate, her already rocky relationship with David will be in real danger. Best cast scenario? Donna opens a store on Robertson and while here, David returns to be with her. Brian Austin Green tells me he’s down. And if Terminator tanks after its upcoming move to Friday, he’ll be freed up to do so.

Love Triangles Pt. 5: Gossip Girl

30 01 2009







How It Started: Everyone on the Upper East Side is shocked when “it girl” Serena suddenly leaves town.  Then when she returns a few months later, her best friend Blair is even more shocked when she finds out why Serena left town in the first place: because she slept with Blair’s longtime boyfriend, Nate.

How It Ended: Upon Serena’s return to the city, Nate–who is still with Blair–struggles with his feelings for both girls.  Serena isn’t interested in him, though, and works to repair her friendship with Blair.  Meanwhile, Blair and Nate work things out and continue to date.

Key Episodes: 1.1-1.2, 1.6-1.7, 1.17

YouTube Evidence: Gossip Girl–Blair/Nate/Serena; Blair/Nate/Serena–Leave (Get Out)


How It Started: While briefly broken up from Nate during season one, Blair loses her virginity to his best friend, Chuck.  Blair manages to keep her indiscretion secret, even as Chuck tries to hook up with her again.  Blair and Nate reunite, angering Chuck.

How It Ended: When Blair has a pregnancy scare a few weeks later, someone tells Gossip Girl that Nate might not be the babydaddy.  Blair isn’t pregnant, but the damage is already done: Nate finds out about their one-night-stand, breaking up with her and ending his friendship with Chuck.  Chuck, likewise, rejects Blair telling her, “I don’t want you anymore and I can’t see why anyone else would.”  Blair and Chuck spend the rest of the season inching towards a relationship and then pulling back.  In the season finale, Nate and Chuck repair their friendship and he gives Chuck his blessing.

Key Episodes: 1.7-1.8, 1.10-1.13, 1.17-1.18

YouTube Evidence: Nate, Blair, Chuck–There’s No I In Team


How It Started: While dating Serena, Dan makes friend with a girl named Sarah–unaware that she’s really Georgina, Serena’s frenemy.  Georgina, masquerading as Sarah, wedges herself in the middle of Serena and Dan’s relationship.  Dan, upset with Serena for cheating on him (though she really didn’t), hooks up with Georgina.

How It Ended: With help from Blair, Dan learns Sarah/Georgina’s real indentity.  He does not get back together with Serena, though, feeling that the damage has been done and the whole situation put way too much distance between them.

Key Episodes: 1.15-1.18

YouTube Evidence: Dan/Serena/Georgina–Cry; Georgina Sparks Is Back!


How It Started: Long-ago sweethearts Rufus and Lily connect again when their kids (Dan and Serena) begin dating.  Lily contemplates seeing Rufus again but doesn’t after Serena asks her not to, as it would complicate her own love life.  Lily, intead, gets engaged to business mogul (and Chuck’s dad) Bart.

How It Ended: Rufus tries to stop Lily from marrying Bart, and they even sleep together on the eve of the wedding.  Lily decides, however, to go through with the wedding.  Within a few months, though Lily becomes unhappy in her mariage and plans to leave Bart and, presumably, get with Rufus.  Before she can do that, though, Bart dies in a car accident.  Following his death, Rufus and Lily head towards a relationship.

Key Episodes: 1.6, 1.9, 1.12, 1.16-1.18, 2.5, 2.7, 2.11-2.13

YouTube Evidence: Gossip Girl: Loose Ends; Iris–Lily and Rufus Fanvid


How It Started: After getting back together and then breaking up again, Serena and Dan plan to see other people.  Serena meets Aaron, a budding artist, and they soon begin to date.  Throughout the relationship, Aaron is threatened by Dan and Serena’s continued friendship with him.

How It Ended: Dan realizes how much he still loves her, and asks Serena to give him another chance.  Serena turns him down and takes Aaron up on his offer to spend winter break in Argentina.  When she returns, she reveals to Dan that she broke up with Aaron, and they get back together.

Key Episodes: 2.8-2.9, 2.11-2.14

YouTube Evidence: Serena/Dan/Aaron–The Way I Loved You; Gossip Girl 213: Serena (Dan or Aaron)






News Roundup: 90210, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill

30 01 2009
  • If you’re into Twilight and like the soundtrack, you can thank Gossip Girl and The O.C.’s music supervisor, Alexandra Patsavas.
  • A new article suggests it would’ve been more realistic to have Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes, 90210) get the abortion.
  • Check out the box cover for the Beverly Hills, 90210 season 7 DVD!  Unlike the seasons 5 and 6 covers, Clare (Kathleen Robertson) is actually in it!
  • Even though in both the original 90210 and the spin-off, they went to West Beverly High, the actual Beverly Hills High School is trying to profit off the show, with this merchandise.
  • A new interview with Ashley Rickards (Sam, One Tree Hill) promises more “little fights” with Brooke (Sophia Bush).

Love Triangles Pt. 4: One Tree Hill

29 01 2009






How It Started: Lucas had a crush on his half-brother’s girlfriend, Peyton, but ended up dating her best friend Brooke in season one.  It wasn’t long, though, before Lucas and Peyton couldn’t hide their mutual attraction and began sneaking around Brooke’s back.  When Brooke found out the real reason Lucas broke up with her, she ended her friendships with both of them, and the Leyton versus Brucas war began.

How It Ended: Peyton and Lucas realized they couldn’t move forward with their relationship after hurting Brooke so much.  By the end of season two, Lucas realized how much he missed Brooke and in the beginning of season 3 they got back together.  At the end of the season, however, Peyton also realized that she was in love with Lucas and told Brooke–effectively ending their friendship.  Brooke broke up with Lucas, in part because of this, in the beginning of season 4.  It took some time but Lucas finally realized he was in love Peyton, too, and Brooke gave them her blessing.

Key Episodes: 1.8-1.15, 2.23, 3.9, 3.21-3.22, 4.1-4.3, 4.8-4.12, 4.15

YouTube Evidence: One Tree Hill–Classic Love Triangle; One Tree Hill–Love Triangle; Brooke/Lucas/Peyton Love Triangle; Brooke/Lucas/Peyton: Tikal


How It Started: When Peyton returns to Tree Hill at the beginning of season 5, she’s surprised to find out that Lucas is in a serious relationship with Lindsey.  Lucas, still angry that Peyton turned down his marriage proposal a few years back, continues his relationship with Lindsey and denies that he has any feelings for Peyton.  One night, after Lucas and Peyton share a kiss and Peyton thinks they will be together, she finds out Lucas and Lindsey are getting married.

How It Ended: On their wedding day, Lindsey leaves Lucas at the altar after realizing that he is still in love with Peyton.  Lucas spends the next few months trying to get Lindsey back and blaming Peyton for their break-up.  Season 5 ends with a love triangle cliff-hanger: Lucas is at the airport and calls someone, asking “Do you want to get married tonight?”  It isn’t until the season 6 premiere that we find out he called Peyton.  She accepts his new proposal and they get engaged.

Key Episodes: 5.1–5.9, 5.11-5.18, 6.1, 6.05

YouTube Evidence: One Tree Hill–Lindsey/Lucas/Peyton, One Tree Hill–Peyton/Lucas/Lindsay; Lindsey/Lucas/Peyton–The Hardest Thing; The Comet Movie Trailer



Nathan-Haley-Chris Keller (not included above based on poll results)






TVGuide.com Exclusive: OTH Movie Cast

29 01 2009

As if the promo for next week’s One Tree Hill didn’t make it obvious, Lucas will cast 5 people to play himself, Peyton, Brooke, Nathan and Haley in his movie.

TVGuide.com is providing a first look at just who these wannabe actors are.

This getting a little too like The Creek for me but you know I’ll still be watching nonetheless.

Spoiler: Mega Buzz

28 01 2009


Is Christina still on 90210? If so, what will happen between her and Dixon? — Diamonde
MICKEY: Lauren London’s appearance on next week’s episode is the last for which she is contracted. It’s unclear what the producers intended Christina’s legacy to be — she wasn’t exactly a new love interest for Dixon — but at least we got to use the term “lesbian cheerleader” here on the site!

Mickey’s Mini Rant: We love Desmond Harrington as Dexter‘s shady Joey Quinn, but his one-dimensional portrayal of Gossip Girl‘s nefarious Uncle Jack, a sweaty-faced cokehead flailing to steal Chuck’s inheritance, fell flat on its Bass.

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 7 DVD

28 01 2009

Ever since season 6 came out in the fall, I’ve been impatiently waiting for news about season 7.

This week, I happened to check twice…and lo and behold, the second time, I found something.

Beverly Hills, 90210: Season 7 will be released on April 7th!

So what does that include?  Some of my favorite moments: David and Donna get back together.  Brandon and Kelly get back together. Everyone graduates from CU…and much more!

Let’s just hope there’s special features this time!

You can read more about the upcoming release here.

Love Triangles Pt. 3: The O.C.

28 01 2009





How It Started: When bad boy Ryan moves next door, Marissa is instantly drawn to him even though she’s still dating her longtime boyfriend–and Ryan’s future enemy–Luke.

How It Ended: After Luke cheats on her, Marissa ends their relationship.  Ryan and Marissa start dating soon after.

Key Episodes: 1.2, 1.4-1.9, 1.12,

YouTube Evidence: Ryan/Marissa/Luke–My Girl’s Ex-Boyfriend


How It Started: Theresa’s relationship with Ryan abruptly ends when he leaves Chino and moves into Marissa’s neighborhood.  After a one-night-stand while he and Marissa are broken up, Theresa becomes pregnant and Ryan moves back to Chino to be with her in the first season finale.

How It Ended: In the second season premiere, Theresa tells Ryan she lost the baby, so he goes back to The O.C. and Marissa.

Key Episodes: 1.11, 1.20, 1.26-1.27, 2.1-2.2

YouTube Evidence: The O.C.: Look After You


How It Started: Since he sees no future with his life-long crush Summer, Seth begins seeing Anna. This makes Summer realize her feelings for Seth, and he becomes torn between the two girls.

How It Ended: Just when it seems Seth has finally chosen Anna, he realizes Summer will always have his heart and commits to her.  The relationship is tested again in the third season when Seth and Anna run into each other.  But this time Anna actually works to keep Seth and Summer together.

Key Episodes: 1.4, 1.9-1.21, 3.22-3.23

YouTube Evidence: The O.C. Anna, Seth + Summer; The O.C.’s Love Triangle–Seth, Anna & Summer!


How It Started: After disappearing and leaving her heart-broken in the first season finale, Seth returns to town to find out that Summer’s moved on to Zach.  He then begins a series of attempts at winning her back.

How It Ended: Summer resists Seth’s advances and continues her relationship with Zach.  When Zach and Seth team up to publish his comic book Atomic County, Summer is caught in the middle. Just as she’s about to go with Zach on a trip to Italy, Summer realizes she belongs with Seth and they reunite.

Key Episodes: 2.1-2.5, 2.10-2.14, 2.17-2.19, 2.21-2.23

YouTube Evidence: All or Nothing–Seth/Summer/Zach; The Way I Loved You–Summer/Seth/Zach







Ryan-Tayl0r-Henri Michel


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