Love Triangles Pt. 5: Gossip Girl

30 01 2009







How It Started: Everyone on the Upper East Side is shocked when “it girl” Serena suddenly leaves town.  Then when she returns a few months later, her best friend Blair is even more shocked when she finds out why Serena left town in the first place: because she slept with Blair’s longtime boyfriend, Nate.

How It Ended: Upon Serena’s return to the city, Nate–who is still with Blair–struggles with his feelings for both girls.  Serena isn’t interested in him, though, and works to repair her friendship with Blair.  Meanwhile, Blair and Nate work things out and continue to date.

Key Episodes: 1.1-1.2, 1.6-1.7, 1.17

YouTube Evidence: Gossip Girl–Blair/Nate/Serena; Blair/Nate/Serena–Leave (Get Out)


How It Started: While briefly broken up from Nate during season one, Blair loses her virginity to his best friend, Chuck.  Blair manages to keep her indiscretion secret, even as Chuck tries to hook up with her again.  Blair and Nate reunite, angering Chuck.

How It Ended: When Blair has a pregnancy scare a few weeks later, someone tells Gossip Girl that Nate might not be the babydaddy.  Blair isn’t pregnant, but the damage is already done: Nate finds out about their one-night-stand, breaking up with her and ending his friendship with Chuck.  Chuck, likewise, rejects Blair telling her, “I don’t want you anymore and I can’t see why anyone else would.”  Blair and Chuck spend the rest of the season inching towards a relationship and then pulling back.  In the season finale, Nate and Chuck repair their friendship and he gives Chuck his blessing.

Key Episodes: 1.7-1.8, 1.10-1.13, 1.17-1.18

YouTube Evidence: Nate, Blair, Chuck–There’s No I In Team


How It Started: While dating Serena, Dan makes friend with a girl named Sarah–unaware that she’s really Georgina, Serena’s frenemy.  Georgina, masquerading as Sarah, wedges herself in the middle of Serena and Dan’s relationship.  Dan, upset with Serena for cheating on him (though she really didn’t), hooks up with Georgina.

How It Ended: With help from Blair, Dan learns Sarah/Georgina’s real indentity.  He does not get back together with Serena, though, feeling that the damage has been done and the whole situation put way too much distance between them.

Key Episodes: 1.15-1.18

YouTube Evidence: Dan/Serena/Georgina–Cry; Georgina Sparks Is Back!


How It Started: Long-ago sweethearts Rufus and Lily connect again when their kids (Dan and Serena) begin dating.  Lily contemplates seeing Rufus again but doesn’t after Serena asks her not to, as it would complicate her own love life.  Lily, intead, gets engaged to business mogul (and Chuck’s dad) Bart.

How It Ended: Rufus tries to stop Lily from marrying Bart, and they even sleep together on the eve of the wedding.  Lily decides, however, to go through with the wedding.  Within a few months, though Lily becomes unhappy in her mariage and plans to leave Bart and, presumably, get with Rufus.  Before she can do that, though, Bart dies in a car accident.  Following his death, Rufus and Lily head towards a relationship.

Key Episodes: 1.6, 1.9, 1.12, 1.16-1.18, 2.5, 2.7, 2.11-2.13

YouTube Evidence: Gossip Girl: Loose Ends; Iris–Lily and Rufus Fanvid


How It Started: After getting back together and then breaking up again, Serena and Dan plan to see other people.  Serena meets Aaron, a budding artist, and they soon begin to date.  Throughout the relationship, Aaron is threatened by Dan and Serena’s continued friendship with him.

How It Ended: Dan realizes how much he still loves her, and asks Serena to give him another chance.  Serena turns him down and takes Aaron up on his offer to spend winter break in Argentina.  When she returns, she reveals to Dan that she broke up with Aaron, and they get back together.

Key Episodes: 2.8-2.9, 2.11-2.14

YouTube Evidence: Serena/Dan/Aaron–The Way I Loved You; Gossip Girl 213: Serena (Dan or Aaron)








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