News Roundup: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90210 and More

30 04 2009
  • Leighton Meester (Blair, Gossip Girl) dyed her hair back to her natural blonde color.
  • E!Online has a preview clip of next week’s Gossip Girl.
  • More Gossip Girl spin-off photos have been released.
  • The New York Post says Chace Crawford (Chace, Gossip Girl) is looking to move out of the apartment he shares with Ed Westwick (Chuck, Gossip Girl).  The article doesn’t name the source, though.
  • Amanda Setton (Penelope, Gossip Girl) says she’s happy to see Westwick and Jessica Szohr’s (Vanessa) blossoming relationship.
  • Michael Copon (Felix, One Tree Hill) posted on his Twitter account that he ran into Chad Michael Murray (Lucas, One Tree Hill) at an audition.
  • Here’s someone you don’t see often: the paps took a photo of Gabrielle Cateris (Andrea, Beverly Hills 90210) out and about.
  • Korbi has some 90210 scoop and the same Milligan-Wilds interviews I linked to the other day.
  • Dawson’s Creek is the subject of a trivia question today on BuzzSugar.

Spoiler: Ask Ausiello

30 04 2009

Question: I am dying here. Do you have anything on 90210. –Shay
Interesting choice of words. Makes me wonder what Jim Walsh is up to. I hear we may find out in the finale.

Question: Scoop on Gossip Girl please. –Bri
First, a correction about something I said last week. Turns out, Chuck does not try and sabotage Blair’s campaign for prom queen. It’s actually just the opposite.

Question: Any Gossip Girl season finale scoop? –Patricia
The episode revolves around the gang trying to smoke out Gossip Girl.

Tuesday Night Reaction

29 04 2009

90210 (The Dionysian Debacle)

  • That’s  a cute would-be wedding photo of Adrianna and Navid
  • LOL Navid’s baby talk voice
  • They can’t name the baby Hannah!  We already have a Hannah!
  • Have to admit this fantasy sequence is pretty cute.
  • Q1: “Unless you have the gestation of an elephant, the cat will let out of the bag.  Not to mix my animal metaphors.”–Navid
  • Navid quite funny impersonating his mom, too.
  • “Sperm donor” isn’t an accurate description of the baby’s father.
  • Naomi and Liam to have a “official first date.”  It’s about time!
  • Ew, did they have sex in Annie’s bed?!
  • Clarence Thomas reference beyond Naomi and probably younger viewers.
  • Annie and Debbie are clearly losing patience with her.  Don’t blame them.
  • Liam canceled the date.  Figures.
  • Can’t believe how Naomi is freaking out.  This scene is painfult o watch.
  • Silver looks so conservative and so not like…Silver.
  • Q2: “Don’t tell me you have a Yeshiva fetish!”–Silver to Dixon
  • Fair to ask for Dixon’s support but I can understand him wanting to see her more.
  • Interesting that she introduced herself as Erin.
  • Class seems very intense and, um, very Catholic.
  • Q3: “Navid and I are getting married.”  “What the hell?!”–Adrianna and Naomi
  • Q4: “I want to be with him for the rest of my life.”–Adrianna
  • Oh! Navid doesn’t know who the real father is!  This can’t be good.
  • Promo for the 90210 roadtrip contest.
  • Naomi is really obnoxious.  Like more so than usual.  Get rid of her and keep Ethan, ok?
  • Q5: “Stop calling me Dixie!”–Dixon to Naomi
  • LOL Naomi announced her gynecologist appointment.  Too awkward!
  • Q6: “Super hot gyno.  He talks, I listen.”–Naomi
  • Wow.  This Angelia girl is very anti-West Bev.
  • Q7: “Think of religion as the best extracurricular activity ever.”–Angela
  • So the Liam date is back on.  Only with Annie going, too.  Oh boy.
  • Would the problem be that Silver has a boyfriend or that she has a black boyfriend?
  • What’s wrong with just hanging out at home?
  • Navid’s living room looks like the same set used for Ty’s. Hmmmm.
  • LOL at how Adrianna revealed her pregnancy.
  • Did Navid tell them it’s not his baby?
  • Funny.  Their reaction was pretty much what Navid said it would be.
  • Whoops.  Now they know the babydaddy truth!
  • Wish I knew what they were saying!  What language is that??
  • Wow, Liam’s cousin is quite weird.
  • Q7: “Don’t do too much wooing.  Unless the women demand to be wooed.”–Liam
  • Q8: “Two dollar beers.”  “What’s better than that?”  “One dollar beers.”–Liam and Naomi
  • Liam looks cute but that’s notthing new.
  • Are they using fake IDs or what?
  • Annie’s perky even when she’s trying to insult someone.
  • Is Liam opening up to her?  Or is this a line?
  • Who knew Annie had a sense of humor?
  • Is Liam trying to be nice now?
  • Q9: “Whatever looks good on you.”–Liam to Naomi
  • Did Naomi and Liam just kiss the whole time?
  • Umm…did Liam just ask Annie out?!
  • Navid’s dad says Adrianna like Ahhhhdriana, just like Andrea was (correctly) pronounded Ahhhndrea.
  • Wow.  Cousins-in-law.  That’s a little much.
  • Good for Annie for being honest with Naomi.
  • Lackluster reaction from N.  Keeping it on the inside?
  • Wow, did she just kick Annie out of her own room?!
  • Q10: “Naomi’s upstairs.  She’ll try to teach me to french-braid her hair.”–Dixon
  • LOL Everyone has Naomi complaints
  • Impressed that Naomi is confronting him.  And he admits it!
  • Q11: “That’s who I am, Naomi.”  “A huge douchebag?”–Liam and Naomi
  • So is Liam trying to push Naomi away, really likes to play the field or actually likes Annie?
  • Q12: “You’re the whore from the video!  Please don’t take offense to that.”–Angela
  • Oh, great.  So 90210 is doing a save-your-soul repentance story, just like Gossip Girl’s Georgina.
  • Ridiculous for Silver to be blaming Dixon.
  • She is allowed to be upset–but responsibly.
  • Has Silver stopped blogging?
  • Dixon’s making good points but needs to realize this isn’t easy.
  • Aw, Navid choosing to move in with her!
  • Wait, does her mom know about all of this?
  • Wow, this proposal is too sweet!  Wish I had the whole quote!
  • Hmm.  I think 90210 has its first supercouple!
  • Ack, she’s going to tell him the babydaddy truth!  Guess it’s better to get it overwith.
  • Double ack, He’s super-pissed!
  • Whew, he came back!  And left again! And came back, and…you get the picture.
  • Intense, moving fight.  This is a great scene.
  • Q13: “Put this on your finger and don’t you ever take it off again.”
  • Do they really know what love is?  Guess Naley proved it could be done.
  • Naomi is too confident.  It’s a turn-off.
  • Here’s her sister, Jen.
  • How’d she get in?
  • Don’t like her already.
  • She talks and acts a lot like Naomi.  Guess that’s good casting.
  • Navid wants a job at The Peach Pit!  How about only if Nat is there? =)
  • Aw, Adrianna’s mom is supportive!  That’s so great.
  • Guessing this is a dream that Silver’s having.  Kind of lame but I get the point.
  • Guess she did do the e-mail blast.  And now all the students are acting like they’re from Gossip Girl…
  • Silver really takes her feelings out on the wrong people.
  • Here’s Ryan, who’s been MIA this episode.
  • Grammar jokes ARE hilarious!
  • And now here’s Ethan.  No complaints!
  • Do Ethan and Jen have a past?
  • Whoops, they do!
  • Q14: “Don’t worry.  I’ll never tell Naomi I was your first.”–Jen to Ethan
  • No Kelly in this episode.
  • Promo: Liam and Annie focused.

News Roundup: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and 90210

29 04 2009
  • Apparently the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine has photos of Leyton’s wedding on One Tree Hill.
  • Quentin on One Tree Hill made’s list of characters they’ll miss the most.
  • Kristen Bell (Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl) says she’d love to appear on-screen.  Currently she just voices the titular character.
  • Gossip Girl and 90210 stars made PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful list, according to Zap2it.  But I think Korbi is wrong by saying the girls came in at number 3, etc.  I think it’s just their placement in the on-line photo gallery.
  • Dustin Milligan (Ethan, 90210) says he’d like to wrap up his character’s storyline next season.  Pretty sure Rebecca Rand Kirshner Sinclair said that won’t happen.
  • The CW Source has video interviews with Milligan and Tristan Wilds (Dixon, 90210).
  • Jason Priestley (Brandon, Beverly Hills 90210) reportedly declared that “Zac Efron is the new Jason Priestley.”

Monday Night Reaction

29 04 2009

GOSSIP GIRL (Southern Gentleman Prefer Blondes)

  • Why am I always wondering how long it’s been since the last episode?  Why can’t they make it clear?
  • Q1: “You know how I feel about ironic facial hair.”–Blair
  • Wow, Nate is still into pot?  That’s just…great.
  • Blair’s subway aversion not surprising in the slightest.  Nate used to be weirded out, too, before Vanessa.
  • Q2: “I’m stimulating the economy by rewarding my kids.”–Rufus
  • The gallery will be giving Rufus tons of money?  Interesting…
  • That ring is pretty ugly.  Don’t know why Dan and Jenny are surprised, though.  They had to see this coming sooner or later.
  • Q3: “Rats go underground.  Not Waldorfs.”–Blair
  • Serena says Gabriel is perfect but he’s a flake.  Yeah, that’s real perfect…
  • And they didn’t get married, so why is she back to saying they did?
  • Can’t believe Chuck is willing to talk about Blair with Nate.  So awkward.
  • Q4: “Archibald, let’s face it.  You won, I lost.  You have nothing to worry about with me.”–Chuck
  • Can’t believe we’re actually seeing Chuck play a sport!
  • Really don’t like Gabriel’s voice.
  • Cute that Gabriel and Serena are hanging with Lily and Rufus.
  • Q5: “It’s a movie.  Most of them are only like 80 minutes these days.”–Serena
  • Guess Blair is just triyng to be a good friend.
  • Q6: “I’m gonna find out where he’s poofing to.”–Blair
  • Wow, Gabriel is stupid enough to get with Poppy right outside Serena’s apartment building?
  • Ack! What is Gabriel about to tell Serena?
  • Understand why Nate’s jealous.
  • Gabriel “confesses” about seeing Poppy.  Is this the true story or lies?
  • And he’s already “falling in love” with Serena??
  • Who is Serena referring to when she said she’s already done the “two girlfriend thing”?
  • Vanessa’s back.  Joy.
  • And what does she want to say?
  • Q7: “There’s really zero chance of Serena and I ever getting back together.”–Dan
  • Gallery deal going wrong?
  • Q8: “Gabriel is still popping Poppy and you’re okay with that?”–Blair
  • What is the “amazing connection” they have?  I don’t see it.
  • Georgina mention.
  • Not a smart move for Serena to bring up her past with Nate just to make a point.
  • Q9: “He’s having her cake and eating yours, too.”–Blair about Gabriel
  • Yup, gallery sale not happening.  Why was Rufus so sure before if there weren’t even any offers?
  • So weird when he opens up to Vanessa, of all people.
  • Interesting choice to re-incorporate his music career into the storyline.
  • Nice that Nate’s serious about his relationship with Blair.  But is it for the right reasons?
  • Really like these tense Chuck-Nate conversations.
  • Q10: “It’s no big deal.” “With you two, it’s always a big deal.”–Chuck and Nate
  • Q11: “If you need to mark your territory so badly, why don’t you just pee on her?”–Chuck
  • Q12: “I don’t want you to go near her again.”–Nate
  • Guess I can understand Nate’s concerns given the past.  And it’s not even like Chuck and Blair ever had a friendship.  Just more.
  • Why is Blair calling Chuck?  Is she really, or is he just saying that?
  • Guess she really did call!  Interesting!  I can see why she’s going to him for help.  He has connections, and obviously has an interest in Serena.
  • Q13: “Queen of hearts or queen or heartache?  Careful B.  Cut the head off one love triangle and yours might just grow back in its place.”–Gossip Girl
  • Serena’s outfit looks pretty slutty.
  • Planned Serena-Gabriel-Poppy meeting.  This will be interesting.
  • So is Poppy really upset?  Or pretending?
  • Q14: “Serena didn’t steal me.  She swept me away.”–Gabriel
  • Did Vanessa buy that beer?  She’s underage!
  • Ah, Vanessa wanted to confess to sleeping with Chuck.  Twice.
  • Georgina mention number two.
  • Why is Eric out of town?
  • Jenny’s voice sounds different.
  • Hmmm.  Wonder who Gabriel is talking to.
  • Really doesn’t make sense that Gabriel is genuinely interested in some high school girl.  Of course there’s an ulterior motive.
  • Q15: “Without you, how will all the African girls send in posts to Gossip Girl?”–Serena
  • Q16: “Our board rejected Bernie Madoff 5 times.”–Serena
  • Was Gabriel planning to rope Serena and her money in all along?
  • Georgina mention number three.
  • Q17: “I thought there was a Mets game.  I saw Dorota wearing her hat.”–Blair (Um, go Yankees!)
  • Nate wants them to live together!
  • And of course Chuck gets in the middle.
  • So Gabriel didn’t really meet Serena that night?  Maybe I should rewatch the episode to see what actually happened.
  • This won’t end well for Lily, I’m sure.
  • Guess Blair is choosing to go with Chuck.  Where’d Nate go?
  • Q18: “Just face it, you two.  You’re using this as an excuse to get back together.  I’m going back to my boyfriend right now.  If you know what’s good for you, you’ll go back to yours.”–Serena to Chuck and Blair
  • So no money/no gallery sale = no Yale?
  • Wonder if this will lead to a drunken Dan-Vanessa hookup.
  • Like the incorporation of the real-life economic situation.
  • Bush dig!  Those haven’t gotten old yet.
  • Can’t believe these people are making business deals so quickly.
  • Rufus will probably end up regretting this.  Surprised Gabriel tried to steer him away.  That says something about his character, too.
  • Nate should just go with Chuck and Blair so he can see things for himself.
  • How’d Chuck find out where Georgina is so fast?
  • Visiting hours obviously aren’t going to be late at night, so why do they need to go now?  Where is this place?
  • Ah!  Blair and Chuck are holding hands!
  • Did they really need to wait there all night?  I’m sure not…
  • Pelosi did not really necessary.  And Blair looks fine.
  • Was Chuck planning to go alone all along?
  • Aha!  He was!  Figures.
  • And he’s making good points.  But is willing to risk his friendship with Nate again.  Hmmm.
  • Q19: “We all know your weakness for limos.”–Chuck
  • What is this place??
  • Hahahaha. Chuck just asked the same thing!
  • And here’s Georgina!
  • Um, did Serena and Gabriel sleep together at Lily’s or are they somewhere else?
  • Serena’s testing him.  Interesting.
  • It’s a Jesus camp!
  • Wonder if Georgina really has changed or if it’s an act or if it just naturally won’t last.
  • Shoutout for The Hills.
  • There’s Poppy!  So it was an act!
  • Weird that she doesn’t mind Gabriel sleeping with Serena.
  • At least Serena is now realing something’s up.
  • Ha! Blair took the limo, stranding Chuck!
  • Rufus, don’t make the investment!  You’ll get screwed!
  • Blair clearly affected by Chuck.
  • Again, don’t blame Nate for being concerned.
  • Blair didn’t say ‘I love you’ back to him!
  • Gabriel took off!
  • And I assume Poppy is acting again.
  • Wow, Dan and Jenny have enough savings to buy that ring?
  • Aw, Rufus has his heart set on getting that money.  This won’t be good.
  • Georgina set on edge at the mention of Blair.  Hmmm.
  • Georgina’s just allowed to leave the camp?
  • Promo: Everyone versus Poppy, with help from Georgina.

ONE TREE HILL (A Kiss to Build a Dream On)

  • Paper airplanes are pretty random.
  • Woah!  These are pages from Luke’s book!  Totally uncalled for!
  • Peyton’s hair is pretty hilar.
  • Nice to know the B. Davis magazine still exists.  Love that it’s such an InStyle knock-off.  Guess this cover is announcing Brooke and Victoria’s partnership.
  • I like pregnant Peyton.  She’s funny.
  • Ugh, why is Sam with Victoria?
  • Really not good of Brooke to trash-talk in front of Sam.
  • Q1: “Do you have to be such a bitch?”–Brooke to Victoria
  • Didn’t know Sam’s last name before.  Samantha Walker.
  • Q2: “Baby is kicking baby-growing ass.”–Peyton
  • Selling her songs would be a good way for Haley to make money and stay in Tree Hill.
  • Why is Devon back?  So over all these basketball storylines.
  • Of course Victoria is reading mail that isn’t hers.  And it’s a letter from Sam’s real mom! And she’s shredding it!
  • Birth mom’s name: Rebecca Dennis.
  • How many times can we watch Mia record?  It’s nice to hear but it’s filler that takes away from good dialogue.
  • Can’t believe Sam and Victoria are talking about Brooke when she’s just a few feet away.
  • Q3: “I hear bonding.  Back away from the innocent, Victoria.”–Brooke
  • I wonder if the store will re-open or just be Brooke’s office.
  • Q4: “Good kissing inspires good singing.”–Mia
  • So random for Peyton to bring up kissing Chase.
  • Oops, Mia didn’t know Brooke was Chase’s first.
  • Yes!  Skills with the kids!
  • Dates? And a dance?  They’re like 5!
  • Always amazed by Jamie’s shooting skills.
  • So is Lucas pretty much unemployed right now?
  • Cure ticket leads to flashback.
  • So obvious they just filmed this–CMM has same hairstyle as now and Hilarie is wearing a terrible wig.
  • Q5: “You’re gonna get into a helluva lot more than a concert with these tickets.”–Peyton to Lucas
  • We all know Nathan won’t take the European offer in the end.
  • Q6: “How sad is my life that my only friends are a five-year-old and a foster granny?”–Sam
  • Sam should be smart enough to see that Victoria probably has ulterior motives.  But I guess she’s vulnerable, too.
  • LOL Peyton Sawyer Debacle
  • Do stores really lose millions each year from shoplifting?
  • Q7: “Theft is common.  We don’t do common.”–Victoria
  • Q8: “Well, find another way to get high.”  “Okay, your words.”–Victoria and Sam
  • Q9: “Nice day for carrot sticks.  Speaking of the dance, do you want to go with me?”–Jamie
  • Ouch!  Chuck got to Madison is first!  Only 5 and already back-stabbing!
  • Q10: “Welcome to Tree Hill.  I challenge you to find a boy that didn’t lose his virginity to Brooke Davis.”–Haley to Mia (Here’s three: Nathan, Skills, Mouth!)
  • Mia’s not the first person to have a Brooke Davis inferiority complex.
  • Like the reference to Nathan’s past with Taylor.
  • Another flashback.
  • Really can’t stand that awful wig.
  • Q11: “Maybe you would’ve studied more rather than making out with me in the backseat of this car.”  “No way.  I got an A+ in backseat.”–Lucas and Peyton
  • Woah!  Peyton was responsible for getting The Unkindness of Ravens published!  Wow.  That adds a whole new meaning to that storyline.
  • Q12: “Someone once told me your art matters.  And I wonder who that was.”–Peyton to Lucas
  • Q13: “No bagging on Brooke.  It’s my friendship-with-the-devil deal-breaker.”–Sam to Victoria
  • Saleslady’s face is very alien-like.
  • Ack!  Brooke didn’t know they were hanging out.
  • LOL Tree Hill Shopping-palooza.
  • So Brooke’s probably is actually that she’s jealous.
  • Coach Bobby really isn’t considering the family impact of going to Europe.
  • Here’s Nick Lachey!
  • Wonder how he’d sound singing Haley’s song.
  • Also wonder if the song really was written by Bethany Joy Galeotti and will really be on his record.
  • Haley really isn’t giving a reason for saying no.
  • Highly doubt that Jamie’s a fan of him.
  • Love this flashback talking about Naley and Jamie.  Really nice to see what supposedly happened after the season 4 finale.
  • Really hope Skills and Jamie are drinking root beer.
  • Q14: “My first dance, I walked in Antwon but walked out Skills.”–Skills to Jamie
  • LOL I love them in their suits.  Kind of surprised Skills is allowed at the dance.
  • The dance scenes are really too cute!
  • Oops, guess the letter didn’t make it through the shredder.
  • LOL Peyton sitting with the panda bear.
  • Am I the only one that likes just staying home?
  • Dining and dashing is really pretty silly.  And it’s weird to make it a “dare” since that was Felix and Brooke’s thing.
  • Lauren looks really pretty.
  • Q15: “He looked just like a little Lucas!”–Haley about Kamie
  • Wow.  Nathan just  came right out with it.  Didn’t bother to soften the blow at all.
  • Interesting point: is there a difference between a fantasy and a dream?
  • Chase is back on-screen.
  • LOL Figures Nick “knows” Brooke.
  • Mia is really overreacting.
  • Would love to see Nick and Brooke hookup!
  • Q16: “You really outbitched yourself this time.”–Brooke to Victoria
  • Q17: “Are you kiddng or am I being punk’d?”–Brooke to Victoria
  • Brooke is REALLY pissed.
  • Here’s the required Nick Lachey performance.
  • Did we see Haley sing this song before? I don’t remember…
  • Glad they didn’t drag out the basketball story.
  • Nice to see Nathan’s custom sneakers again.  I like when they bring stuff back.
  • Woah!  Lauren, kidding or not, was just way too forward!
  • How did Sam’s birth mom know where to send the letter? And has she been sending more than one?  And has Victoria been intercepting them?
  • How did Sam find out who her mom was and where she worked?
  • Interesting that Brooke didn’t reveal what Victoria did.
  • Brooke shouldn’t guess what her mom would say but I’m glad she’s encouraging a meeting instead of feeling threatened.
  • Really don’t get why Chase is apologizing.  Really don’t think it’s necessary.
  • I absolutely think Chase loved Brooke.  Let’s not rewrite history.
  • These little kids are soo cute.
  • Really didn’t need that Devon scene.  We all understood what was going to happen.
  • Um, is Nathan naked?
  • And how come Haley isn’t sharing about her day with Nick Lachey?
  • I thought Sam’s mom was blonde when we saw her in an earlier episode…
  • Oh, they never even went to The Cure concert?!  What happened?
  • Oh, I get it!  They lost the other ticket with the waitress.
  • Q18: “I’m gonna miss you.”  “You better.  ‘Cause I got a lot of dreams wrapped up in you.”–Lucas and Peyton
  • Interesting that they discussed marriage this far back.  Again, this adds so much more to the proposal storyline from last season.  Luke’s proposal really didn’t come out of nowhere!  Really have more sympathic for him now.
  • No Dan or Deb.  Can’t believe they’ve just dropped the Dan heart storyline.
  • Promo: Brooke wants to adopt Sam.  Peyton wants to get married.  Skills is trying to see Lauren.

Spoiler: Mega Buzz

29 04 2009


Will there be a Georgina-Blair face-off before the Gossip Girl season finale? I would love to see that!
MICKEY: Who wouldn’t? That said, Georgina’s reappearance has more to do with fluffy-bunny Serena’s recent turn toward the dark side than it does with Blair’s ridonk “Nate’s going to Columbia, which is on the West Side, oh my!” storyline. Call me cynical, but I’m not convinced by perpetual con-woman G’s spiritual awakening; she’s got more than a rosary up those sleeves.

News Roundup: Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill and More

28 04 2009
  • Gawker has a photo of a very stubbly Ed Westwick (Chuck, Gossip Girl).  I like.
  • According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, the Gossip Girl spin-off “looks great.”  You can see some photos here.
  • The New York Post has a “first look” at No Doubt on Gossip Girl.
  • If you’re in New York, you can tour locations used on Gossip Girl.
  • PopEater has an interview with Matt Lanter (Liam, 90210).
  • If you live in the Chicagoland area, there’s a charity event in the suburbs where Sophia Bush (Brooke, One Tree Hill) and Jackson Brundage (Jamie, One Tree Hill) are the special guests.
  • Starting this weekend,you can watch One Tree Hill on Canada’s MuchMusic.
  • Joe Manganiello (Owen, One Tree Hill) will a host a film festival in Wilmington this weekend.
  • You can watch Mark Schwahn’s preview for next week’s OTH.
  • Joshua Jackson (Pacey, Dawson’s Creek) said he was “shocked” by how much DC was liked all over the world.

Spoiler: Watch with Kristin

28 04 2009


Tiana in Portland, Ore.: Is Donna Martin coming back to 90210 next season?
There’s no official word, but Tori Spelling certainly hopes so. She tells us, “I had a great time. All the fans are really happy that Donna is back, so I hope to do more.” So what would little miss Donna be doing if she stuck around Beverly Hills? “Ideally, it would be awesome if David (Brian Austin Green) moved back to Beverly Hills, and we could have Ruby, our baby. I could be a designer and have everything—have my cake and eat it, too. I think it would be great for the fans,” adds Tori.

Miller in Dallas: When will we know about Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton on One Tree Hill?
The CMM-H.B. situation will go down to the wire. Expect news no sooner than May.

Kim in Bath, England: I need to know if Chuck and Blair are ever going to work things out on Gossip Girl!
We can promise that this year’s Gossip Girl finale is not going to be a repeat of last year’s Bluck disaster: This time around, Chuck doesn’t screw over Blair. In fact, we can promise that if you love Chuck and Blair, you will love the finale, and you will be compensated for all your pain and suffering over this past year.

Wendy in Cape Coral, Fla.: What’s the deal with Rufus and Lily on Gossip Girl? Are they going to move in together or what?
That’s all going to feel very secondary after the Gossip Girl finale, when we will meet (finally) the spawn of Rufus and Lily. Are you guys excited to meet the spawn, or does his introduction make the show too Brady Bunch-y?

Bobbi in Ithaca, N.Y.: Who dies on 90210?
We won’t know until next year. We’ll see what appears to be a dead body in the 90210 finale, but the person’s face will remain hidden.

New 90210 tonight!

28 04 2009

We’re back to being Tori Spelling-less but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch tonight’s new 90210.

Come back later this week for my reaction post.

Gossip Girl: Real NYC Stories Revealed

27 04 2009


“Gossip Girl: Real NYC Stories Revealed” begins during tonight’s new episode of GG.

This short series, hosted by Jessica Szohr (Vanessa), showcases the lives of real-life teens living on the Upper East Side in a 90-second segment during each episode.

From the press release:

The new video series introduces four real girls from Manhattan’s Upper East Side who grew up in the same NYC hotbed as characters of Gossip Girl. These real girls have followed their passions to define their own successes in life. Their real stories are being shared to encourage all 20-something girls to live life with a fresh perspective and inspire others to pursue their dreams as they juggle common life pressures such as careers, relationships, beauty, finances, family and friends. The four real girls are:

  • Chrissie Miller: fashion designer and founder of the Sophomore apparel brand
  • Faythallegra Coleman: emerging Brooklyn-based filmmaker and writer
  • Dani Stahl: style director for Nylon magazine, jewelry designer and “IT” girl
  • Lara Meiland-Shaw: co-founder of a Lara Hélène Bridal Atelier and philanthropist

After these partial-segments air, you can go to to see how they end.

The series is sponsored by the Dove go fresh campaign which seeks “to give these women a fresh perspective and help them recognize a wider definition of success and ultimately feel beautiful.”

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