Tuesday Night Reaction

29 04 2009

90210 (The Dionysian Debacle)

  • That’s  a cute would-be wedding photo of Adrianna and Navid
  • LOL Navid’s baby talk voice
  • They can’t name the baby Hannah!  We already have a Hannah!
  • Have to admit this fantasy sequence is pretty cute.
  • Q1: “Unless you have the gestation of an elephant, the cat will let out of the bag.  Not to mix my animal metaphors.”–Navid
  • Navid quite funny impersonating his mom, too.
  • “Sperm donor” isn’t an accurate description of the baby’s father.
  • Naomi and Liam to have a “official first date.”  It’s about time!
  • Ew, did they have sex in Annie’s bed?!
  • Clarence Thomas reference beyond Naomi and probably younger viewers.
  • Annie and Debbie are clearly losing patience with her.  Don’t blame them.
  • Liam canceled the date.  Figures.
  • Can’t believe how Naomi is freaking out.  This scene is painfult o watch.
  • Silver looks so conservative and so not like…Silver.
  • Q2: “Don’t tell me you have a Yeshiva fetish!”–Silver to Dixon
  • Fair to ask for Dixon’s support but I can understand him wanting to see her more.
  • Interesting that she introduced herself as Erin.
  • Class seems very intense and, um, very Catholic.
  • Q3: “Navid and I are getting married.”  “What the hell?!”–Adrianna and Naomi
  • Q4: “I want to be with him for the rest of my life.”–Adrianna
  • Oh! Navid doesn’t know who the real father is!  This can’t be good.
  • Promo for the 90210 roadtrip contest.
  • Naomi is really obnoxious.  Like more so than usual.  Get rid of her and keep Ethan, ok?
  • Q5: “Stop calling me Dixie!”–Dixon to Naomi
  • LOL Naomi announced her gynecologist appointment.  Too awkward!
  • Q6: “Super hot gyno.  He talks, I listen.”–Naomi
  • Wow.  This Angelia girl is very anti-West Bev.
  • Q7: “Think of religion as the best extracurricular activity ever.”–Angela
  • So the Liam date is back on.  Only with Annie going, too.  Oh boy.
  • Would the problem be that Silver has a boyfriend or that she has a black boyfriend?
  • What’s wrong with just hanging out at home?
  • Navid’s living room looks like the same set used for Ty’s. Hmmmm.
  • LOL at how Adrianna revealed her pregnancy.
  • Did Navid tell them it’s not his baby?
  • Funny.  Their reaction was pretty much what Navid said it would be.
  • Whoops.  Now they know the babydaddy truth!
  • Wish I knew what they were saying!  What language is that??
  • Wow, Liam’s cousin is quite weird.
  • Q7: “Don’t do too much wooing.  Unless the women demand to be wooed.”–Liam
  • Q8: “Two dollar beers.”  “What’s better than that?”  “One dollar beers.”–Liam and Naomi
  • Liam looks cute but that’s notthing new.
  • Are they using fake IDs or what?
  • Annie’s perky even when she’s trying to insult someone.
  • Is Liam opening up to her?  Or is this a line?
  • Who knew Annie had a sense of humor?
  • Is Liam trying to be nice now?
  • Q9: “Whatever looks good on you.”–Liam to Naomi
  • Did Naomi and Liam just kiss the whole time?
  • Umm…did Liam just ask Annie out?!
  • Navid’s dad says Adrianna like Ahhhhdriana, just like Andrea was (correctly) pronounded Ahhhndrea.
  • Wow.  Cousins-in-law.  That’s a little much.
  • Good for Annie for being honest with Naomi.
  • Lackluster reaction from N.  Keeping it on the inside?
  • Wow, did she just kick Annie out of her own room?!
  • Q10: “Naomi’s upstairs.  She’ll try to teach me to french-braid her hair.”–Dixon
  • LOL Everyone has Naomi complaints
  • Impressed that Naomi is confronting him.  And he admits it!
  • Q11: “That’s who I am, Naomi.”  “A huge douchebag?”–Liam and Naomi
  • So is Liam trying to push Naomi away, really likes to play the field or actually likes Annie?
  • Q12: “You’re the whore from the video!  Please don’t take offense to that.”–Angela
  • Oh, great.  So 90210 is doing a save-your-soul repentance story, just like Gossip Girl’s Georgina.
  • Ridiculous for Silver to be blaming Dixon.
  • She is allowed to be upset–but responsibly.
  • Has Silver stopped blogging?
  • Dixon’s making good points but needs to realize this isn’t easy.
  • Aw, Navid choosing to move in with her!
  • Wait, does her mom know about all of this?
  • Wow, this proposal is too sweet!  Wish I had the whole quote!
  • Hmm.  I think 90210 has its first supercouple!
  • Ack, she’s going to tell him the babydaddy truth!  Guess it’s better to get it overwith.
  • Double ack, He’s super-pissed!
  • Whew, he came back!  And left again! And came back, and…you get the picture.
  • Intense, moving fight.  This is a great scene.
  • Q13: “Put this on your finger and don’t you ever take it off again.”
  • Do they really know what love is?  Guess Naley proved it could be done.
  • Naomi is too confident.  It’s a turn-off.
  • Here’s her sister, Jen.
  • How’d she get in?
  • Don’t like her already.
  • She talks and acts a lot like Naomi.  Guess that’s good casting.
  • Navid wants a job at The Peach Pit!  How about only if Nat is there? =)
  • Aw, Adrianna’s mom is supportive!  That’s so great.
  • Guessing this is a dream that Silver’s having.  Kind of lame but I get the point.
  • Guess she did do the e-mail blast.  And now all the students are acting like they’re from Gossip Girl…
  • Silver really takes her feelings out on the wrong people.
  • Here’s Ryan, who’s been MIA this episode.
  • Grammar jokes ARE hilarious!
  • And now here’s Ethan.  No complaints!
  • Do Ethan and Jen have a past?
  • Whoops, they do!
  • Q14: “Don’t worry.  I’ll never tell Naomi I was your first.”–Jen to Ethan
  • No Kelly in this episode.
  • Promo: Liam and Annie focused.



3 responses

30 04 2009

is it just me or the story with ethan and jen seems like its going to be a lot like the story on oth with nathan and haley’s sister taylor

30 04 2009

I totally agree with Becky

30 04 2009

That’s a great point, Becky. I didn’t think of that. I guess a difference would be that Ethan and Naomi aren’t together anymore while Nathan and Haley were. Curious to see how this unfolds…

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