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With the growth of Twitter, ordinary people have unprecedented access to their favorite actors and actresses.  But while some stars have chosen not to join the microblogging network, so-called “fans” have taken it upon themselves to create accounts for them and assume their identity.  Unfortunately, thousands of innocents are duped into believing these accounts are real when they aren’t.

I have spoken with countless publicists and managers to determine which accounts are in fact real and which are illegal impersonations.  Consider this the Official List of Teen Drama Twitter Accounts, a more up-to-date version of my original post.

Last Updated September 28, 2010.

These accounts are FAKE and the stars in question DO NOT HAVE A REAL ACCOUNT






























































































































These stars are also not on Twitter and if you find an account for them, it is FAKE

Kevin Zegers

Ryan Eggold

Lee Norris

Lisa Goldstein

Matt Barr

Jensen Ackles

These accounts are FAKE and the stars in question DO HAVE REAL ACCOUNTS




















































































































These accounts are REAL and are the OFFICIAL AND ONLY ACCOUNTS for the stars in question

@tristanwilds (Tristan Wilds: Dixon, 90210)

@JessicaLStroup (Jessica Stroup: Silver, 90210)

@Silver90210 (Silver, 90210)

@IAMannalynnemcc (AnnaLynne McCord: Naomi, 90210)

@MattLanter (Matt Lanter: Liam,90210)

@MichaelStegerJr (Michael Steger: Navid, 90210)

@shenaeSG (Shenae Grimes: Annie, 90210)

@realjlowndes (Jessica Lowndes: Adrianna, 90210)

@trevdon (Trevor Donovan: Teddy, 90210)

@TheRue (Rumer Willis: Gia, 90210)

@TheAdamGregory (Adam Gregory: Ty, 90210)

@Aimeeteegarden (Aimee Teegarden: Rhonda, 90210)

@DiegoBoneta (Diego Boneta: Javier, 90210)

@kellanlutz (Kellan Lutz: George, 90210)

@MsLaurenLondon (Lauren London: Christina, 90210)

@realevanross (Evan Ross: Charlie, 90210)

@itsmeleighton (Leighton Meester: Blair, Gossip Girl)

@zuzannawanda (Zuzanna Szadkowski: Dorota, Gossip Girl)

@DorotaNYC (Dorota, Gossip Girl)

@imkristenbell (Kristen Bell: Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl)

@MattfDoyle (Matt Doyle: Jonathan, Gossip Girl)

@Brittanysnow (Brittany Snow: Young Lily, Gossip Girl)

@JoshSchwartz76 (Josh Schwartz: Creator, Gossip Girl & The O.C.)

@petergallagher_ (Peter Gallagher: Sandy, The O.C.)

@THEREALMISCHA (Mischa Barton: Marissa, The O.C.)

@autumnreeser (Autumn Reeser: Taylor, The O.C.)

@sasamaire (Samaire Armstrong, The O.C.)

@oliviawilde (Olivia Wilde: Alex, The O.C.)

@EricBalfour (Eric Balfour: Eddie, The O.C.)

@lucyyhale (Lucy Hale; Hadley, The O.C.)

@RealOneTreeHill (One Tree Hill)

@SophiaBush (Sophia Bush: Brooke, One Tree Hill)

@AUS10NICHOLS (Austin Nichols: Julian, One Tree Hill)

@katevoegele (Kate Voegele: Mia, One Tree Hill)

@antwon_tanner (Antwon Tanner: Skills, One Tree Hill)

@StephenColletti (Stephen Colletti: Chase, One Tree Hill)

@ashleyrickards (Ashley Rickards: Sam, One Tree Hill)

@danneelharris (Danneel Harris: Rachel, One Tree Hill)

@allisonmunn (Allison Munn: Lauren, One  Tree Hill)

@scottholroyd (Scott Holroyd: David, One Tree Hill)

@joemanganiello (Joe Manganiello: Owen, One Tree Hill)

@kramergirl (Jana Kramer: Alexis, One Tree Hill)

@DaphneZuniga (Daphne Zuniga: Victoria, One Tree Hill)

@WakeyWakey (Mike Grubbs: Grubbs, One Tree Hill)

@bryangreenberg (Bryan Greenberg: Jake, One Tree Hill)

@BrettClaywell (Brett Claywell: Tim, One Tree Hill)

@mikescrew (Michael Copon: Felix, One Tree Hill)

@mariamenounos (Maria Menounos: Jules, One Tree Hill)

@tylerhilton (Tyler Hilton: Chris Keller, One Tree Hill)

@TheRobbieJones (Robbie Jones: Quentin Fields, One Tree Hill)

@allisonscag (Allison Scagliotti: Abby, One Tree Hill)

@colinfickes (Colin Fickes: Jimmy Edwards, One Tree Hill)

@carimoskow (Cari Moskow: Patty, One Tree Hill)

@Rickafox (Rick Fox: Daunte, One Tree Hill)

@amberbrookeband (Amber Wallace: Glenda, One Tree Hill)

@keedar (Keedar Whittle: Nino, One Tree Hill)

@lonewolflindsay (Lindsay Wolfington: music supervisor, One Tree Hill)

@SoGoPro (Southern Gothic Productions/Hilarie Burton: Peyton, One Tree Hill)

@drewseeley (Drew Seeley: Johnny “Vegas” Norris, One Tree Hill)

@kevwilliamson (Kevin Williamson: creator, Dawson’s Creek)

@vanderjames (James Van Der Beek: Dawson, Dawson’s Creek)

@Kerr_Smith_LUX (Kerr Smith: Jack, Dawson’s Creek)

@jwshipp (John Wesley Shipp: Mitch, Dawson’s Creek)

@busyphilipps25 (Busy Philipps: Audrey, Dawson’s Creek)

@SashaAlexander1 (Sasha Alexander: Gretchen, Dawson’s Creek)

@carolynhennesy (Carolyn Hennesy: Mrs. Valentine, Dawson’s Creek)

@RachaelLCook (Rachel Leigh Cook: Devon, Dawson’s Creek)

@christiankane01 (Christian Kane: Nick, Dawson’s Creek)

@Jason_Priestley (Jason Priestley: Brandon, Beverly Hills 90210)

@jenniegarth (Jennie Garth: Kelly, Beverly Hills 90210)

@torianddean (Tori Spelling: Donna, Beverly Hills 90210)

@TAThiessen (Tiffani Amber Thiessen: Valerie, Beverly Hills 90210)

@DohertyShannen (Shannen Doherty: Brenda, Beverly Hills 90210)

@RedDonovan (Elisa Donovan: Ginger, Beverly Hills 90210)

@cudlitz (Michael Cudlitz: Tony, Beverly Hills 90210)

@grantnoshow (Grant Show: Jake, Beverly Hills 90210)

@greg_vaughan (Greg Vaughan: Cliff, Beverly Hills 90210)

@emmacaulfield (Emma Caulfield: Susan, Beverly Hills 90210)

@celisemccarthy (Christine Elise: Emily, Beverly Hills 90210)

The proliferation of fake Twitter accounts is supported every time they gain a follower.  If you are a true fan, it is your responsibility not to follow the impersonators, and to spread the word to your followers and theirs that they are indeed fake. You can also report fake accounts to Twitter themselves using these instructions.

If you find a teen drama-related account that is not listed here, please contact me and I will investigate.  You can also try to figure it out yourself using these resources: First, see if it has the Twitter verified seal on it. All celebrities have been encouraged to register with the company in order to show their legitimacy. If they don’t have the seal, check with TruthTweet and Valebrity, two very reputable databases of celebrity accounts. Lastly, check with official sites for the network, show and the celebs themselves. If they are not confirmed in any of those places, odds are they fake. Additionally, if the account in question is following and/or interacting any of the fake ones above, it is likely fake, too.

I will continue to contact managers and publicists as necessary to confirm or deny accounts but please do you part: do not follow fake accounts and spread the word that they are in fact fake!

You can follow me @sizzlemaker.

69 responses

6 09 2009

are you sure??

this makes me sad 😦

Really?, JessicaKszhor?, Thezho?

and @callmebritish ?, is fake?

6 09 2009

Yes, they are all fake. Their respective publicists and managers have said they are NOT on Twitter.

6 09 2009

but SophiaDarlin2 is the real one :)))))))

6 09 2009

No! SophiaDarlin2 is FAKE! Sophia is not on Twitter. Do not be fooled!

6 09 2009

ok,darn 😦

6 09 2009

so,what about their bebos ? can you find something?

6 09 2009

Sorry, I only handle Twitter but if I had to guess, I would say the Bebo is fake, too.

6 09 2009
Teen Drama Twitter Directory

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7 09 2009

officialchace is real. ( i think )
he already sent a form for to verify his account. he posted a screenshot on his twitpic.

for a list of verified accounts (real celebs on twitter) you can check out

7 09 2009

I’m sorry to inform you but @officialchace is FAKE. I have spoken to his manager and his publicist who have told me that Chace is NOT on Twitter. In fact, Chace himself confirmed it in this interview:

The form in the TwitPic could be filled out by anyone with any information. It is not proof of anything. The impersonator behind it simply filled out the form with information to make it look legitimate and then took a screenshot of it and uploaded it to TwitPic. It is a manipulation meant to fool you.

I am familiar with TruthTweet and, if you read my my whole post, you would see that I recommend using it. And if you went on to TruthTweet, you would see that they do not list him.

Again, the account is FAKE.

7 09 2009

what about ? she posted a few private pics before

7 09 2009

The personal/private pictures that these FAKE Gossip Girl twitters post do not prove they are real. Many personal pictures leak online and anyone can post them.

Video from the Gossip Girl set and Ed says he doesn’t have a twitter

7 09 2009

Thanks for your support, Roy. You are right about the “private pics.”

mj, I am working with Taylor’s publicist to get to the bottom of the situation. I will update this page when I have confirmation either way. If I had to guess, I would say it–and all accounts that proclaim to be her–are fake, since she is not listed on The CW’s official list of Twitter accounts for the Gossip Girl stars.

7 09 2009

@itsmebadgley is fake

7 09 2009

Thanks, Neha. I assumed so but was waiting on official confirmation from his publicist.

7 09 2009

Please note: I am adding the fake accounts for Penn, Blake, Taylor and Jessica Stroup to this list. The CW has a list of real accounts for their stars (I linked to it in the post above), and they aren’t on it. This makes it logical for me to conclude that, if the account isn’t listed by The CW, it is fake.

7 09 2009

thanks you’re really helpful 🙂

7 09 2009

You’re quite welcome!

8 09 2009

Are there any real accounts for Adam Brody?
Maybe @Adam_Brody..?

8 09 2009

Laura, I will look into it. I noticed, though, he’s following a fake Rachel Bilson account so that doesn’t bode well. Keep your fingers crossed!

10 09 2009
Another Faker Shut Down

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16 09 2009

Whattabout @megdenisefox and @BAustinGreen?? They both seem authentic. 🙂 please reply. thnx!

16 09 2009

Pia: Checking about BAG. He is following a fake Chace Crawford account but the real Leighton–really random. Even weirder: this tweet “@TeenDramaWhore yup!” That’s not me and not even an account. And this was sent two hours ago. Hmmmm.

Can’t/won’t for Megan Fox as she is not a teen drama actress.

Thanks for asking!

19 09 2009

Could you add those new FAKE twitter for Ed Westwick, Jessica Szohr and Chace Crawford to your list please? 🙂


Lots of people think the’re real, it’s sad.

19 09 2009

Thank you, Emilie. I have added them!

20 09 2009

Pia: I have confirmed that @BAustinGreen is fake, and in the process have found that the Megan Fox one is, too. Neither are on Twitter.

23 09 2009

Okay, thanks Shari!! 🙂 You’re a big help. I’m gonna go and unfollow those fakes now :\

23 09 2009

You’re welcome, Pia! Spread the word!

28 09 2009

thanks for all your research!

do you know if Jessica Stroup, Jessica Lowndes, Annalynn Mccord, Shanea Grimes, Dustin Milligan and Matt Lanter have twitter?

28 09 2009

Seriously77: NONE OF THEM are on Twitter. Any account you see for them is fake.

21 10 2009

how can it be that Misslowndes is fake?!
I mean maybe she really signed up now her pictures shows her FACE and holding a Paper with @Misslowndes hmmm…maybe she really signed up oh
BUT Im Sure that @OfficialLowndes is fake idk it seems very unreal…

I love your site!!!


21 10 2009

Lalila: MissLowndes is DEFINITELY fake and fraudulent, as is any other account proclaiming to be her. I have confirmed this with Jessica’s publicist. Jessica is not on Twitter and won’t be joining Twitter. The photo you are speaking of was most likely photoshopped. That was done previously with another fake account for a different actress.

If you are ever in doubt, just check The CW’s official list at If it’s not on there, it is fake.

31 10 2009

what about @MrAdamBrody ?!

31 10 2009

I will look into it. Thanks, Lalila.

4 11 2009

I cant wait!! I really wanna know if its him Im such a big fan of Adam Brody 🙂
thanks for checking it out

13 11 2009

Is Real?

13 11 2009

I believe fake as the username is in the style of many other fakes and she’s following one of the fake Blake Lively accounts.

16 11 2009

Lalila: Adam Brody’s publicist refuses to confirm or deny Twitter accounts. TruthTweet and Valebrity don’t have it listed. My gut says fake but if anything changes, I’ll be sure to post it here.

20 11 2009

NEW FAKE : @Jess_Lowndes I report her !!!

20 11 2009

@JessicaSzohrr and this one too I think we all should report this!!

20 11 2009

oh and is @willa_Official REAL?!

20 11 2009

oopppss I meaned @Official_WIlla is she real ?!

20 11 2009

Lalila: I’ve added the Lowdnes one to the directory. Already had the Szhor. Thanks for keeping an eye out!

Regarding, Willa–her reps refuse to confirm or deny. BUT: her first tweet is alsmost word-for-word the same as @MRAdamBrody so I think both of them are fake.

24 11 2009

ok good to know thanks and what about @donowhoisryan ?!

24 11 2009

I’m trying to find out about that. No response yet.

6 12 2009

@mattlanter is on twitter ! it’s the real one @tristanwilds is following him!! YAYYY!! 90210 ROCKZ

7 12 2009

The CW now has it on their Web site. I’ve added it to the confirmed list above.

11 12 2009

thank you so much for what you’re doing! this is unbelievable there are so many fakes on twitter. I dont get why pple would do that. Is @gillianzinser a fake too??

11 12 2009

melanie, first off–you’re welcome! It is unbelievable how many fakes there are. New ones pop up every day; it’s so hard to keep up! I don’t understand either why people do this. It’s very hurtful to both the real actors and the fans.

I am not positive about @gillianzinser but my instincts tell me it’s fake as the user is following some of the other fake accounts. I will try to find out for sure, though.

2 01 2010

I think all celebrities who twitter should get their account verified real verified with the blue check or else a lot of people may not believe they are real.The impostors irk me because of how they brainwash some fans making them think they are real.

2 01 2010

There’s definitely a lot of brainwashing. And a lot of legit accounts that are doubted because they aren’t verified. There’s two specific problems related to what you said.

1. Twitter is overloaded with requests for verifications. Technically the program is still only in beta testing and they’re getting more requests than they have time and people to process. Consequently, only some accounts are getting verified, many legit accounts are waiting and fake accounts are not only going unsuspended but are able to tell their followers they’ve submitted a request and it’s just taking a long time.

2. A lot of posers have started copying the verified symbol. They take the image and put it as their background, or they copy the check and put it in their bio or simply say something like “Verified Account.” And many people fall for it. Most don’t really know what the symbol should look like and where it’s supposed to be so they think it’s legit when it’s actually not.

7 01 2010

I just joined twitter just cause I noticed Adam_Brody. I really hope it isnt fake. I am a HUGE fan of Adam. As soon as you find any info can you let us know? Thanks!

7 01 2010

Christina, thanks for your inquiry. I cannot “officially” confirm whether any Adam Brody accounts are real, as his publicist will not discuss it. But, by looking at the tweets and who the account follows, many times you can tell whether it is real or not (and that’s why I do have have a fake Adam account listed above).

I’ve seen this account before and it has stumped me. I can’t see the tweets for it because they’re protected (which means I need to first be approved as a follower and I am sooo not following a potential fake). The user is following a fake Rachel Bilson–and a lot of verified accounts. Many posers follow verified accounts (even tweet them, knowing they won’t respond) to make themselves look real. And, of course, many real celebs do follow other real celebs.

The bottom line is, especially without seeing the tweets, I don’t know about this account. If you see him tweeting a lot of verified celebs and they’re not replying, that should clue you in. If you see him tweeting any of the fake accounts I have listed above, that should clue you in. If you see him tweeting to any of the real accounts I have listed above and they’re not replying, that should clue you in. If you see him fighting with fans or begging for more followers, that should also clue you in.

Good luck! And let me know what you find. Other fans would greatly appreciate it!

1 02 2010

That’s Grubbs from One Tree Hill.
I didn’t see it on your list, but I may have missed it :]

1 02 2010

You’re right, Kate! He wasn’t on here yet! Thanks. =)

1 02 2010

that’s a great list,thank you so much!

1 02 2010

You’re welcome, Milena!

8 02 2010

found more fake account @Edwestwickk and @TheChaceCrawfor

8 02 2010

sorry i see that @Edwestwickk is listed…

8 02 2010

and so the other one.. my bad… can’t we somehow shut down those accounts?

8 02 2010

It’s okay, Keren. I know it’s hard to keep track when there’s so many of them! I appreciate your help.

The Chace one is particularly disturbing since it has more than 25,000 followers! It amazes me how people don’t realize it’s fake but I guess it’s because they don’t notice that he’s talking to (to name just a few) a fake Taylor Lautner, fake Zac Efron, fake Miley Cyrus and, of course, the fake Ed and other fake GGers. But the resources are out there if people want to check the validity–from Twitter’s own symbol, the official list on The CW site, TruthTweet/Valebrity, etc–they just don’t look into it for whatever reason and this poser’s follower numbers keeps growing, which makes him look more “real.”

There’s not much we can do besides spreading the word and telling Twitter. You can tweet @twitter and @spam and also follow the instructions here to file an impersonation complaint.

20 02 2010

@ONLYstroup is fake?????????????? and so is @therealshanae???? ugh! it’s cruel that people do that!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 02 2010

Yes, Mariana, they are fake. It is very cruel that people do that. It is disrespectful to the real actresses and to their fans.

15 03 2010

Wow. That’s an incredible amount of fake twitter accounts. Jared Padalecki has also said that he doesn’t have a twitter account and I know there are quite a few people out there posing as him.

15 03 2010

Yep, meissara, it is an incredible amount. Unfortunately, the number grows daily and I am trying my best to keep up with it.

You are correct–Jared doesn’t have a Twitter account. But he is not included in my list because, in my book, he’s not a teen drama star.

23 01 2011

Is @minkakelly (Minka Kelly, Friday Night Lights) real? According to her tweets, she’s new to Twitter which would explain why she isn’t verified yet.

22 03 2011

how about blake lively?
does she own a twitter account?

22 03 2011

Could you check up on @KrisKreuk she’s on a lot posting to fans, and even following some,…Would a celebs do this^

31 10 2011
Pauline George (@PaulineBGeorge)

how about @Ed_Westwick? Pls answer sad..:(

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