Teen Drama Twitter Accounts

18 08 2009

I’ve been inspired by Christy-Anne at OTH Twitter Bugs to do some of my own digging.

I have confirmed with the respective publicists that the follow accounts are fake:














































In fact, any account you see for those stars is FAKE.  These people are not on Twitter.

Also fake: @torispelling, @jenniegarth97, @LeightBaby

Also  not on Twitter: Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed

But here is some good news: the following are real!

@tristanwilds (Tristan Wilds: Dixon, 90210)

@trevdon (Trevor Donovan, Teddy, 90210)

@TheAdamGregory (Adam Gregory, Ty, 90210)

@itsmeleighton (Leighton Meester: Blair, Gossip Girl)

@zuzannawanda (Zuzanna Szadkowski: Dorota, Gossip Girl)

@DorotaNYC (Zuzanna Szadkowski: Dorota, Gossip Girl)

@imkristenbell (Kristen Bell: Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl)

@RealOneTreeHill (One Tree Hill)

@katevoegele (Kate Voegele: Mia, One Tree Hill)

@antwon_tanner (Antwon Tanner: Skills, One Tree Hill)

@ashleyrickards (Ashley Rickards: Sam, One T ree Hill)

@kramergirl (Jana Kramer: Alexis, One Tree Hill)

@robbuckleyduh (Rob Buckley: Clayton, One Tree Hill)

@danneelharris (Danneel Harris: Rachel, One Tree Hill)

@joemanganiello (Joe Manganiello: Owen, One Tree Hill)

@bryangreenberg (Jake, One Tree Hill)

@miksecrew (Michael Copon: Felix, One Tree Hill)

@youromegagirl (Maria Menounos: Jules, One Tree Hill)

@tylerhilton (Tyler Hilton: Chris Keller, One Tree Hill)

@allisonscag (Allison Scagliotti: Abby, One Tree Hill)

@colinfickes (Colin Fickes: Jimmy Edwards, One Tree Hill)

@amberbrookeband (Amber Wallace: Glenda, One Tree Hill)

@lonewolflindsay (Lindsay Wolfington: music supervisor, One Tree Hill)

@SoGoPro (Southern Gothic Productions/Hilarie Burton: Peyton, One Tree Hill)

@vanderjames (James Van Der Beek: Dawson, Dawson’s Creek)

@busyphilipps25 (Busy Philipps: Audrey, Dawson’s Creek)

@RachaelLCook (Rachel Leigh Cook: Devon, Dawson’s Creek)

@kevwilliamson (Kevin Williamson: creator, Dawson’s Creek)

@jenniegarth (Jennie Garth: Kelly, Beverly Hills 90210)

@torianddean (Tori Spelling: Donna, Beverly Hills 90210)

@TAThiessen (Tiffani Amber Thiessen: Valerie, Beverly Hills 90210)

@RedDonovan (Elisa Donovan: Ginger, Beverly Hills 90210)

@cudlitz (Michael Cudlitz: Tony Miller, Beverly Hills 90210)

@therealmischa (Mischa Barton: Marissa, The O.C.)

@autumnreeser (Autumn Reeser: Taylor, The O.C.)

**Thanks to Christy-Anne for providing the One Tree Hill accounts**

Here’s some tips on spotting a fake account: First, see if it has the Twitter verified seal on it. All celebrities have been encouraged to register with the company in order to show their legitimacy. If they don’t have the seal, check with TruthTweet and Valebrity, two very reputable databases of celebrity accounts. Lastly, check with official sites for the network, show and the celebs themselves. If they are not confirmed in any of those places, odds are they fake. Additionally, if the account in question is following any of the fake ones above, odds are that it is fake, too.

Being a journalist, I have access to the publicists and managers that most don’t have.  I will continue to contact them as necessary to confirm or deny accounts but please do you part: do not follow fake accounts but spread the word that they are in fact fake!

You can follow me @sizzlemaker.



12 responses

18 08 2009

Of course, the common-sense question is: Why would most celebrities WANT to be on Twitter? Do they really need or want to keep everyone informed about where they are?

I read that Robert Pattinson said people on Twitter were making his life hell because he couldn’t stay anywhere more than 20 minutes in private, just having a normal life, before the fans showed up. I wouldn’t want to live like that. If I were a celebrity, being on Twitter is about the LAST thing I would want to do.

19 08 2009

Erin- I totally agree with you. Since I deal with One Tree Hill stars, that is what i have been told, CMM. SBush, BJGaleotti & JLafferty, they dont get one due to a security risk. They get too many “crazy” stalkers. & while following some of these fakers, I have seen the things these fans can say & it makes me understand why they dont get them. But these fakers need to shut down!

Shari- you got me inspired, lol! Look out for my article in a little while.

19 08 2009

Well, what they say in the Twitter is up to them. They don’t have to put where they are or anything like that. The few I do follow do seem to have fun with it and while there are a few ‘crazys’ from time to time, just ignoring them seems to work. How involved they get with it is up to them. They can just post and not reply if they want. Or if the follow list isn’t super huge, reply if time allows.

Thank you Shari for posting this list of fake (and real) Twitter teen drama accounts and getting the word out. I’ll re-tweet. 🙂

19 08 2009

Thanks for the comments, everyone. You all make great points. My biggest frustration/question that comes out of this is: what motivates these fakers to pretend to be celebrities? True fans wouldn’t want to mess with the actors’ identity or mislead & trick fellow fans. Most of them probably also don’t know what they are doing is illegal!

19 08 2009

I could be wrong, but my guess is that the fakers are just lonely and have low self-esteem. They don’t like themselves or their lives so they pretend to be someone who they think is glamorous and popular. It doesn’t make the fakers any less of a problem, or less dangerous if they’re really crazy, but I feel kind of sorry for them. They’re really trying to deceive themselves more than they’re trying to deceive us.

25 08 2009

I think that “blakeclively” is fake too, you should add it to your list, or at least get it checked out

25 08 2009

Izzie: I think it is, too, but I am waiting to hear back from her rep. Will update as soon as I find out!

25 08 2009

Actually, she’s following one of the fake Chace Crawfords, which is pretty much confirmation, so maybe I’ll add her now…

26 08 2009

Do you know if any of the other GG cast have twitter? @thejzo is claiming to be Jessica Szohr but is using a different name as she says its a personal account. I think she is fake but she is putting on a very good act. If she is fake then it means celebs following her are fake too. If JessicaKszohr is fake why hasn’t it been shut down? & also another clue that @thejzo is fake is she claims that @jessicaKszohr is her other account.

26 08 2009

Sawyer, thanks for your comment and questions.

The CW has an official list of Gossip Girl Twitter accounts and only Leighton (and Zuzanna-aka, Dorota) is on there. I haven’t heard back from reps for Taylor, Blake and Penn yet, but all the accounts you see for them are likely fake.

According to Jessica’s rep, she is NOT on Twitter. Therefore, @jessicaKszohr is fake and I imagine @thejzo is as well.

Getting these accounts shut down is not easy. Twitter is overwhelmed by the number of accounts they need to verify and the accounts they need to suspend. The best way to have the accounts shut down are for the reps to contact Twitter directly, but not all have time to do that.

So here’s how *you* can help: stop following them; tell your followers to stop following them; tell THEIR followers that they are fake; message Twitter via @spam and @caroline explain that such-and-such account is fake; open a ticket on Twitter’s help desk and do the same.

For more information on verifying and shutting down impersonators, see Twitter.com/help/verified

26 08 2009

i believe @penn_ is also fake

26 08 2009

I believe so, too. There are a bunch of them. But I am waiting to hear from his publicist before I definitely state that and include it on the list.

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