TDW Originals

One of my favorite things to do on TDW has been taking a topic, category or issue and seeing how each of the teen dramas have handled it.  Sometimes I do it via series of posts and other times in just one.

On this page, you can find them all as well some other original TDW content. As more is published, this page will be updated accordingly.

Top 10 Musical Guests

90210 Locations

The Essential Teen Drama Love Triangles

Biggest Character Transformations

Best Season-Ending Cliff-Hangers

All-Time Favorite Couples

Top 10 Saddest Moments

Most Quote-Worthy Characters

Top 5 Biggest Vixens

Top 10 Real-Life Relationships

5 Romantic Scenes

Teen Dramas: The Evaluation

Teen Dramas’ Best Episode Titles

Graduation, Teen Drama-Style

Teen Dramas’ Villainous Characters

Sexiest Teen Drama Moments

Teen Drama Casts, Then and Now

Before They Were Teen Drama Stars

Top 10 Most Memorable Guest-Stars and Cameos

Top 10 Most Shocking Deaths

Favorite Holiday Episodes

TDW Look Back

Favorite Valentine’s Day Episodes

Second Annual Teen Drama Evaluation

Site of the Weeks

YouTube Video of the Weeks

Random Thoughts

Random Questions

Fun Facts

Let’s Compare Scenes

Six Degrees of Teen Dramas


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