90210 Locations Pt. 7

26 01 2009

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I spent a small portion of my 90210 journey traveling to secondary sites.  That is, locations that appeared on the show but weren’t primary or all that significant.

This included Melrose Place and 7250 (where Now Wear This and Matt’s law office were located).

As you can see below, they both look a bit different than how they appeared on the show.  To be fair, though, that was more than nine years ago!

Melrose Place

7250 Interior

As you may notice, I didn’t include The Peach Pit After Dark on my journey.  The After Dark–outside and inside–was shot on the 90210 lot in Van Nuys.  We drove by and you could clearly tell where the iconic After Dark awning was but it wasn’t easy to take a picture.  Swingtown, recently canceled, has been filming on the lot recently and I do regret not taking a picture of that sign.

So there you have it: 90210 up close and personal.

I did skip a number of secondary sites, such as Andrea and Jesse’s apartment, a few of the hotels and a bunch of places only seen in one episode.  The purpose of the trip was to visit the main places where 90210 was filmed, places I’ve seen on TV hundreds of times since I was 9 years old.  I think we can all agree: mission accomplished!

Remember, you can find out how to create your own 90210 journey here!

To find out more about LA in general and see my pictures, click here!



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