90210 Locations Pt. 5

24 01 2009

My journey to all the iconic Beverly Hills, 90210 locations continued with a look at the college years.  That meant a trip to good ‘ol California University, known in the real world (whatever that is) as Occidental College.

California University

A trip to CU wouldn’t be complete without a peek at The KEG House, which happens to be just a private residence bordering the campus.

The KEG House

Click below to see more CU locales and come back tomorrow to see where the old and new 90210 collide.

Fun fact: President Barack Obama went to Occidental before transferring to Columbia!



3 responses

10 09 2009

It will be a shame if they don’t use this again. I think it’s held up pretty well. Thanks again for sharing!

17 01 2010

First of all, I want to say how much I LOVE these locations!! It’s my dream to go to all of them one day. On my family trip to CA I did manage to convince my family to go to the home of the Beverly Beat from seasons 8-10, though!
Also, I just want to point out that President Obama went to Occidental College before Harvard!! I recognized the name in an Obama article and nearly screamed!

17 01 2010

Step, glad you’re enjoying these! I actually point out the Obama fact above but I thought he went to Columbia after, not Harvard. Totally possible I’m wrong!

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