90210 Locations Pt. 4

23 01 2009

It’s time for a look at another iconic Beverly Hills, 90210 location.

West Beverly High

Torrance High School!

I mean, West Beverly!

The first three seasons were actually shot at this high school in Torrance.  The new 90210 continues to shoot there as well, and at a high school in El Segundo.

Does this look familiar?  (Ignore the fence!)

West Beverly Courtyard

Many a scene took place in this courtyard, and around the fountain (currently under construction).

Look closely! That’s me sitting Dylan McKay-style!

Sitting Dylan McKay-Style

Let’s see if you recognize any of these areas…

Come back tomorrow to see where the gang goes after high school graduation!



2 responses

10 09 2009

Hah, thanks for sharing these. It would be great to see the new cast interact in that courtyard.

10 05 2011

Love it, Buffy shot there too!! 🙂

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