The Essential Teen Drama Love Triangles

26 01 2009

Love triangles are one of the major characteristics of teen dramas, often the most talked about, debated and controversial.  So what happens in a love triangle? This (or some derivation of this) in a nutshell:  Boy meets girl.  Boy dates girl.  Girl falls for someone else.  Girl dates that someone else.  Girl goes back to boy number one, but still has feelings for that someone else.  She may end up with boy number one OR boy number two.  You have to watch to find out!

In the next six days, I’ll be posting about the need-to-know love triangles from the 6 major teen dramas.



How It Started: Brenda and Dylan began dating in season one.  While Brenda was in France the summer before senior year (season 3), Dylan and Kelly had an affair.  When Brenda and Dylan broke up, Dylan was going to begin dating Kelly until Brenda found out and he had second thoughts.  He spent a while debating who he wanted to be with before ultimately choosing Kelly.

How It Ended: When Kelly and Dylan broke up at the end of season 4, it seemed Dylan and Brenda were going to get back together.  This did not actually happen, though, until some time in season 6, and it occurred off-screen.  Dylan returned to Beverly Hills in season 9, where he admitted to Kelly that he and Brenda had been apart for two years.  In the series finale, in season 10, Kelly and Dylan committed to each other again.

Key Episodes: 3.3-3.7, 3.13, 3.19, 4.30-4.32, 6.32, 9.9, 10.28

YouTube Evidence: Brenda/Dylan/Kelly Love Triangle


How It Started: While Dylan and Kelly were still dating in season 4, Kelly accompanied Brandon on a school retreat where they shared a passionate kiss.  When Dylan and Kelly broke up at the end of the season, Kelly followed Brandon to Washington, D.C. where they gave into their feelings and started a relationship, affectionately named Brelly by fans.  Dylan, predictably, was not happy about this when he found out a few months later.  At the end of season 5, Dylan tried to get Kelly back by offering her a trip around the world.  Brandon, realizing he might lose her, proposed.  Kelly made a memorable choice and proclaimed a now-classic line: “I choose me.”

How It Ended: With Dylan no longer in Beverly Hills, Kelly and Brandon get back together towards the latter half of season 7.  They get engaged in season 8 but decide at the last minute not to go through with the wedding.  At the beginning of season 9, they try to still have a relationship but that fails, in part because Brandon chooses to take a job on the East Coast.  Dylan returns to Beverly Hills not long after Brandon leaves, but it’s not until the end of season 10 that Dylan and Kelly commit to each other again.

Key Episodes: 4.22-4.23, 4.31-4.32, 5.2, 5.30, 7.26, 8.32, 9.1-9.3, 9.6, 9.9, 10.8, 10.28

YouTube Evidence: Brandon, Kelly & Dylan: Starts With Goodbye



Dylan-Kelly-John Sears








Steve-Clare-Prince Carl












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26 01 2009

oh teen drama! i kind of miss it.

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