90210 Locations Pt. 6

25 01 2009

One of the most iconic 90210 places is The Peach Pit, seen in all 10 years of the show and nearly every episode.

The interior of The Peach Pit was actually a set constructed on the 90210 lot in Van Nuys.  But the exterior was a building located in Pasadena.  Film shoots only happened there once in a while but it was still worth a trip.

As you can see from the picture below, the building looks very different from what we know it as.  Most noticeably, it’s been refaced and a sushi restaurant is under construction!  You can still recognize the iconic double doors, though.

The Peach Pit

On the new series, The Peach Pit has undergone many changes as well.  First, it’s now a hip cafe instead of an old-fashioned diner.  Secondly, it has presumably changed locations considering the exteriors and interiors are completely different.  And, most importantly, it’s now just known as The Pit.

And where is The Pit really located?  In the heart of Los Angeles at the Komoko Cafe.

The Pit

When I arrived at Komoko Cafe for breakfast, I requested a table “in the back.”  Their response: “Why?  Do you not want to be seen?”  Apparently they thought I was famous and hiding from paparazzi!  In actuality, I just wanted to sit the outside porch near the Dr. Pepper-plastered bar.  Well, turns out, that is actually a constructed set and doesn’t really exist!

I, somewhat embarrassingly, explained the reason for my confusion which led to a brief discussion about the show filming there.  They film very infrequently because most of the stock footage can be used again, just like they did on the original show.  Komoko Cafe was the site of a recent press party attended by the cast just days before I arrived.  Too bad I wasn’t there for that!

Check out more pictures below and come back tomorrow for the final part of my 90210 journey.



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