Teen Drama Casts Then and Now, Part 4

6 08 2009




As I said in Part 1, I’m not doing Gossip Girl and the new 90210 because there’s not much change to look at.

So of those featured, which actor do you think changed the most?



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6 08 2009

It depends what factors you want to consider. In terms of physical appearance and the difference in acting ability along with an array of other factors I have to say hands down: James Lafferty. This man started off as a scrawny 17 year old in the pilot who was fresh out of high school with a limited amount of experience in tv movies and short stints on some serialized shows. In the present, he is not only a better thespian, he has hit the weights and has definitely got a rockin’ body….. he also wears many hats too. He has produced a documentary that made it into the Cucalorus Film Festival, directed an episode of OTH, philanthropist, President of SportArc, in the process of producing a variety of others projects and other stuff that is being kept on the d/l.

6 08 2009

Chad Michael Murray hasn’t changed much, but I first fell in love with him when he was on Gilmore Girls before One Tree Hill. I totally wanted to be Rory back then. I never warmed to Dean as much, though he was obviously very nice. If you made a list of good qualities, Dean would be way better, but there was just something about Tristin … 🙂

Btw someone told me I should give my own blog address, so here it is: http://rinth1989.wordpress.com/

6 08 2009

Angela, you make great points. And I’m pretty sure he was the youngest actor to be cast on any of the teen dramas.

Erin, I would agree that CMM has changed ever so slightly. They all just seem to have matured–guess that’s what happens when you grow up! (Also wanted to be Rory, but preferred her with Jess!) (Also also: you can include your blog address in the URL space when you make a comment. It will link your site to your name then.)

6 08 2009
The Games That Play Us

As we have talked about before, Joy has changed soo much since the first season. She looks like a totally different person. My boyfriend has seen some of the newer episodes before he started from the beginning and he thought it was a different person.

But I also agree with Angela. James has also changed a lot too. I mean he still looks like the same person, but his body has grown up a lot!

6 08 2009

I’m a little surprised that you didn’t want to be Paris (except for her being slightly crazy). I read in your bio that you studied journalism at Northwestern. Even not going to Northwestern, I’ve heard so much about how prestigious its journalism program is that I’m sure they’re holding a place for you at EW or The Hollywood Reporter. They’re just waiting for your phone call. 🙂

6 08 2009

I definitely shared qualities with Paris in high school but that’s not something I like to admit! EW was actually my first choice for an internship/job this summer but after an interview, they rejected me!

6 08 2009

I’d suggest trying to intern at Teen Vogue, but I guess that Lauren Conrad already has the franchise on that. 🙂

I don’t look forward to job hunting. College is nice and safe for now. But you will triumph.

6 08 2009

I interned at Seventeen last summer. Close enough. Now I need to focus on getting a full-time job. Thanks for your support!

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