TDW Look Back, Pt. 5

3 01 2010

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

ORIGINAL POSTS: Teen Dramas: The Evaluation (5/28/09), Teen Dramas: The Evaluation Results (6/1/09)

WHY I LOVE THEM: Technically you guys can voice your opinions any time you want by simply leaving a comment, but polls are a great way for me to find out what you think on specific subjects. With sets for each of the current teen dramas, it was TDW’s own little awards show, recognizing the best and worst of the past season. Then taking the winners of the 3 separate evaluations and putting them head-to-head in a final round was a great way to compare the shows and find out what you guys thought was the best of the best in the 08-09 teen drama season.

WHERE I’LL GO FROM HERE: I started doing polls weekly, one question per current show, which lets me know what you guys think on a more frequent basis. I’ll definitely do another season-end evaluation when the time comes and might even do a survey for the site itself. I’d like to know what parts of TDW you like, what you think can be improved, etc. so keep your eyes peeled for that.

That does it for reflections on TDW Year One. Thank you for making this anniversary and every day a special one.

Here’s to a bigger and better year for Teen Drama Whores everywhere.



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