TDW Look Back, Pt. 3

1 01 2010

Part 1, Part 2

ORIGINAL POSTS: Exclusive: Executive Producer Charles Rosin Reflects on 90210’s Early Years (10/4/09) and Exclusive: Executive Producer Paul Stupin Revisits Dawson’s Creek (11/15/09)

WHY I LOVE THEM: When I first started this site, I never dreamed I’d be interviewing anybody, much less the creators of the teen drama genre. (And major props go to Michael Cudlitz for being the first to agree to an interview!) These are the people that came up with the characters, cast the stars, generated the storylines. Sure, there’s also writers, story editors, casting agents. But these “showrunners,” as they’re called, shape the vision, connect the dots and generally turn a bunch of small parts into the large thing we’ve come to know and  love as teen dramas. There’s no greater treat than to hear about the decisions from the decision-makers themselves.

WHERE I’LL GO FROM HERE: Well, I’d like to fill in the holes. That means, Josh Schwartz (The O.C., Gossip Girl), Mark Schwahn (One Tree Hill) and Rebecca Sinclair (90210), step right up because I’m ready and willing to interview ya. And while I’ve already interviewed a number of others, the pool of teen drama role players is seemingly infinite. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing most of the current main stars in person when I interned at PEOPLE in ’08 but I hope to one day be able to do it again explicitly for TDW. And, of course, all the stars of yesteryear, too.



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