TDW Look Back

30 12 2009

As I mentioned in my anniversary post yesterday, during the next 5 days we’ll revisit some of’s milestones from the past year.

So, without further ado…

ORIGINAL POST: Monday Night Reaction, 1/5/09

WHY I LOVE IT: Mere days after I started the site, I took my first stab at commentary when I typed up some thoughts on that night’s Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. At less than 300 words total for both shows, it was vague and disjointed but let me get my opinions out. And, like most “firsts,” it was the start of something. My reaction posts lengthened considerably over the next few months and when the new TV season began in the fall, I switched to live-blogs, which had the same general purpose but were done in-the-moment and included a lot more straight plot points. The most recent live-blog tapped out at 2,854 words…and that was for just one show!

WHERE I’LL GO FROM HERE: The live-blogs will resume when the current shows get back from their respective winter hiatus. I have to admit I’m looking forward to One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl not airing back-to-back for a while because it’s a killer doing this for two hours straight. I’d like to do a better job of adding more opinion (as requested by a few of you), getting good quotes and increasing discussion among commentators as the live-blogging takes place.



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