Live-Blog: 90210 2.12

8 12 2009

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EPISODE 2.12: Winter Wonderland

  • Previously on: Adrianna buys drugs from Jasper, Liam plans to destroy Jen, Liam does destroy Jen, Naomi finds out the truth, Ivy kisses Liam in front of Naomi, Annie hits someone, Teddy found the guy, Navid was pushed down the stairs by Jasper and he knows it
  • This is the last episode before the hiatus.
  • Everyone is watching a winter dance in the hallway, promoting the Winter Wonderland dance. Fake snow and all!
  • Q1: Winter Wonderland dance. I better dust off my princess crown.–Jasper
  • Annie says she used to love to go to dances but that feels like “a lifetime ago.”
  • Jasper says they can’t go since Harry will be there.
  • Annie says he’ll be away at a conference but it’s okay that he doesn’t want to go.
  • Naomi runs after Annie. She says she understands why Annie isn’t returning her calls and she apologizes to Annie for not believing her all these months.
  • Q2: Maybe it has to do with my own insecurities or what happened with Ethan.–Naomi
  • Q3: Hell. You put me through hell, Naomi!–Annie
  • She storms off.
  • Navid tells Teddy and Ivy he can’t go to the police about Jasper because no one will believe him. The only proof he has is combat boots, which plenty of people wear.
  • Instead, he wants to expose Jasper as a drug dealer.
  • The Blaze reporter helping him is Amber Wallace (Glenda, One Tree Hill). All these years later and she’s still in high school! LOL
  • Ivy snaps at one of the dancers.
  • Q4: Man, do you kick puppies and babies too?–Teddy
  • She says she won’t go to the dance and makes fun of it.
  • Silver is doing a 5K run for breast cancer research. She asks Teddy to donate money in support.
  • Silver is wearing a Warriors shirt, as part of the Warriors in Pink program.
  • Silver and Naomi are going to St. Bart’s on vacation but will stop by the dance.
  • Teddy asks Silver to go to the dance with her and Silver laughs, not taking him seriously. Ouch.
  • Ivy and Liam are chatting when he spots Naomi and says he needs to talk to her. Of course Ivy is less than thrilled.
  • Liam tells Naomi he just wants to make sure everything is okay.
  • Naomi said she wanted to thank him but now she’s more upset than ever. Why didn’t he tell her months ago?
  • Liam says she doesn’t understand and she admits she doesn’t and walks away.
  • Warriors in Pink/90210 promo
  • Now they’re showing the Jessica Stroup (Silver) PSA for it.
  • Silver chases after Naomi into the bathroom.
  • Q5: When am I going to stop liking him?–Naomi
  • Silver tells her to tell him how she feels.
  • Naomi says she can’t because she doesn’t want to be with a person that lies and he’s with Ivy anyway.
  • Q6: Apparently he likes the smell of B.O.–Naomi
  • Q7: “How do I look?” “I’d ease up on the lip gloss.” “Oh, be quiet. I look fantastic.”–Naomi and Silver
  • They leave and Ivy comes out of the bathroom stall.
  • Teddy tells Liam to invite Ivy to the dance. Teddy admits he asked someone but…
  • Q8: “I got shot down.” “By who? Angelina Jolie?”–Teddy and Navid
  • He reveals that it was Silver and apologizes to Dixon for not checking with him first but Dixon says it’s okay.
  • Navid tells Teddy to show Silver his heart.
  • Q9: “Don’t go topless in St. Bart’s.” “I’ve been tanning my ta-tas in anticipation.”–Silver and Naomi
  • Adrianna walks up but Naomi says she doesn’t want to speak with her. Again, Silver says nothing–just like what happened with Annie. Be your own person, Silver!
  • Liam asks Ivy to the dance and she tries to hide her excitement.
  • Navid is following Jasper.
  • Q10: “I’m waiting for you to mess up. And when you do, I’ll be there.” “Just like Batman.”–Navid and Jasper
  • Navid says he knows Jasper pushed him down the stairs but Jasper says he hurt his head and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Navid says he’ll provde it.
  • Navid finds Adrianna and asks her for help.
  • Navid tells Adrianna he knows it was Jasper who pushed him. She’s shocked and wonders why he would do that.
  • He explains it’s because he told him to stay away from you. But now he can’t prove it. He needs to prove he’s a drug dealer first by having someone come forward.
  • Adrianna says she can’t be the one because she’s still on probation.
  • She asks if she can do it anonymously but he says he can’t go to the administration with an anonymous source. He’s obviously disappointed.
  • Q11: Do you want me to kick your butt with the orange ball or the blue ball?–Debbie
  • Debbie took Dixon out of school to play mini-golf. She’s clearly trying to win him back.
  • She asks him how long he’s going to stay mad at her but he just asks to go home. She says they’re going to play first.
  • Liam tells Annie he owes her an apology for never telling the truth. He explains that he wanted to but Jen threatened him.
  • Jasper walks up, looking threatened himself.
  • Liam apologizes and leaves.
  • Jasper belittles it, saying an apology can’t make it better.
  • Annie says Jen sounds like a sociopath and she’s the reason that all these problems happened and why she’s not friends with him.
  • Q12: “Sometimes I miss–” “What?” “Everything.”–Annie and Jasper
  • Jasper says he’s still here for her and tells her they should go the dance.
  • Q13: “Dances are not your thing.” “Making you happy is my thing.”–Annie and Jasper
  • Dixon is miserably playing mini-golf.
  • Debbie apologizes, saying she was trying to protect him but he needs to apologize, too, for what he said.
  • He says he was mad but she said it was still a low-blow.
  • She recounts when he first moved in with them, he wouldn’t let her in.
  • He explains how hard it was when he first moved in because his new life was so different from his old one.
  • He didn’t understand how he would bond with this white family in surbubia. He planned on leaving as soon as he turned 18.
  • Debbie points out he bonded with Annie first. They reminisce on how much fun they had as siblings.
  • Q14: I think about my life now in Beverly Hills. How I got from here to there, it just never made any sense. One thing I never questioned was that you’re my mom.–Dixon
  • Debbie’s crying and now so am I!
  • That was a really sweet scene and I love hearing abut Dixon’s past and the early years with the Wilsons.
  • Teddy is on the TV screens at school, making his own PSA.
  • Q15: I’m done dating. Totally done. Because I met someone I want to commit to….And I mean it, Silver…If you give me a chance, I promise, I won’t let you down.–Teddy (I missed parts of that, sorry).
  • Teddy comes out mid-speech and finishes in person. He’s carrying flowers and again asks her to go the dance.
  • She tells him to stop, says no and that it’s not going to happen before walking off.
  • It looks like the dance is at the beach club.
  • Liam and Ivy are definitely under-dressed but look happy.
  • Ryan is organizing ticket-holders.
  • He pulls over Liam and apologizes for believing Jen. Liam says it’s okay and he’s just glad it’s over. Ryan agrees but looks sad when he walks away.
  • Jasper and Annie buy tickets from Adrianna. Adrianna looks uncomfortable. Jasper explains they have gym together. Adrianna asks if they’re dating and Jasper says “We sure are.” Annie looks uncomfortable now.
  • Annie looks great. She cut her hair, no?
  • BH90210 had a Winter Dance, too. It marked the beginning of Donna and David!
  • Dixon, Navid and Teddy are all there date-less.
  • Teddy is watching Silver from afar. He comments to Dixon that she looks beautiful and Dixon agrees, clearly getting that loving feeling back.
  • Silver says Naomi is their date.
  • Teddy walks up and asks her for “one dance, between friends.” She reluctantly agrees.
  • What’s her problem? Adrianna? Thinks it’s out of pity? What?
  • Never noticed that Jessica Stroup has a tattoo on the back of her neck.
  • Silver says she can’t leave Naomi for too long but Teddy says she’ll survive.
  • They’re outside and it starts snowing!
  • Ivy and Liam are in the photo booth having a good time. He comes out and spots Naomi across the dance floor. They look longingly at each other and Ivy comes over, ruining the moment.
  • Silver is freaking out about the snow.
  • Teddy says her name and plants a kiss on her. It’s very sweet.
  • Q16: If you can honestly say you didn’t feel anything, I’ll stop trying.–Teddy
  • Again, she says she’s done. She storms off and tells Naomi that he’s an ass. He said it was a friendly dance but it wasn’t.
  • Silver admits to Naomi that she felt something when they kissed but he’s a player.
  • Naomi says he seems he really cares for her and she needs to go for it before the moment passes.
  • Q17: Before he ends up with some she-male with only one pair of shoes.–Naomi
  • Jasper can tell Annie wants to dance but she makes little of it. He says they can and head out to the dance floor, as he says he doesn’t know how to dance. He says he’s never been to a dance before and she says she’s honored to teach him.
  • Q18: With you I can do anything.–Jasper
  • Navid is watching Annie and Jasper dance when Naomi walks up. He tells her Jasper’s a drug dealer and Naomi’s revulsed.
  • She asks if Annie knows and he says she doesn’t believe him. Naomi blames herself–she pushed her away and made sure the whole school alienated her, so it’s no wonder she ended up with Jasper.
  • Navid says he doesn’t know what they can do at this point.
  • Silver goes to find Teddy but before she gets to him, a girl approaches and gives him a big hug.
  • Turns out, the girl is his sister Savannah! He introduces her to Dixon.
  • She came home from boarding school after getting “the saddest texts she’s ever read.”
  • Q19: So who’s this girl who’s breaking your heart?–Savannah
  • Dixon looks uncomfortable.
  • Ivy tells Liam to be “real” to her. She asks if he still has feelings for Naomi. She says she’s not going cry about it but she deserves the truth.
  • Liam admits he does. She does look she’s going to cry!
  • She tells Liam to tell her how he feels but he says Naomi wants nothing to do with her.
  • He apologizes to Ivy but Ivy swears she’s fine.
  • Adrianna is going through a box and finds a bottle of alcohol. Ryan interrupts saying it’s there because he confiscated it.
  • He tells Ade she did a good job and can have her own night now.
  • She leaves and he pours himself some alcohol.
  • Q20: “I’m just saying you’re a good dancer.” “I’m just saying you’re a good liar.”–Annie and Jasper
  • Dixon grabs Annie and says it’s an emergency.
  • Waiting for her is Silver, Naomi and Navid. They say they’re here because they care about her and Jasper’s a bad guy.
  • Annie is instantly POed.
  • Naomi takes responsibility, saying this is her fault for pushing her away.
  • Navid says Japser is a drug dealer and pushed him down the stairs.
  • Annie says this is a rumor they are choosing to believe just like they believed Annie slept with Liam.
  • Navid admits they have no proof–until Adrianna steps in and says she’s bought drugs from him for the last month and she’s willing to come forward.
  • Annie walks off in tears, saying she needs to be alone.
  • Naomi and Silver ask Adrianna if she’s really willing to come forward.
  • She says she is. Jasper’s a bad guy and seeing her with Annie made her realize she needs to do something.
  • Silver says that’s really self-less. She and Naomi hope she doesn’t get suspended. They all promise to talk after the St. Bart’s trip.
  • That scene very much felt like Kelly-Donna-Brenda.
  • Naomi gets a text and says “Oh my god.”
  • Navid tells Adrianna she shouldn’t go to the administration because she’ll get expelled.
  • She says she’s willing to take the risk but he says he’s not. He still cares about her. She looks thrilled.
  • Silver is waiting for a cab, because Naomi had to take care of something.
  • Dixon comes over and they agree it’s been a weird night.
  • He asks her what’s wrong and reminds her that they’re friends.
  • She says the problem is Teddy and Dixon looks quite uncomfortable.
  • She explains Teddy’s been asking her out but she doesn’t know if she should give him a chance. But, she saw him with another girl.
  • Dixon doesn’t say the girl was Savannah and confirms that he’s a player and it’s better she knows now.
  • He adds that Teddy’s his friend but she is amazing and deserves better.
  • Q21: For the life of me, I can’t remember why I ever let you go.–Dixon
  • He kisses her and it is absolutely beautiful.
  • Teddy sees and his sister asks what’s wrong.
  • Q22: That’s the girl I can’t get.–Teddy
  • Silver asks Dixon what the kiss was about and he says he doesn’t know.
  • The cab arrives and she says they should talk when he gets back and she leaves.
  • Dixon comes home and tells Debbie the dance was intense.
  • They agree they’re both happy they got a chance to talk.
  • Dixon says he hasn’t thought about the adoption in a while and Debbie says the same.
  • He said he realizes it’s time he spoke to his birth mom. Debbie is shocked.
  • Liam is in his sketchy garage when Naomi knocks. He’s surprised and let’s her in.
  • She asks what’s under the sheet but he says it’s nothing.
  • She explains Ivy texted her and said she needs to find him because he needed to talk to her.
  • He says he doesn’t and asks what she has to say. She says she asked him first but he refuses.
  • She says she thought he changed but he hasn’t–he’s still private and secretive. He won’t even tell her what’s under the tarp.
  • She’s about to leave and he stops her. He pulls back the tarp and it’s the beginnings of a boat.
  • He says the wilderness program taught him to channel his anger so this is what he does. He used to sail with his dad.
  • Pacey on Dawson’s Creek made a boat as he pined for Joey. That was awesome.
  • Liam apologizes and explains how things went down with Jen. He said he didn’t come clean earlier because he didn’t want to hurt her.
  • Q23: Like you said, I’m private and secretive but I don’t want to be. And if you give me another chance, I won’t be.–Liam
  • They kiss and it’s amazing.
  • Felt very Ryan-Marissa, though.
  • Ivy is in her car crying and looking at the photobooth pictures.
  • Jasper finds Annie outside. He’s been looking for her.
  • She’s still crying.
  • She says she knows he’s a drug dealer and sold to Adrianna.
  • He admits it’s true and said he only sold to people who would buy anyway. And it was to finance the film.
  • Annie says she doesn’t even know who he is anymore.
  • She points out that he also pushed Navid down the stairs.
  • He says he didn’t. He pushed Navid. Then he fell.
  • Annie starts to walk away and tells him to stay away from her. He stops her, saying they’re the same.
  • Q24: I accidentally pushed Navid down the stairs and you accidentally ran over my uncle.–Jasper
  • Fade to black!
  • Preview: Ten things we’ll see when 90210  returns–1) fashion tips, 2) silly quips, 3) Teddy knows that he’s the man, 4) Naomi comes back really thin, 5) a guy fight, 6) a girl fight on the beach, 7) Ryan too drunk to teach, 8 ) boys 9) and girls are going to kiss, showing Dixon and Silver & Liam and Naomi 10) WTF is this, showing Adrianna and Gia kissing

Those are my thoughts. What’s yours?



26 responses

8 12 2009

WOW I thought this episode was great!!! I can’t stop smiling after that Silver & Dixon kiss. I love love love them together, and I’m hoping after the hiatus they’ll manage to get back together! Don’t know if that will happen with Teddy in the mix, but I’ll be hoping! Liam & Naomi are just too cute together. I know that Naomi is like the biggest bitch ever, but for some reason I think Liam really tones her down. They go well together IMO. That ending scene was so intense. I can’t even imagine what Annie was thinking, what a shock it must have been to hear that someone knows what she’s been hiding! Espicially the victims own nephew!! The Debbie/Dixon scenes were so touching. I really love Lori Loughlin in the role. She does an awesome job with both Dixon and Annie. Speaking of Annie, I thought her hair rocked! I loved the two-toned hair color! If I might add, I just loved Jessica Stroup tonight. She was absolutely beautiful! I’m going to miss 90210 during the hiatus! But, going by the previews and spoliers, I know it’s going to be worth the wait 😀

8 12 2009

*All* the kisses made me smile! Swoon, really. Each just felt so…amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. I love love triangles and angst so a lot of this was fab heartwreching stuff that I live for. Not sure who I want Silver with, which is weird because I usually fall on a particular side. But both Teddy and Dixon’s faces and sadness gutted me. I’m not really into Liam and Naomi as I don’t see at all what they like about each other or how they work as a couple but I like their angst and moments like they had tonight. The ending was super intense and I’m really excited to see it unfold. It’s so interesting–Annie was saying how she feels like she doesn’t even know Jasper but he could say the same to her. I think he knew all along, though. And it’s interesting that he didn’t say she *killed* him or even hit him, just that she ran over him. The Debbie-Dixon stuff was so touching, as you said. I haven’t been thrilled with Lori Loughlin and Rob Estes but I’m coming around and I think Lori did a great job tonight. I loved Annie’s hair as well but I haven’t been liking Silver’s look in a while. I’m not sure how long our wait is. At least until January, if not longer, but they haven’t said.

8 12 2009

Wow great episode. Rose a lot of emotions… more than most episodes do. I don’t really know where to begin..

Liam – as you know, I really loved him and Ivy together. It’s not that I didn’t like Naomi for him, and that I didn’t want them back together; but as soon as a new girl came on the scene who was BETTER for him, I just kind of forgot about Naomi. Let’s be honest.. she doesn’t deserve him. But it was really sweet of Ivy to put them together and I’m glad she came to her senses and stopped holding onto him because he clearly wasn’t into it. Oh, and I totally knew he was building a boat. If he calls it Naomi Breeze I’m gonna flip (shout outs to the OC! Although, I do know Seth didn’t BUILD Summer Breeze but the whole sailing thing and all..)

Teddy – a character who came on the show as someone who was too old looking, seemed unnecessary, and was just getting in the way has really flourished into something great. And now that I’ve gotten used to seeing him, he looks no older than the rest of the cast. He was such a sweetie with the tv system and the flowers!! I can’t believe Silver. She could have at least said yes at first and let him down later… she’s so frustrating because I hate the kind of character that she’s becoming. Turning down good things for no reason and being just plain mean. Not to mention a little ho kissing Dixon right after the dance.

Which brings me TO Dixon.. I am so mad at him!! First, he has no claims to Silver anymore.. he let her go. He MADE her go. And while it’s not necessarily right for Teddy to go after one of his boy’s ex girlfriends, he obviously feels something strong. He could have pulled any girl at that dance and yet he still chases after her… but I digress. It almost makes me forget how teary-eyed I was when Dixon finally reconciled with Debbie (who I have also come to absolutely love despite disliking her for the first season) when I think about what he did to Teddy. I had a similar situation happen a couple years ago where I was in Teddy’s position and it is not a nice place to be.. although, my friend and I did not come to blows like the promos lead us to believe Teddy and Dixon will. Which, in a side note, I wonder who would win… Teddy is obviously a lot bigger but Dixon plays lacrosse.. anyway!

Annie – I’ve already been over every reason why she is the most unstable, insecure character on the show. Naomi, in her selfish way, took full credit for why Annie ended up with a guy like Jasper but it’s so much more than that.. although, he could probably have deceived any girl for at least a little while. The guys a good actor. That scene with the glance between him and Liam struck me as odd… I didn’t really see it’s purpose and, of course, it didn’t actually end up serving one. But I’m glad they’ve brought back up the hit and run. I already knew it was coming because I read it on wikipedia but it was good to know that the writers hadn’t simply pushed it under the rug – they were waiting for the right moment after all.

By the way, did you like how Naomi tried to reconcile things with Annie by following her into a bathroom? Kind of like when Annie had to follow Naomi into a bathroom and beg her not to send out the naked text… interesting role reversal there.

Navid.. he’s just so kind and so caring. The other guys can knock his sensitivity all they want but I think he’s awesome. And he was the best dressed at the dance, even though all the guys were looking very fresh 🙂

I’m glad that Ade is finally coming back into the light but Navid was right, she can NOT confess… Annie knows the truth and hopefully justice will prevail. If I know anything about teen dramas, Jasper will get his just deserved in the end.

I THINK I’ve addressed everything of importance.. what were your thoughts on the episode, Shari? I know you and I don’t always see eye to eye on things like Ivy’s level of awesomeness (level 10 for me!) but you always make very valid points 🙂 as always, I apologize for any grammatical/spelling errors I may have committed..

Oh, and it BETTER be back in January or early February… last year’s Valentine’s Day episode was my faveeee! God only knows how many times I’ve re-watched it. I can deal with no GG for 3 months but I need my 90210!

8 12 2009

I liked it when my comments showed up as Jordan… 😦

9 12 2009

–TDW, I think Jasper has known all along too. But, then, does that mean that his relationship with Annie was completely bogus? Makes me wonder if he was just toying with Annie because of his uncle. He seems sadistic enough to do something like that, but who knows! I’m definetly intrigued as too how the writer’s unfold that whole situation. The kisses tonight were all adorable, and I love the triangles/angst aspect of teen dramas too, so I really enjoyed tonight’s episode!

–Carepolice/Jordan 🙂 I completely agree with all of the things you said!!! It’s so crazy to actually have people understand how I think when it concerns teen dramas. None of my friends watch shows as religiously as I do, and they all think I’m just a freak for being obsessed with shows like 90210 LOL And I have watched that Valentine’s episode wayyyyy too many times to count. It’s one of the best episodes of the series! It cracks me up everytime I watch it too! I hope this season’s V-Day episode is as great! And I was thinking the same thing about Liam’s boat! I kept seeing in my mind Seth sailing away on the Summer Breeze haha

9 12 2009

OMG!!! The only reason I thought this episode was the best was because Liam and Naomi finally got back together! Those two are meant to be and we all knew it was going to happen! Just the way they look at each other and their chemistry is AMAZING! Ivy has been bugging me these last few episodes but I’m glad she knew she could never have him. I mean it would have never worked! Also that ending was CRAZY! I want to know how Jasper knew! Plus I’m not quite sure who Silver should be with. I mean Dixon had his chance so I kind of think he is just jealous of Teddy. But really I’m just happy that Naomi and Liam are back on because they are the best TV couple out there right now!

9 12 2009

–missingpaige (cute name!!) I agree with you 100%. Liam & Naomi are amazing together!! I’m so glad there back together! And although it sucks for Ivy, I do give her props for realizing that it just wouldn’t work out between her and Liam. It was incredibly selfless of her to text Naomi to meet up with Liam. The scene with her crying in her car was so sad, but still, I’m just glad Naomi and Liam finally stopped being stubborn and realized how they are feeling. I hope they last! They deserve some on-screen time when the show returns after the hiatus 🙂

9 12 2009

carepolice: Yes, agree with you on your overall assessment.

I haven’t been an Ivy fan but I do agree that Liam was better off with her. I agree that Naomi didn’t deserve him but I don’t think he deserved her either. It was really sweet was Ivy did. I’m with you on the boat naming. They can’t call it anything with love either, since it was True Love on Dawson’s Creek. (That’s right, The O.C. wasn’t first to do the boat thing!)

I completely agree with your Teddy assessment. I don’t understand why Silver said no right off the bat and again when he put so much effort into showing his true feelings in front of everyone. I mean, she kissed him the other night–she owes herself and him at least an exploration of the possibility. I don’t think she was being mean, per se, but confusing and abrupt. I also don’t think she was a ho, as you said, for what happened with Dixon because a) he initiated it and b) it’s not like Silver said she did want to be with Teddy or even that she didn’t want to be with anyone and c) she and Dixon to have that history. If anyone was kind of wrong, it was Dixon for not being honest about Teddy and the other girl. And we seem to be on the same page with that. I agree with your whole Dixon paragraph.

I’m mostly with you on Annie, too. I thought it was great that Naomi stepped up and went to Annie repeatedly with apologies–it was the least she could do–and even felt so badly that she took responsibility for the Jasper thing. That was a misguided because we know it was what Annie did that drove to her to him, but the sentiment was still nice. I hadn’t thought about that role reversal you mentioned–that’s really interesting! I think the look Jasper gave Liam was about Jasper marking his territory and feeling threatened. He wants Annie to himself and wants no guy–or girl–around her.

Navid…I don’t know what I think of Navid. I don’t know if Adrianna will actually come forward, or if she’ll have to. You said you think Jasper will get hers in the end. Do you think Annie deserves to, too, for what she did to his uncle? (Though I don’t think we have the whole story there).

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and making me laugh. You can be Jordan 2 or Jordan B if you want. (Very original, I know). While I don’t know when 90210 will be back exactly, I can’t see it not being in January.

g90210th: That’s a great question about Jasper and the potential bogus-ness of his relationship with Annie. I’m not sure what I think except for that something’s not right in his head! And I’m (kind of obviously, given the site) with both you and carepolice on the love for watching and analyzing teen dramas. What you said is pretty much why I started the site. But why don’t I remember what the Valentine’s Day episode was last year? Remind me!

missingpage: Pardon my ignorance, but what does your name refer to? I do agree that Liam and Naomi have some chemistry but I think it exists in their desire and depression and yearning. All that angst is what I really love. Beyond that, I think they’re mismatched and that was made really obvious last season as they clashed on everything but making out. Perhaps I’ll change my mind this time around. I actually think Ivy and Liam have a better chance of making it. I have no idea how Jasper knew but I’m eager to find out! I’m also torn on Silver, though I know there’s many “Sixon” lovers out there.

g90210th: Selfless–that’s a great way to describe what Ivy did. I wonder if, given her crying in the car, she will continue to fade into the background or fight for him.

9 12 2009

I completely agree with missingpaige!!!! Liam and naomi were always meant to be together and ivy was always his second choice and everyone knows it!!!!!! I love Liam and naomi!!!!!<333

9 12 2009

Does anyone of u know whats the song called when Teddy kisses Silver at the dance? I fell in love with it but can’t find it anywhere. Even my iPhone won’t give me any information. 😦

9 12 2009

i dont know about you guys but i LOVED this episode.
All the aftermath apologies of the catastrophe with Jen got me laughing and i liked them.
And why does Silver always get kissed by guys?! (remember Ethan lolz 😀 )
I like how Adrianna is dealing with the problem and she is currently in tie with Silver at being my favorite Character. I think everything might be coming back together, Sixon (silver/dixon) , Naiam (Naomi/Liam)
I loved the scene with Dixon and Debbie, it gave me shivers down the spine. I am liking Annie better now and I feel glad that she is enlightened about facts about her boyfriend BUT, i do think Annie could be blackmailed by Jasper.
Oh and i thought Navid and Adrianna would be back! Hmph but someone decided to kiss Gia! so the rumours were correct *looks glum*
and oooh! Dixon is still evil, he did not tell Silver that ”the gorgeous blonde with the red dress” was Teddy’s sister, Savannah i think the name was? He is so totally into her.
I did not really understand Debbie’s face when she heard that Dixon wanted to see his birth mother, that was weird, well atleast for me it was.
I really felt bad about Ivy, i mean she tried everything to get Liam’s mind off of Naomi
but when she saw she couldnt, she did a great thing maybe she will find someone good.
Does that mean it that these are Jasper’s last days on the show? and is Jen ever coming back?
And FINALLY, we get to know whats under that turf, i thought it would be a car or something anyhow, oh yes and it will be hilarious to see Liam all opening up and becoming more social, they all become hilarious when they try to do something which they are not.
I think i have got it all anyhow, it was a really great episode and I cant wait for the new year.

9 12 2009

lolz lots of mistakes, i was blooming with excitement when i wrote that (aftereffects of the episode on me 😛 )
”and oooh! Dixon is still evil, he did not tell Silver that ”the gorgeous blonde with the red dress” was Teddy’s sister, Savannah i think the name was? He is so totally into her.” By that i meant that Dixon still has feelings for Silver….. again! for the 3rd time i think, when will that end, either they are together or they are not, choose you writers.
lolz i meant under the tarp not ”turf”
next time, i am going to write in a well organized way like carepolice, i couldnt make sense of half of what i wrote, all jumbled and mixed up 😛

9 12 2009

Carepolice- what does YOUR name refer to?

9 12 2009

Teendramawhore: missingpaige is just a reference back to my name. I add the missing for in every episode there is an unsolved conflict. So its like a missing piece of a puzzle.

9 12 2009

I am SO HAPPY about all the hook-ups! i was getting sick of Ivy and all her “dude this and dude that” DUDE DUDE DUDE!! UGH…anyhoooooo…such a good show last night and i CANNOT wait for it to come back!! P.S. silver looks great i think…luving the hair and uh…another tatoo on the back of the neck, did she even get rid of Dixon’s name yet?? so hysterical…

9 12 2009

BTW…is Jennie Garth donefor??? still would like to see her around as an original cast member. =)

9 12 2009

^^Carepolice 🙂

Is there another Jordan around here? When I used to post on the blog my name showed up as Jordan and I put it as my ‘nickname’ in the wordpress settings last night but I can put in my last initial to avoid confusion if it is needed.

g90210th – that v-day episode is definitely amazingggg 🙂 on Jasper and Annie, I honestly believe that he only wanted to toy with her at first. Gosh do you remember what a creeper he was when they first met and he was all “come take a ride with me in my car..” ? But as they got closer, he actually did fall for her, even to the point of obsession. He’s a VERY interesting character because he’s so multi-dimensional. He’s so dark and violent but he’s so tender with Annie. Let’s just be honest; he doesn’t pull off bad boy as well as Liam did 😉

TDW – I’m too young to have watched Dawson’s Creek 😛 but I imagine they would have boats there with the creek and all haha. And don’t you just waaaanna call Silver a ho? It doesn’t really have grounds but come on.. she’s not doing what I want her to 😉 I mean, she WAS just about to go see Teddy and tell him they could give it a shot before his sister showed up. But you’re right – Dixon did initiate the kiss. He was so awesome last season! Why does he have to be so lame now..?

Annnieeeee – my name just kind of refers to how people should be nice 🙂 even though I can become a little nasty when it comes to teen dramas..

LUVNLIAM – I doubt Jennie Garth is gone 🙂 She’s just probably had some real life stuff to do so they’re writing her out for a few episodes. I’m not up on the cast members’ lives (maybe a little of tristan wilds and matt lanter because they’re gracious enough to bless us with their presence on twitter!!) but I imagine TDW could probably tell you more about that.

So I’ve noticed a lot of Naomi+Liam love out there.. I think they’re a cool couple but I kind of liked them more last season when he was a “bad boy”. I don’t really see what draws them to one another. And how could he kiss her with that raccoon makeup on last night LOL. Plus, I just love Ivy 🙂 but it will be interesting to see where the relationship goes because things have changed a lot. Judging from the promo, Ivy should remain a presence on the show for at least a little while. I love her being one of the guys but I don’t know how that will play out now that her fling with Liam has ended. Who loved it last week when Teddy caught them kissing and Liam says that they want to keep it on the DL, and Ivy goes “Yeah. So don’t tweet about it pretty boy,” all sexy? 😀

9 12 2009

Wow.. that’s.. a lot of emoticons. I don’t like emoticons lol I just like writing “: )” because it blends in better than all those yellow periods everywhere! I apologize ; )

9 12 2009

Annnieeeee: Yes, I do agree that Ivy was a “second choice” to Liam but I wouldn’t be surprised if that changes down the line.

MJ: Sorry, don’t know the song. The CW’s web site might have it.

demonsunleashed: I think we all loved this episode, too. In fact, I haven’t seen any negativity about it anywhere. I liked the apologies, too. Good point re: Silver and Ethan. I thought Adrianna was being very brave but I worry that she’s taking on this huge thing (dropping drugs cold turkey) all alone and she won’t be able to handle it if even a pin drops. While I wasn’t chilled by the Debbie/Dixon scene, I was definitely moved to tears! I can see Jasper blackmailing Annie, too, but I wonder if she’ll be bold enough to come forward now as she’s starting to realize what a psycho he is. RE: Adrianna and Gia, those were never rumors. It was confirmed as fact right from the get-go as the very first time it got out there was the executive producer herself announcing it in an interview. But Navid is definitely involved in the storyline and I do kind of see them as endgame but who knows? I’m not sure Dixon is so much into Silver again as much as he’s seeing her through Teddy’s eyes and is a bit jealous and thinking about their past. I think he’s just a bit lost right now, hence the desire to find his mom. What didn’t you understand about Debbie’s face? I think she was shocked and hurt all over again, because his desire to find his mom feels to her like she’s not really his mom or at least not enough for him (despite what he said earlier). I felt bad for Ivy, too. I’m not sure about Jasper or Jen’s future. For Jasper, I’ve heard conflicting things. For Jen, I originally heard she’d still be around after the truth came out but I haven’t heard anything recently. I’m glad we saw what was under the tarp but it was a bit random and anticlimatic. I thought it was going to be some sort of grand gesture to win back Naomi and show his feelings for her but really it was something for himself. LOL Don’t worry about any errors! It’s okay. =)

missingpaige: Very clever! Clearly I didn’t get it when I first read it but I got it now. Kinda feel dumb, haha.

LUVNLIAM: LOL to your “dude” comments. Even though I think she has some clever quips, sometimes it really gets on my nerves. No, Jennie Garth isn’t done. She’ll be back in a January episode for sure but I’m not sure beyond that. She’s a recurring actor/character, so she’s not in every episode. That’s partially because they don’t want her to be and because she doesn’t want to be either. She’s really big on being there for her family, esp. since hubby Peter Facinelli is very busy with Twilight and his television show.

Jordan/carepolice: Yes, there is indeed another Jordan. I’m personally not confused because I can tell who is who by your writing style, voice and opinions but others may be. It’s up to you! Totally agree with your assessment of Jasper. And while his bad boy is definitely different than Liam’s, Jasper/the actor who plays him does do the multi-dimension, split-personality thing sooooo well. And you have to watch Dawson’s Creek! It’s a must for any teen drama fan! So you’re rooting for Silver and Teddy, I take it? There seems to be a lot of Dixon dislike this season, which I guess is understandable. I’m kinda with you on Naomi and Liam–no idea what they see in each other because nothing was established previously before a sexual attraction and that’s not enough to sustain a relationship. (Well, maybe it is for some people.) And have no fear, Ivy isn’t going anywhere as far as I know. And the emoticons look pretty! No apology necessary.

9 12 2009
Jordan W.

Yeah, I definitely root for Teddy and Silver. I think that, like you said, Dixon is only feeling jealous. He MIGHT genuinely want her back and if he does, I suppose I would support it. I always did love them as a couple. But screwing over Teddy in the process would leave a very bitter taste in my mouth. I would rather see Dixon have a new love interest come into place because I do want to see him happy. I want to see my favorite character from season 1 again. Not that I want his development to reverse, I just want him to be someone I can wholeheartedly support and love again. Also, I want Lauren London from season 1 to come back.. I liked her! That and the lacrosse. I miss the lacrosse.

And I had no idea Jennie Garth was married to Peter Facinelli!

9 12 2009

TDW, the Valentine’s episode was the one where Silver and Dixon have dinner at the W hotel, then sleep together for the first time. The next day, she reveals the tattoo with his name. Annie and Ethan hit a rough patch when he discovers that she told Rhonda’s story in her acting class, then at the dance Rhonda kisses Ethan. Navid goes to the school dance with Nika, but reconnects with Adrianna at the very end. This episode also introduced us to Liam! As the bartender in the hotel 🙂 Gr8 episode!!

9 12 2009
Jordan W.

OMG love that episode to death!! Liam was bein all cool as the bartender and Silver and Dixon were adorable together. I also love the scene where Navid and Nika first go into the dance – there is an incredible song playing (one that I have never been able to find) and Navid’s outfit is to die for!

9 12 2009

I think I’m on board for Teddy and Silver, too, but I don’t think I’d mind her and Silver, either. I guess it all (obviously) depends on how it plays out when either couple is actually together. But I love the build-ups more than anything. I can’t say I’ve thought much about lacrosse or Lauren London. And I’m not sure how much development we’ve seen with Dixon this season but I am looking forward to his upcoming storyline, as I liked the piece of we got last year and all other mentions of his past and the early years with the Wilsons.

Jennie and Peter have been married for more than 10 years now. They actually had their first daughter beforehand while she was on 90210 (which seems to be common these days but whatever) and later their wedding was featured on TV (which also seems to be common these days but, again, whatever). Now they have 3 girls and a seemingly really solid marriage and family (totally uncommon so good for them!).

And, hmm. I remember all those stories but don’t explicitly remember them being “the V-Day episode” or that memorable on their own but different strokes!

10 12 2009

I wanted nothing more last night than for Annie to go off on all those people who all of a sudden care about her well-being again. Even if girl had slept with Liam, it should have been between her and Naomi. Why is it that if Naomi is upset with her, everybody else decides they aren’t her friends anymore. Now that Naomi realizes what a dumb b*tch she was being, everybody wants to care about Annie again. Obviously Silver is the guiltiest of this, as she’s doing it all over again with Adrianna. Obviously, none of these people were ever really Annie’s friends at all. I can completely understand Naomi’s treatment of her (even though she was 100% wrong), but not a single other person. This has prompted Annie to go from my least liked character to my favorite. She is becoming my Brenda Walsh.

I don’t get the Naomi/Liam love. Weren’t they f-buddies mostly and then something actually developed for like two episodes. Then it was nothing but drama. Those two episodes of showing real feelings/chemistry were not enough for me to be rooting for these two. I also don’t think those two episodes were enough for them to be so angsty about eachother. Besides, I really don’t think they are compatible at all.

10 12 2009

Those are all great points, sane. I think we saw a little of Annie going off on them but she could’ve been a lot more indignant and harsh. I wonder if we’ll see that or if the past will just fade away like all is forgiven and forgotten. Specifically, though, what you said about how Silver acts is what I said in my blog as I watched the ep and what you said about the Naomi/Liam love is what I’ve been trying to say–you did a much better job! 🙂

10 12 2009

She did go off a little bit, but it was mostly because she was protecting Jasper. She needed to go off on them because of how they were towards her, and more than just a throw-away line about believing a rumor about her. It sounds like she’ll forgive and forget rather quickly, like she did with Dixon (who is the one person who deserved the biggest cussing out, IMO).

I’m available to write anytime 😉

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