News Roundup: Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek

13 04 2010
  • Last night’s Gossip Girl (1.9 million viewers rounded up) climbed a bit in the ratings compared to last week.
  • Korbi is asking via poll if Blair should have forgiven Chuck.
  • Gossip Cop busted a Perez Hilton/In Touch story about Leighton Meester (Blair, Gossip Girl) hooking up with Twilight’s Robert Pattinson.
  • The Daily News claims they have more details about the breakup between Ed Westwick (Chuck, Gossip Girl) and Jessica Szohr (Vanessa, Gossip Girl).
  • You can enter a sweepstakes to win the dress Silver (Jessica Stroup, 90210) wore to the Winter Wonderland dance.
  • Brian Austin Green (David, Beverly Hills 90210) will make his return to Smallville on Friday’s episode. Ausiello has an exclusive sneak peek of one of his scenes.
  • Sophia Bush (Brooke, One Tree Hill) has been cast in Southern Discomfort, an ABC pilot. This DOES NOT mean One Tree Hill is canceled or that Bush is abandoning ship. 1) OTH has not been canceled–or renewed. 2) If OTH is renewed, Bush is contractually obligated to do OTH. 3) She is simply preparing herself for what may be a reality. It’s a smart move.
  • Also noteworthy in the short article about the casting is Deadline’s take that OTH has a 50-50 chance at renewal. They also “presume” that it’s OTH versus Life Unexpected, which stars Kerr Smith (Jack, Dawson’s Creek). The Hollywood Reporter says the shows “are considered to be” in competition.
  • Joshua Jackson (Pacey, Dawson’s Creek) won a Genie Award for his acting work in the movie One Week. He reportedly mentioned DC in his acceptance speech. He looks adorable in the photo.

Exclusive: Amber Wallace Talks 90210, Looks Back on One Tree Hill

4 04 2010

Regular TDW readers know what a small world the world of teen dramas is. We see it each week with Six Degrees of Teen Dramas, finding how one actor leads to another. But the best connection is when you need just one actor.

That’s why I was thrilled last December when I spotted Amber Wallace on 90210. Previously seen as Glenda on One Tree Hill, Wallace was introduced on 90210 as Lila, a star reporter for the Blaze. When the show came back from hiatus in early March, we saw Wallace’s role grow.

In our exclusive interview, Wallace and I chatted about her characters on both shows as well as her musical inclinations.

TeenDramaWhore: 90210 viewers first met you in an episode that aired in December [Episode 2.12, Winter Wonderland]. When did you know you would be coming back again?

Amber Wallace: I already knew about the episode with Navid [Michael Steger] and the date [Episode 2.15, What’s Past Is Prologue]. I knew I was going to be in it for, I thought, maybe a couple of episodes. I didn’t realize I was going to be in it for the length that I actually am.

TDW: Wow. So all those episodes back, all those months back, this was technically coming up and we, as viewers, had no idea that the seeds were being planted for this current storyline.

Wallace: Exactly. I think this season they had the writers come in and do this whole outline for the whole thing so they knew what was going to be happening. And, like I said, I thought I was only going to be in a couple of episodes and every time I would go to the script reading, it was like, “Is my character going to be written out this week?”

TDW: But you ended up doing a batch of six.

Wallace: Yes.

TDW: What’s coming up next?

Wallace: The band plays live and everything that goes along with that. That episode is really fun and really cute. Nothing too heartbreaking in that. And then the episode after that, jealousy comes into play.

TDW: It seems that Navid and Lila have the common journalism interest going for them and they remembered they shared a past when they were young. But Navid and Adrianna [Jessica Lowndes] are so different. Do you think opposites attract? Or does Lila have the upper-hand?

Wallace: I don’t know. It really depends. I think when opposites attract, it can be better because things won’t get boring. It kind of adds life to the relationship. You learn things from the other person. Navid and Adrianna, they have such a strong past with the things that they went through, so I think that’s where their bond comes from. But I think it helps to have things to talk about, things in common because that helps with little every day stuff, what you want to do and sharing it with someone else. But it really depends. It can be different.

TDW: Is Lila familiar with everything Adrianna and Navid went through the year before?

Wallace: You know, it never said anything in the script but I made a choice to be aware of most of it. Lila doesn’t run in the same crowd so I don’t think she knows everything that happened but everyone in the school knew that Adrianna was pregnant. I made a choice to have Lila be aware that they went through pretty significant events, regardless of whether I knew exactly what each one of them were. So whether or not Lila knew–weren’t they engaged at one point or something?

TDW: They kind of were.

Wallace: I think that’s something that Lila did not know.

TDW: Coming into this, where you’re playing opposite two characters who have this intricate backstory, did you have to read up on last season or did you watch the episodes or anything?

Wallace: I definitely did. When I found out I was going to be on the show, I went and I got the [first] season and I made sure that I watched all of the episodes. When I was on set, I tried to ask the actors, for the episodes that hadn’t aired yet, “What’s happening? I need to know” and they told me. I think it’s really important to know the [characters] and what’s going on. It can be a little intimidating to go on a set and be a new character and not know anyone, especially when you’re coming between two characters that are so huge in the show so I better have my info straight!

TDW: What’s the deal with you coming back next season? Is it possible?

Wallace: Maybe, yeah. I think it’s one of things where it really depends on how everyone takes Lila, if they like her a lot. It’s one of those things where people need to write in and say, “I really like this character. I’d really like to see her again” and if there’s an overwhelming majority vote on that, then I think it’s a definite possibility that she can come back.

TDW: I can’t interview you and not ask about One Tree Hill, where you played Glenda. Your first episode there was the school shooting [Episode 3.16, With Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept].

Wallace: Right.

TDW: Do you remember what kind of reaction you had when you first read the script for that episode?

Wallace: Well, actually, I was not given the full script for that episode. That episode was very hush-hush because it was so dramatic and so much happened. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I knew that there was a school shooting but I didn’t know who was doing it. Really, I knew what my character knew. I’m stuck in a gym with this girl [Brooke, Sophia Bush] and there’s a shooting going on and we all have to go home. I literally knew what Glenda knew and that kinda helped in the acting. So I had no idea and when I saw the episode, it was so stunning. I felt so honored to be part of something like that. The episode was so beautiful and heartfelt. I cried.

TDW: Were you surprised when the next season came around and they asked you to come back?

Wallace: I was completely surprised and thrilled. I had one scene [Episode 4.04, Can’t Stop This Thing We’ve Started] and I became a goth all of a sudden, which was really funny to me. When we were filming that scene with me and Sophia, they were like, “Oh, we’re going to bring you into wardrobe and get you fitted the next episode.” And I was like, “Next episode? I’m doing another episode?” It was taken episode-by-episode and I wasn’t really sure when I’d be gone. I actually had to turn down an episode. I was asked to be in the finale of that season but I was filming a movie at the time and I couldn’t do it.

TDW: Oh, wow. Did you know what you were going to be doing in the finale?

Wallace: No idea. With that show, I didn’t go to any of the script readings. Sometimes I would get a script and sometimes I wouldn’t. It was a little bit different. The set was kind of different. So I have no idea what I would’ve been doing.

TDW: One of the other episodes you did, though, where you’re paired up with Lucas [Chad Michael Murray], is one of my favorites [Episode 4.13, Pictures of You]. That was a fun episode but there’s such meaning there in the conversations you had, in teaching each other about stereotypes and judging people before you actually know them. Really, you were on for a short amount of time overall, but you took part in two really meaningful, memorable episodes in the series, in  my opinion.

Wallace: Yeah, I guess you’re right. I think it helps that I have a different look from a lot of actresses today. That’s something that I really enjoy because I do tend to play characters that impart that message. It is an important message, not to judge people if they’re different and that people need to be happy with themselves if they are different.

TDW: Going along with that–and I want to word this as respectfully as possible–I’ve seen some comments from people who have said they are thrilled to see Navid with Lila because she’s full-figured. She’s not model-skinny.

Wallace: Curvy, I like to say.

TDW: That’s a great way to put it. The show has gotten criticism in the past for having these lead female characters who are stick-figure thin and now people are refreshed to see this new body type on the show.

Wallace: I’m glad.

TDW: Going back to One Tree Hill for a second, are you still in touch with the cast?

Wallace: No. That’s the funny thing about filming as a recurring character or in a movie or something. You work with people closely for a short amount of time and you do make friends but then you go about your way. I didn’t live in North Carolina. It’s hard to stay in contact with people when you’ve only worked with them for a short amount of time and then you go some place else and your lives go separate ways. I think I’m friends with people on Facebook, maybe, but you never really know who’s actually running their Facebook or who’s running anything.

TDW: Speaking of Facebook, and Twitter, too, I see you’re using them increasingly so to interact with fans. What’s that experience been like?

Wallace: It’s not overwhelming if I’m not really working at the time and people find me with “I really liked your character on this…” Sometimes when an episode, like on Tuesday, airs, you get inundated with messages and it can be a little overwhelming. But it’s really cool. It’s very surreal to have people know who you are from your work. This business is so hard to break into. It’s so hard to get roles and be seen and have people comment on what you do. People are really thrilled when you talk to them. “I can’t believe somebody famous is talking to me!” And I’m like, “What?! Me?!

TDW: You forget that you’re the famous one.

Wallace: Exactly. I’m like, “Uh, I’m thrilled that you’re talking to me!

TDW: Your Twitter handle is AmberBrookeBand. Do you have your own band?

Wallace: I do. I have a band that’s based in Atlanta. When I go back, I try to perform shows and rehearse with them. I’m trying to get them to come out here for month or two so we can book some gigs out in L.A. I’m also writing with another friend, actually this girl Jen, who taught everyone their instruments on 90210. She and I have been writing together. I’m just trying to keep myself creative. I love music.

TDW: In the band on the show, you play the bass, right?

Wallace: Yes.

TDW: Do you play that in real life, too?

Wallace: I don’t. I play guitar in real life, which, obviously, is not the same thing but it helps a lot. Our instructor, Jen, she’s brilliant. She helped me so much. It was a little bit difficult but I think I picked it up pretty quickly.

TDW: What’s next for you?

Wallace: I have some projects possibly on the way. I’m talking to people about that. And then just trying to audition. I just moved to L.A. from Atlanta, when I started filming 90210. I was like, “I’m going to go out and film that, I might as well stay and make the big move and really go for it.” There’s nothing at the moment to talk about, though, but hopefully good things, hopefully more projects. We’ll see.

TDW: Keep us posted!

Come back next Sunday for another exclusive interview!

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Favorite Holiday Episodes, Pt. 5

25 12 2009

MONDAY: Beverly Hills 90210

TUESDAY: Dawson’s Creek


THURSDAY: One Tree Hill

TODAY: Gossip Girl and 90210


1. Episode 1.11, Roman Holiday

In Gossip Girl’s three seasons, this is the only Christmas episode we’ve been treated to and, thankfully, I look back on it pretty fondly. At the time I was a Serena-Dan shipper (and still am, for the most part) and they had a really sweet storyline this episode, which culminated in them sharing one incredible X-mas gift: their bodies! The episode also significantly advances the Rufus-Lily storyline that had been slowly building: we have Rufus realize his marriage with Allison can’t be saved and admit Lily’s been what’s missing from his life. Unfortunately, around the same time, Bart proposes to Lily. The third main storyline–Blair’s hope for the perfect Christmas is comically toyed with when her father comes to town along with his lover–I could take or leave.


1. Episode 2.12, Winter Wonderland

Okay, so this technically isn’t a holiday episode but I’m including it anyway. After all, isn’t “winter wonderland” just the PC-way of saying Christmastime? And, besides, this was a pretty amazing episode–and I never even come close to saying that about this show. But this ep had what I love most: unrequited love, love triangles and several drawn-out storylines coming to a climax, rewarding viewers for their patience. We have Teddy pining for Silver, Dixon’s feelings for Silver reawakened, Liam & Naomi reunited by a selfless Ivy, Naomi’s well-warranted apologies to Annie and a jaw-dropping confrontation between Annie and Jasper. No doubt about it: this was my gift this holiday season.

What’s your favorite holiday episode?

Live-Blog: 90210 2.12

8 12 2009

Last Week’s Reaction Post

Keep refreshing this page throughout the show for plot developments, quotes and commentary.

EPISODE 2.12: Winter Wonderland

  • Previously on: Adrianna buys drugs from Jasper, Liam plans to destroy Jen, Liam does destroy Jen, Naomi finds out the truth, Ivy kisses Liam in front of Naomi, Annie hits someone, Teddy found the guy, Navid was pushed down the stairs by Jasper and he knows it
  • This is the last episode before the hiatus.
  • Everyone is watching a winter dance in the hallway, promoting the Winter Wonderland dance. Fake snow and all!
  • Q1: Winter Wonderland dance. I better dust off my princess crown.–Jasper
  • Annie says she used to love to go to dances but that feels like “a lifetime ago.”
  • Jasper says they can’t go since Harry will be there.
  • Annie says he’ll be away at a conference but it’s okay that he doesn’t want to go.
  • Naomi runs after Annie. She says she understands why Annie isn’t returning her calls and she apologizes to Annie for not believing her all these months.
  • Q2: Maybe it has to do with my own insecurities or what happened with Ethan.–Naomi
  • Q3: Hell. You put me through hell, Naomi!–Annie
  • She storms off.
  • Navid tells Teddy and Ivy he can’t go to the police about Jasper because no one will believe him. The only proof he has is combat boots, which plenty of people wear.
  • Instead, he wants to expose Jasper as a drug dealer.
  • The Blaze reporter helping him is Amber Wallace (Glenda, One Tree Hill). All these years later and she’s still in high school! LOL
  • Ivy snaps at one of the dancers.
  • Q4: Man, do you kick puppies and babies too?–Teddy
  • She says she won’t go to the dance and makes fun of it.
  • Silver is doing a 5K run for breast cancer research. She asks Teddy to donate money in support.
  • Silver is wearing a Warriors shirt, as part of the Warriors in Pink program.
  • Silver and Naomi are going to St. Bart’s on vacation but will stop by the dance.
  • Teddy asks Silver to go to the dance with her and Silver laughs, not taking him seriously. Ouch.
  • Ivy and Liam are chatting when he spots Naomi and says he needs to talk to her. Of course Ivy is less than thrilled.
  • Liam tells Naomi he just wants to make sure everything is okay.
  • Naomi said she wanted to thank him but now she’s more upset than ever. Why didn’t he tell her months ago?
  • Liam says she doesn’t understand and she admits she doesn’t and walks away.
  • Warriors in Pink/90210 promo
  • Now they’re showing the Jessica Stroup (Silver) PSA for it.
  • Silver chases after Naomi into the bathroom.
  • Q5: When am I going to stop liking him?–Naomi
  • Silver tells her to tell him how she feels.
  • Naomi says she can’t because she doesn’t want to be with a person that lies and he’s with Ivy anyway.
  • Q6: Apparently he likes the smell of B.O.–Naomi
  • Q7: “How do I look?” “I’d ease up on the lip gloss.” “Oh, be quiet. I look fantastic.”–Naomi and Silver
  • They leave and Ivy comes out of the bathroom stall.
  • Teddy tells Liam to invite Ivy to the dance. Teddy admits he asked someone but…
  • Q8: “I got shot down.” “By who? Angelina Jolie?”–Teddy and Navid
  • He reveals that it was Silver and apologizes to Dixon for not checking with him first but Dixon says it’s okay.
  • Navid tells Teddy to show Silver his heart.
  • Q9: “Don’t go topless in St. Bart’s.” “I’ve been tanning my ta-tas in anticipation.”–Silver and Naomi
  • Adrianna walks up but Naomi says she doesn’t want to speak with her. Again, Silver says nothing–just like what happened with Annie. Be your own person, Silver!
  • Liam asks Ivy to the dance and she tries to hide her excitement.
  • Navid is following Jasper.
  • Q10: “I’m waiting for you to mess up. And when you do, I’ll be there.” “Just like Batman.”–Navid and Jasper
  • Navid says he knows Jasper pushed him down the stairs but Jasper says he hurt his head and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Navid says he’ll provde it.
  • Navid finds Adrianna and asks her for help.
  • Navid tells Adrianna he knows it was Jasper who pushed him. She’s shocked and wonders why he would do that.
  • He explains it’s because he told him to stay away from you. But now he can’t prove it. He needs to prove he’s a drug dealer first by having someone come forward.
  • Adrianna says she can’t be the one because she’s still on probation.
  • She asks if she can do it anonymously but he says he can’t go to the administration with an anonymous source. He’s obviously disappointed.
  • Q11: Do you want me to kick your butt with the orange ball or the blue ball?–Debbie
  • Debbie took Dixon out of school to play mini-golf. She’s clearly trying to win him back.
  • She asks him how long he’s going to stay mad at her but he just asks to go home. She says they’re going to play first.
  • Liam tells Annie he owes her an apology for never telling the truth. He explains that he wanted to but Jen threatened him.
  • Jasper walks up, looking threatened himself.
  • Liam apologizes and leaves.
  • Jasper belittles it, saying an apology can’t make it better.
  • Annie says Jen sounds like a sociopath and she’s the reason that all these problems happened and why she’s not friends with him.
  • Q12: “Sometimes I miss–” “What?” “Everything.”–Annie and Jasper
  • Jasper says he’s still here for her and tells her they should go the dance.
  • Q13: “Dances are not your thing.” “Making you happy is my thing.”–Annie and Jasper
  • Dixon is miserably playing mini-golf.
  • Debbie apologizes, saying she was trying to protect him but he needs to apologize, too, for what he said.
  • He says he was mad but she said it was still a low-blow.
  • She recounts when he first moved in with them, he wouldn’t let her in.
  • He explains how hard it was when he first moved in because his new life was so different from his old one.
  • He didn’t understand how he would bond with this white family in surbubia. He planned on leaving as soon as he turned 18.
  • Debbie points out he bonded with Annie first. They reminisce on how much fun they had as siblings.
  • Q14: I think about my life now in Beverly Hills. How I got from here to there, it just never made any sense. One thing I never questioned was that you’re my mom.–Dixon
  • Debbie’s crying and now so am I!
  • That was a really sweet scene and I love hearing abut Dixon’s past and the early years with the Wilsons.
  • Teddy is on the TV screens at school, making his own PSA.
  • Q15: I’m done dating. Totally done. Because I met someone I want to commit to….And I mean it, Silver…If you give me a chance, I promise, I won’t let you down.–Teddy (I missed parts of that, sorry).
  • Teddy comes out mid-speech and finishes in person. He’s carrying flowers and again asks her to go the dance.
  • She tells him to stop, says no and that it’s not going to happen before walking off.
  • It looks like the dance is at the beach club.
  • Liam and Ivy are definitely under-dressed but look happy.
  • Ryan is organizing ticket-holders.
  • He pulls over Liam and apologizes for believing Jen. Liam says it’s okay and he’s just glad it’s over. Ryan agrees but looks sad when he walks away.
  • Jasper and Annie buy tickets from Adrianna. Adrianna looks uncomfortable. Jasper explains they have gym together. Adrianna asks if they’re dating and Jasper says “We sure are.” Annie looks uncomfortable now.
  • Annie looks great. She cut her hair, no?
  • BH90210 had a Winter Dance, too. It marked the beginning of Donna and David!
  • Dixon, Navid and Teddy are all there date-less.
  • Teddy is watching Silver from afar. He comments to Dixon that she looks beautiful and Dixon agrees, clearly getting that loving feeling back.
  • Silver says Naomi is their date.
  • Teddy walks up and asks her for “one dance, between friends.” She reluctantly agrees.
  • What’s her problem? Adrianna? Thinks it’s out of pity? What?
  • Never noticed that Jessica Stroup has a tattoo on the back of her neck.
  • Silver says she can’t leave Naomi for too long but Teddy says she’ll survive.
  • They’re outside and it starts snowing!
  • Ivy and Liam are in the photo booth having a good time. He comes out and spots Naomi across the dance floor. They look longingly at each other and Ivy comes over, ruining the moment.
  • Silver is freaking out about the snow.
  • Teddy says her name and plants a kiss on her. It’s very sweet.
  • Q16: If you can honestly say you didn’t feel anything, I’ll stop trying.–Teddy
  • Again, she says she’s done. She storms off and tells Naomi that he’s an ass. He said it was a friendly dance but it wasn’t.
  • Silver admits to Naomi that she felt something when they kissed but he’s a player.
  • Naomi says he seems he really cares for her and she needs to go for it before the moment passes.
  • Q17: Before he ends up with some she-male with only one pair of shoes.–Naomi
  • Jasper can tell Annie wants to dance but she makes little of it. He says they can and head out to the dance floor, as he says he doesn’t know how to dance. He says he’s never been to a dance before and she says she’s honored to teach him.
  • Q18: With you I can do anything.–Jasper
  • Navid is watching Annie and Jasper dance when Naomi walks up. He tells her Jasper’s a drug dealer and Naomi’s revulsed.
  • She asks if Annie knows and he says she doesn’t believe him. Naomi blames herself–she pushed her away and made sure the whole school alienated her, so it’s no wonder she ended up with Jasper.
  • Navid says he doesn’t know what they can do at this point.
  • Silver goes to find Teddy but before she gets to him, a girl approaches and gives him a big hug.
  • Turns out, the girl is his sister Savannah! He introduces her to Dixon.
  • She came home from boarding school after getting “the saddest texts she’s ever read.”
  • Q19: So who’s this girl who’s breaking your heart?–Savannah
  • Dixon looks uncomfortable.
  • Ivy tells Liam to be “real” to her. She asks if he still has feelings for Naomi. She says she’s not going cry about it but she deserves the truth.
  • Liam admits he does. She does look she’s going to cry!
  • She tells Liam to tell her how he feels but he says Naomi wants nothing to do with her.
  • He apologizes to Ivy but Ivy swears she’s fine.
  • Adrianna is going through a box and finds a bottle of alcohol. Ryan interrupts saying it’s there because he confiscated it.
  • He tells Ade she did a good job and can have her own night now.
  • She leaves and he pours himself some alcohol.
  • Q20: “I’m just saying you’re a good dancer.” “I’m just saying you’re a good liar.”–Annie and Jasper
  • Dixon grabs Annie and says it’s an emergency.
  • Waiting for her is Silver, Naomi and Navid. They say they’re here because they care about her and Jasper’s a bad guy.
  • Annie is instantly POed.
  • Naomi takes responsibility, saying this is her fault for pushing her away.
  • Navid says Japser is a drug dealer and pushed him down the stairs.
  • Annie says this is a rumor they are choosing to believe just like they believed Annie slept with Liam.
  • Navid admits they have no proof–until Adrianna steps in and says she’s bought drugs from him for the last month and she’s willing to come forward.
  • Annie walks off in tears, saying she needs to be alone.
  • Naomi and Silver ask Adrianna if she’s really willing to come forward.
  • She says she is. Jasper’s a bad guy and seeing her with Annie made her realize she needs to do something.
  • Silver says that’s really self-less. She and Naomi hope she doesn’t get suspended. They all promise to talk after the St. Bart’s trip.
  • That scene very much felt like Kelly-Donna-Brenda.
  • Naomi gets a text and says “Oh my god.”
  • Navid tells Adrianna she shouldn’t go to the administration because she’ll get expelled.
  • She says she’s willing to take the risk but he says he’s not. He still cares about her. She looks thrilled.
  • Silver is waiting for a cab, because Naomi had to take care of something.
  • Dixon comes over and they agree it’s been a weird night.
  • He asks her what’s wrong and reminds her that they’re friends.
  • She says the problem is Teddy and Dixon looks quite uncomfortable.
  • She explains Teddy’s been asking her out but she doesn’t know if she should give him a chance. But, she saw him with another girl.
  • Dixon doesn’t say the girl was Savannah and confirms that he’s a player and it’s better she knows now.
  • He adds that Teddy’s his friend but she is amazing and deserves better.
  • Q21: For the life of me, I can’t remember why I ever let you go.–Dixon
  • He kisses her and it is absolutely beautiful.
  • Teddy sees and his sister asks what’s wrong.
  • Q22: That’s the girl I can’t get.–Teddy
  • Silver asks Dixon what the kiss was about and he says he doesn’t know.
  • The cab arrives and she says they should talk when he gets back and she leaves.
  • Dixon comes home and tells Debbie the dance was intense.
  • They agree they’re both happy they got a chance to talk.
  • Dixon says he hasn’t thought about the adoption in a while and Debbie says the same.
  • He said he realizes it’s time he spoke to his birth mom. Debbie is shocked.
  • Liam is in his sketchy garage when Naomi knocks. He’s surprised and let’s her in.
  • She asks what’s under the sheet but he says it’s nothing.
  • She explains Ivy texted her and said she needs to find him because he needed to talk to her.
  • He says he doesn’t and asks what she has to say. She says she asked him first but he refuses.
  • She says she thought he changed but he hasn’t–he’s still private and secretive. He won’t even tell her what’s under the tarp.
  • She’s about to leave and he stops her. He pulls back the tarp and it’s the beginnings of a boat.
  • He says the wilderness program taught him to channel his anger so this is what he does. He used to sail with his dad.
  • Pacey on Dawson’s Creek made a boat as he pined for Joey. That was awesome.
  • Liam apologizes and explains how things went down with Jen. He said he didn’t come clean earlier because he didn’t want to hurt her.
  • Q23: Like you said, I’m private and secretive but I don’t want to be. And if you give me another chance, I won’t be.–Liam
  • They kiss and it’s amazing.
  • Felt very Ryan-Marissa, though.
  • Ivy is in her car crying and looking at the photobooth pictures.
  • Jasper finds Annie outside. He’s been looking for her.
  • She’s still crying.
  • She says she knows he’s a drug dealer and sold to Adrianna.
  • He admits it’s true and said he only sold to people who would buy anyway. And it was to finance the film.
  • Annie says she doesn’t even know who he is anymore.
  • She points out that he also pushed Navid down the stairs.
  • He says he didn’t. He pushed Navid. Then he fell.
  • Annie starts to walk away and tells him to stay away from her. He stops her, saying they’re the same.
  • Q24: I accidentally pushed Navid down the stairs and you accidentally ran over my uncle.–Jasper
  • Fade to black!
  • Preview: Ten things we’ll see when 90210  returns–1) fashion tips, 2) silly quips, 3) Teddy knows that he’s the man, 4) Naomi comes back really thin, 5) a guy fight, 6) a girl fight on the beach, 7) Ryan too drunk to teach, 8 ) boys 9) and girls are going to kiss, showing Dixon and Silver & Liam and Naomi 10) WTF is this, showing Adrianna and Gia kissing

Those are my thoughts. What’s yours?

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