Exclusive: Amber Wallace Talks 90210, Looks Back on One Tree Hill

4 04 2010

Regular TDW readers know what a small world the world of teen dramas is. We see it each week with Six Degrees of Teen Dramas, finding how one actor leads to another. But the best connection is when you need just one actor.

That’s why I was thrilled last December when I spotted Amber Wallace on 90210. Previously seen as Glenda on One Tree Hill, Wallace was introduced on 90210 as Lila, a star reporter for the Blaze. When the show came back from hiatus in early March, we saw Wallace’s role grow.

In our exclusive interview, Wallace and I chatted about her characters on both shows as well as her musical inclinations.

TeenDramaWhore: 90210 viewers first met you in an episode that aired in December [Episode 2.12, Winter Wonderland]. When did you know you would be coming back again?

Amber Wallace: I already knew about the episode with Navid [Michael Steger] and the date [Episode 2.15, What’s Past Is Prologue]. I knew I was going to be in it for, I thought, maybe a couple of episodes. I didn’t realize I was going to be in it for the length that I actually am.

TDW: Wow. So all those episodes back, all those months back, this was technically coming up and we, as viewers, had no idea that the seeds were being planted for this current storyline.

Wallace: Exactly. I think this season they had the writers come in and do this whole outline for the whole thing so they knew what was going to be happening. And, like I said, I thought I was only going to be in a couple of episodes and every time I would go to the script reading, it was like, “Is my character going to be written out this week?”

TDW: But you ended up doing a batch of six.

Wallace: Yes.

TDW: What’s coming up next?

Wallace: The band plays live and everything that goes along with that. That episode is really fun and really cute. Nothing too heartbreaking in that. And then the episode after that, jealousy comes into play.

TDW: It seems that Navid and Lila have the common journalism interest going for them and they remembered they shared a past when they were young. But Navid and Adrianna [Jessica Lowndes] are so different. Do you think opposites attract? Or does Lila have the upper-hand?

Wallace: I don’t know. It really depends. I think when opposites attract, it can be better because things won’t get boring. It kind of adds life to the relationship. You learn things from the other person. Navid and Adrianna, they have such a strong past with the things that they went through, so I think that’s where their bond comes from. But I think it helps to have things to talk about, things in common because that helps with little every day stuff, what you want to do and sharing it with someone else. But it really depends. It can be different.

TDW: Is Lila familiar with everything Adrianna and Navid went through the year before?

Wallace: You know, it never said anything in the script but I made a choice to be aware of most of it. Lila doesn’t run in the same crowd so I don’t think she knows everything that happened but everyone in the school knew that Adrianna was pregnant. I made a choice to have Lila be aware that they went through pretty significant events, regardless of whether I knew exactly what each one of them were. So whether or not Lila knew–weren’t they engaged at one point or something?

TDW: They kind of were.

Wallace: I think that’s something that Lila did not know.

TDW: Coming into this, where you’re playing opposite two characters who have this intricate backstory, did you have to read up on last season or did you watch the episodes or anything?

Wallace: I definitely did. When I found out I was going to be on the show, I went and I got the [first] season and I made sure that I watched all of the episodes. When I was on set, I tried to ask the actors, for the episodes that hadn’t aired yet, “What’s happening? I need to know” and they told me. I think it’s really important to know the [characters] and what’s going on. It can be a little intimidating to go on a set and be a new character and not know anyone, especially when you’re coming between two characters that are so huge in the show so I better have my info straight!

TDW: What’s the deal with you coming back next season? Is it possible?

Wallace: Maybe, yeah. I think it’s one of things where it really depends on how everyone takes Lila, if they like her a lot. It’s one of those things where people need to write in and say, “I really like this character. I’d really like to see her again” and if there’s an overwhelming majority vote on that, then I think it’s a definite possibility that she can come back.

TDW: I can’t interview you and not ask about One Tree Hill, where you played Glenda. Your first episode there was the school shooting [Episode 3.16, With Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept].

Wallace: Right.

TDW: Do you remember what kind of reaction you had when you first read the script for that episode?

Wallace: Well, actually, I was not given the full script for that episode. That episode was very hush-hush because it was so dramatic and so much happened. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I knew that there was a school shooting but I didn’t know who was doing it. Really, I knew what my character knew. I’m stuck in a gym with this girl [Brooke, Sophia Bush] and there’s a shooting going on and we all have to go home. I literally knew what Glenda knew and that kinda helped in the acting. So I had no idea and when I saw the episode, it was so stunning. I felt so honored to be part of something like that. The episode was so beautiful and heartfelt. I cried.

TDW: Were you surprised when the next season came around and they asked you to come back?

Wallace: I was completely surprised and thrilled. I had one scene [Episode 4.04, Can’t Stop This Thing We’ve Started] and I became a goth all of a sudden, which was really funny to me. When we were filming that scene with me and Sophia, they were like, “Oh, we’re going to bring you into wardrobe and get you fitted the next episode.” And I was like, “Next episode? I’m doing another episode?” It was taken episode-by-episode and I wasn’t really sure when I’d be gone. I actually had to turn down an episode. I was asked to be in the finale of that season but I was filming a movie at the time and I couldn’t do it.

TDW: Oh, wow. Did you know what you were going to be doing in the finale?

Wallace: No idea. With that show, I didn’t go to any of the script readings. Sometimes I would get a script and sometimes I wouldn’t. It was a little bit different. The set was kind of different. So I have no idea what I would’ve been doing.

TDW: One of the other episodes you did, though, where you’re paired up with Lucas [Chad Michael Murray], is one of my favorites [Episode 4.13, Pictures of You]. That was a fun episode but there’s such meaning there in the conversations you had, in teaching each other about stereotypes and judging people before you actually know them. Really, you were on for a short amount of time overall, but you took part in two really meaningful, memorable episodes in the series, in  my opinion.

Wallace: Yeah, I guess you’re right. I think it helps that I have a different look from a lot of actresses today. That’s something that I really enjoy because I do tend to play characters that impart that message. It is an important message, not to judge people if they’re different and that people need to be happy with themselves if they are different.

TDW: Going along with that–and I want to word this as respectfully as possible–I’ve seen some comments from people who have said they are thrilled to see Navid with Lila because she’s full-figured. She’s not model-skinny.

Wallace: Curvy, I like to say.

TDW: That’s a great way to put it. The show has gotten criticism in the past for having these lead female characters who are stick-figure thin and now people are refreshed to see this new body type on the show.

Wallace: I’m glad.

TDW: Going back to One Tree Hill for a second, are you still in touch with the cast?

Wallace: No. That’s the funny thing about filming as a recurring character or in a movie or something. You work with people closely for a short amount of time and you do make friends but then you go about your way. I didn’t live in North Carolina. It’s hard to stay in contact with people when you’ve only worked with them for a short amount of time and then you go some place else and your lives go separate ways. I think I’m friends with people on Facebook, maybe, but you never really know who’s actually running their Facebook or who’s running anything.

TDW: Speaking of Facebook, and Twitter, too, I see you’re using them increasingly so to interact with fans. What’s that experience been like?

Wallace: It’s not overwhelming if I’m not really working at the time and people find me with “I really liked your character on this…” Sometimes when an episode, like on Tuesday, airs, you get inundated with messages and it can be a little overwhelming. But it’s really cool. It’s very surreal to have people know who you are from your work. This business is so hard to break into. It’s so hard to get roles and be seen and have people comment on what you do. People are really thrilled when you talk to them. “I can’t believe somebody famous is talking to me!” And I’m like, “What?! Me?!

TDW: You forget that you’re the famous one.

Wallace: Exactly. I’m like, “Uh, I’m thrilled that you’re talking to me!

TDW: Your Twitter handle is AmberBrookeBand. Do you have your own band?

Wallace: I do. I have a band that’s based in Atlanta. When I go back, I try to perform shows and rehearse with them. I’m trying to get them to come out here for month or two so we can book some gigs out in L.A. I’m also writing with another friend, actually this girl Jen, who taught everyone their instruments on 90210. She and I have been writing together. I’m just trying to keep myself creative. I love music.

TDW: In the band on the show, you play the bass, right?

Wallace: Yes.

TDW: Do you play that in real life, too?

Wallace: I don’t. I play guitar in real life, which, obviously, is not the same thing but it helps a lot. Our instructor, Jen, she’s brilliant. She helped me so much. It was a little bit difficult but I think I picked it up pretty quickly.

TDW: What’s next for you?

Wallace: I have some projects possibly on the way. I’m talking to people about that. And then just trying to audition. I just moved to L.A. from Atlanta, when I started filming 90210. I was like, “I’m going to go out and film that, I might as well stay and make the big move and really go for it.” There’s nothing at the moment to talk about, though, but hopefully good things, hopefully more projects. We’ll see.

TDW: Keep us posted!

Come back next Sunday for another exclusive interview!

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Live-Blog: 90210 2.15

23 03 2010

Last Week’s Live-Blog

Keep refreshing this page throughout the show for plot developments, quotes and commentary.

EPISODE 2.15: What’s Past Is Prologue

  • Previously on: Ade kisses Gia to make her ex jealous, Jasper has photos of Annie’s accident, Silver and Teddy seemingly get together despite trust issues, Dixon wants to see his birthmom Dana, who shows up at the house
  • I like the ep title. It’s clever. And feels kind of foreboding.
  • Annie is jogging. At night. Never a good idea.
  • Sure enough, she sees Jasper drive by and gets spooked.
  • Debbie is introducing Dana to Harry. Apparently this picks up right where we left off last week.
  • Everyone seems nervous.
  • Dana explains that Dixon e-mailed him about wanting to visit.
  • She thought about responding but everything she wanted to say sounded better in person.
  • He’s very happy she came.
  • Annie walks in.
  • Dana and Annie are happy to see each other.
  • Debbie and Harry are shocked. They don’t know about last year.
  • Now Dixon and Annie have to explain. Dixon does the talking.
  • Dana apologizes. She thought they knew.
  • Dixon says he didn’t tell them because he didn’t want them to be upset.
  • He confesses that he never got out of the car because he wasn’t ready. But now he is. He thinks this is great.
  • Everyone else still seems nervous.
  • Dana says she’s sorry to intrude and there’s a hotel nearby she can stay at.
  • Dixon says Dana can stay with them.
  • Harry says absolutely. Debbie hesitates and then agrees.
  • Awkward to hear Dixon calls Debbie mom
  • LOL Teddy says the whole point to being in a relationship is to share two dishes at dinner.
  • They’re about to kiss when two girls come over and say hi. She’s turned off.
  • Then his phone rings. Some girl named Amy.
  • He says the girl programmed it in.
  • She says she gets it.
  • The waitress comes over…who, of course, knows him.
  • Overkill, folks! Overkill.
  • Silver purposefully orders what Teddy doesn’t want. LOL
  • Now Dixon and co are about to have dinner.
  • Dana asks to say grace.
  • Dixon volunteers.
  • I just noticed 3 Ds. Dixon, Dana, Debbie. Hmm.
  • Dixon says he hasn’t said grace in a while but it just came right back. They used to say it when he was a little.
  • Dixon says he doesn’t have a lot of memories of their time together but sometimes it comes back out of the blue.
  • Dixon seems so happy.
  • He recounts a memory but Dana changes the subject, asking when they moved to BH.
  • Debbie says how Harry grew up here.
  • Dixon says it was huge culture shock but Annie counters that Dixon fit right in, especially since he’s an athlete.
  • Dixon recalls how he used to play little league and Dana says it was a long time ago.
  • Looks like she doesn’t want to revisit the past.
  • Now we’re at Navid’s house. Presumably his home theater. Lila walks in.
  • He is watching anti-drug PSAs because he has to make one, as per Principal Harry.
  • Why is Lila visiting him at home?
  • Oh, to give him the new edition of the Blaze.
  • She warns him that it includes Naomi’s first segment.
  • She admits it’s worse than awful.
  • He hits play. (I can’t believe this is what the Blaze has evolved into.)
  • Naomi starts out by calling everyone West Bevers. LOL
  • She says her segments will be hot and spicy, and immediately goes into a blind item about a new couple at school.
  • And then a rant about hooking up in public. (Um, didn’t she used to, too?)
  • The segment is supposedly 7 minutes long. Navid and Lila agree to put an end to it.
  • Cut to Silver complaining to Naomi about Teddy.
  • Naomi says how Teddy is a player.
  • Silver says she needs to get comfortable with Teddy’s past.
  • Naomi says Silver is stronger than her because she would always be wondering about when he’s going to cheat.
  • She suggests Silver monitor his cell phone and e-mails, and follow him occasionally. LOL
  • Annie is putting out the trash when she hears a noise.
  • She looks around, sees nothing and goes inside.
  • But the camera pans around to Jasper, in his car, playing with a lighter.
  • 10 minutes in and I haven’t picked one quote yet. Hm.
  • The promos tell me Carter from The O.C. will be on Melrose Place tonight.
  • Dixon says dinner was the worst ever. Annie says it wasn’t that bad.
  • He says this was a mistake. Every time he tried to connect with his mom, she changes the subject.
  • He says he doesn’t know want to call her either.
  • Annie suggests spending time alone with her. She says he has to try because he’s waited too long not to.
  • Debbie asks Harry about the saying grace thing from the night before. She wants to know if Dana was judging them.
  • Harry says no.
  • But Debbie says they’re not coming off like good parents because they didn’t know Annie and Dixon took the trip last year.
  • Harry says they probably didn’t want to make them feel threatened. And they’re not. They have to let Dixon know they’re comfy.
  • Debbie sorta kinda agrees.
  • Teddy, Dixon and Liam have just finished surfing.
  • They’re joking around when Dixon notices his car is totally missing from the parking lot.
  • Ade and Gia are in the car. She starts singing along with the radio or whatever it is they’re listening to.
  • A song about some girl named Joleen. Jolene? Joline?
  • Gia says Ade has an amazing voice.
  • Ade ignores that and says if Gia has stuff to do with the Blaze, she’ll wait for her.
  • Gia calls her out on wanting to see Navid.
  • Ade admits it’s true. She says it’s because Navid almost got expelled for her.
  • Gia wants details.
  • She explains how she spoke to Navid and Navid said how he planted the drugs to take Jasper down.
  • And, she says, he wants to take Jasper down because he was selling her drugs.
  • Q1: How the hell am I supposed to get over a guy like that?–Ade
  • Gia says she’ll get over it when she meets someone else. Gia says that happened to her.
  • Ade is shocked and pleased to hear Gia has a crush and wants details but Gia isn’t divulging.
  • Now the guys are at school. Dixon is upset about his car still.
  • Navid comes over. They’re happy to see him back.
  • Liam says being suspended is like a vacation.
  • Q2: My mother says I urinated on the legacy of my ancestors.–Navid
  • Navid says he’s happy to be back because he can’t “destroy” Jasper from home.
  • The guys say it won’t be fruitful.
  • Navid says he needs to get Jasper back for dealing to Ade.
  • He then back tracks and tries to say it’s also about revenge for Jasper pushing him down the stairs.
  • Q3: Maybe this is less about Jasper and more about the feelings you still have for Adrianna.–Dixon
  • Navid says that’s not true.
  • They point out he hasn’t even looked at another girl since he and Ade broke up months ago.
  • Navid swears he’s going to ask someone out soon.
  • Silver is doing work with Teddy beside her.
  • She accuses Teddy of copying her and asks what she’s getting in return. He kisses her.
  • But then he says BRB, leaving his computer.
  • And of course some girl IMs him. Or e-mails, sorry. It’s Amy. Saying she can’t wait to see him.
  • Silver X-es out right before Teddy comes back. And gives her another kiss.
  • He seems kind of adoring.
  • Still at school. Navid and Lila are having fun editing Naomi’s segment. They’re piecing her words together (ala what Clare, David and Donna did in season 5 of BH90210) to create new sentences.
  • Navid asks Lila if she wants to have dinner sometime. He’s adorably awkward.
  • She’s taken by surprise but agrees. Just as adorably awkwardly.
  • Gia shows Ade a flyer for auditions for a lead vocalist for The Gloria Steinems.
  • LMAO at the name.
  • Gia says the band is made up of students and they are “rad.”
  • Gia says Ade has a great voice and needs something to help her over Navid.
  • Ade agrees she does need to get over him but a band won’t help. She thanks Gia for trying and calls her a great friend.
  • Gia looks disappointed.
  • Debbie is finishing yoga. With Kai.
  • He offers water. What, she didn’t bring her own?
  • Q4: Can I get it with a shot of tequila?–Debbie
  • Kai asks her what’s wrong.
  • And she immediately opens up! What?! Who does that?!
  • She explains how her son’s birthmother came home.
  • He asks how it’s going.
  • Debbie explains she’s not true how Dixon is going.
  • But Kai meant how is she doing.
  • She says she’s trying not feel threatened.
  • Kai asks her point-blank if she is.
  • SHe admits she is a little bit.
  • Kai says those feelings are valid.
  • And how would he know? Background would help. Fleshed-out characters would help.
  • Silver is telling Naomi how she just started dating Teddy and already it appears he’s dating.
  • She can’t bring it up to him because it would reveal she was snooping.
  • Naomi suggests they send someone he doesn’t know to the coffee shop to spy.
  • They see Gia and tell her they need a favor.
  • Cut to Gia acting suspiciously awkward at the coffee shop, hiding behind a magazine.
  • Not The Peach Pit, mind you.
  • We know it’s “Amy” there because the barista calls her by name.
  • She’s kind of hot.
  • Gia texts Silver that there’s good news–no sign of Teddy.
  • And then he walks in. Of course.
  • They enthusiastically hug.
  • She calls him “babe.”
  • Uht oh. Another sister?
  • Gia is still eavesdropping. She sits at the next table.
  • Amy tells Teddy he’s been AWOL.
  • And her parents are out of town and their house is available.
  • Teddy explains he’s dating someone.
  • She says she’s not going to tell and he doesn’t have to tell.
  • Q5: I really like this girl. I want to give this whole monogamy thing a try.–Teddy
  • Amy asks why he came then.
  • He says it was a mistake and gets up to leave.
  • She says she can try monogamy but it’s not who he is and it won’t work.
  • He’ll says we’ll see and leaves. She’s kind of dumb-founded.
  • Navid is at the Beach Club waiting for Lila.
  • He is wearing a red and white striped shirt and a blue and white checkered tie. Umm…
  • He tells Lila she looks great. She’s wearing a blue cheetah print.
  • What is going on, Frank Helmer?!
  • They go to have dinner.
  • They start to bond over the things their parents made them do: cotillion, the Quadratic equation (er, forumla, folks) and learning the Fox Trot.
  • Apparently they were Fox Trot partners. But Navid doesn’t remember.
  • They laugh it off.
  • Q6: So, I guess, technically, this is our second date.–Lila
  • He agrees with a smile. They’re kind of cute. I think I like her.
  • Dixon is at a sports bar with his mom. They’re watching basketball.
  • She asks what the score is.
  • He asks if she’s into sports. She says Celtics and Pistons.
  • She admits she gambles online to make the games more exciting.
  • Dixon is taken aback. He says he’s surprised.
  • She says they’re getting to know each other.
  • Q7: Do you want to get to know me?–Dixon
  • She says of course. Why else would she be there?
  • He says that last night was weird, with her changing the subject.
  • She says she remembers everything from the past.
  • She explains how one of the memories he brought was actually a product of one of her manic episodes and that’s why she didn’t say anything. She didn’t want the Wilsons to think she’s a worse mom than they already do.
  • Dixon says they wouldn’t think that. She couldn’t handle it and gave him up to someone who could.
  • Dixon says his parents are probably glad they have him.
  • Q8: ‘Cause, you know, I am quite the prize.–Dixon
  • Post-dinner, Navid and Lila are still hanging out at the club. They are joking around in a flirty-way about Navid’s poor dating skills.
  • He wants a chance at a third date.
  • Q9: Prepare to be swept away.–Navid
  • She confesses that when he asked her out, she thought he was doing it to get over Adrianna.
  • He admits that was motivating him. But now he realizes he likes her and wants another chance to go out again.
  • She’s sold.
  • And they kiss. It’s really innocent and sweet.
  • Ade and Gia are walking on the beach, giggling and whatnot.
  • Ade has 20 questions to guess Gia’s crush.
  • But the fun ends when she spies Navid and Lila kissing.
  • She’s very upset.
  • She asks what’s wrong with herself. She knew this would happen eventually.
  • She repeats that she has to get over him.
  • Gia points out that the band auditions are still going on.
  • Ade says she’ll try anything now. (Not drugs, Ade. Not drugs!)
  • Gia puts an arm around her and they walk off.
  • No Ivy so far. And no Naomi and Liam together. And I am so okay with that.
  • Ade is now auditioning. I don’t know what song it is. Is that bad?
  • She’s singing a capella and killing it. She is talented.
  • Oh, it’s that Joleen song. Jolene? Joline?
  • Gia is there. As are two other band members. Female, obviously. (Gloria Steinems and all.)
  • She finishes. Gia says she was good and they start to leave.
  • The band members stop her. They say they won’t hold call backs because she’s in. She blew them away.
  • Annie and Silver and Naomi are Crumbs. I love Crumbs!
  • Annie and Naomi are discussing how cupakes are so much betterthan cake.
  • Silver is bummed.
  • Naomi says she should be happy. Teddy didn’t cheat.
  • Silver says but she did send someone to spy on him. She didn’t trust him. That’s terrible.
  • Annie and Naomi say it’s done and they should move on.
  • Annie says sometimes people mess upa nd they need to move on.
  • She goes to throw somethin gout and spies Jasper sitting at another table.
  • She tells the girls they need to leave immediately.
  • Silver asks if he’s stalking her. Annie says she doesn’t want to talk about it. They leave.
  • Debbie asks Harry if she should txt Dixon because he should be home by now.
  • Harry says it’s fine.
  • But Debbie says maybe she’ll wait. Give him and Dana timd.
  • Phone rings. Bad news.
  • Debbie assumes it has to do with Dixon.
  • Not really. Cops found the car downtown, completely ruined.
  • Dana and Dixon come in laughing.
  • They apologize for it being late and say they had a good time.
  • Dana is going to walk Dixon upstairs. Aw.
  • Harry says to Debbie that all went well and she worried for nothing.
  • She says that her feelings are “valid” and it would be nice if her husband understood that.
  • Dixon is in his room. He goes on the computer to ByTheBookie.com. He clicks “Yes, I am over 18.”
  • He seemed to know that site already. No Google search or anything.
  • FYI all: Brandon had a sports gambling addiction in season 3 of Beverly Hills 90210, while he was in high school as well. It briefly resurfaced in season 6 while he was in college.
  • Ade arrives at rehearsal. One of the other band members, not one from last night, is kind of punk-goth-y. She starts to give Ade grief but then says they’re cool.
  • Lila walks in, late apparently. She is the bass player.
  • Ade and Lila are introduced. But haven’t they met already? Awkward, anyway.
  • Navid tells Liam and Dixon that he had a hot date last night with Lila.
  • Q10: Cool enough for you to move off your whole Jasper vendetta?–Dixon
  • Navid surprises himself and says yes. He realizes his vendetta did have to do with Ade.
  • Ade is freaking out to Gia. She joined the band to get over Navid but now has to work with his new girl.
  • Q11: Every day I’m going to be reminded of what I lost.–Ade
  • Gia snaps. She doesn’t want to hear about Navid anymore.
  • Ade apologizes for talking about him so much.
  • Gia says that’s not it.
  • Q12: I like you. The problem is I like you, okay?!–Gia
  • She’s practically crying.
  • Teddy and Silver are talking when she says she needs to tell him something.
  • She admits she read his e-mails, the message from Amy.
  • Teddy says nothing happened.
  • She admits she knows that because she sent her friend Gia to spy.
  • The brilliant Teddy says, “You spied on me?” Why do people always say that in these scenarios?
  • Silver says his past was making her feel insecure and she didn’t know if she could trust him.
  • But, she says, it doesn’t matter. She was wrong and it’ll never happen again because she knows she can trust him.
  • Q13: That’s great. But the thing is, now I don’t know if I can trust you.–Teddy
  • He says he needs space and despite Silver’s protests, walks away.
  • I feel like we’ve see this way too many times on shows. It just seems like such an easy storyline to do.
  • Jasper walks up to Annie and offers her a ride.
  • She tells him to stop stalking her.
  • He doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
  • She says she’s seen him.
  • Jasper says he’s just trying to help.
  • He says he got rid of the one piece of evidence linking her to the crime. THE CAR!
  • Q14: See, I’m just looking out for you.–Jasper
  • Close-up on Annie’s freaked-out face.
  • Fade to black.
  • Preview: The voiceover says “The censors forbid us from exploiting this storyline” and it shows Gia and Ade looking at each other. “So if you can’t say this” and Ade says to Silver and Naomi “I’m having these feelings for a girl. Does that mean I’m gay?” Then  the voiceover continues, “Or if you can’t talk about this.” And Naomi says, “A little lady-lady action might be just the thing for you” and then Ade and Gia lean into kiss as the voiceover says “You’ll have to watch to see this.” So much for not exploiting! (I know, I know. It was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek.)

Those are my thoughts. What’s yours?

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