Live-Blog: 90210 2.14

16 03 2010

Last Week’s Live-Blog

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EPISODE 2.14: Girl Fight

  • Previously on: Teddy says he wants to be with Silver, Silver sees him hugging a girl, Dixon meets Teddy’s sister, Dixon tells Silver Teddy is a player, Dixon tells Teddy he and Silver aren’t over, Liam and Naomi reunite, Dixon wants to seek out his birthmom (again), Annie knows Jasper knows her secret, Navid tries to take down Jasper and ends up taking himself down instead
  • Ade, Naomi and Silver are shopping. Yay they’re still friends again!
  • Ade is waiting to hear from Navid.
  • He was suspended due to the drugs
  • She’s very concerned for him.
  • And concerned that he doesn’t know she cares.
  • They tell her it will be okay and at least he wasn’t expelled.
  • They run into a seemingly happy Annie and ask her to join them.
  • Naomi is looking for an LGD: little gold dress. LOL
  • They urge her to come but she turns them down.
  • Jasper walks up and now they know why she won’t come.
  • They leave and Annie’s attitude turns sour.
  • Jasper says she said she would give him a chance.
  • She says she is trying.
  • He says he wants things to be the way they used to be and asks her to come over tomorrow night.
  • She says no, and he slams the table.
  • He says he’s sick of her attitude.
  • Q1: And we had a deal. And you know what’s at stake.–Jasper
  • She agrees to come over.
  • At school, Dixon walks up to Silver.
  • Silver says they should talk.
  • This must be a dream.
  • She says she wants to get back together.
  • Camera is kind of slow-mo and revolving around then.
  • They kiss. It’s kind of hot.
  • And Dixon wakes up.
  • Yep, I called it.
  • Dixon comes into the kitchen, very chipper.
  • Debbie, Harry and Annie notice.
  • Dixon says he woke up with a good feeling and something he’s been worried about is going to work out.
  • Debbie asks if this has to do this his mom.
  • He says no, she hasn’t e-mailed him back.
  • But he says it’s okay and things will only get better.
  • How did he get her e-mail? Hm.
  • Dixon now sees Silver in school, kind of like the dream he had.
  • And she says they should talk.
  • But that’s where the similarities end.
  • She wants to be friends.
  • Dixon asks if she’s still into Teddy, then.
  • Q2: It’s not like an either or thing. Teddy or Dixon…I don’t feel that way about anymore you–or right now.–Silver
  • Ouch. We all know how that feels.
  • She says she likes having him back in her life and wants it to stay that way.
  • He says it will.
  • I have no idea what is up with the curls on her head.
  • Liam and Naomi are in the cafeteria and the awkwardness continues!
  • They don’t seem to get when the other one is joking versus being sincere.
  • Naomi says she did some reading about boats and they start to bond, kind of.
  • But Ivy interrupts, throwing food at him.
  • And he instantly gets up and has a mini-food fight with her.
  • Naomi is kind of flabbergasted and POed. I would be, too. That was a major flirt-sesh!
  • Ivy leaves and Liam tries to play it down.
  • Naomi runs after Ivy.
  • Naomi just called Ivy “Ives” LOL
  • She asks if she’s over Liam.
  • Ivy says she is, of course, since she pushed them back together.
  • Naomi says she needs help with Liam. They have chemistry in the bedroom but it’s not working out of it.
  • She says she sees them interact and wants that. How can she get it?
  • Ivy says she doesn’t know how to help since she’s not with them.
  • Naomi then suggests they all hang out together. Great idea, Naomi. ::rolls eyes::
  • Naomi can be so smart sometimes and ridiculous dumb other times.
  • Ivy is taken aback but then (I guess) a plan comes to mind and she agrees.
  • Annie goes to Jasper’s. You can tell she’s part-nervous, part-disgusted.
  • He says his parents are away and they have the whole house to themselves. Sketch!
  • He says he knows what their problem is. They’re not connecting…intimately.
  • Q3: If we have sex, you’ll remember how magical things were between us.–Jasper
  • She says no and he asks her when she means.
  • She reiterates and he says she has to…give them a chance.
  • Q4: “Are you saying if I don’t have sex with you, you’re going to go to the police?” “Don’t be vulgar, Annie. I just want what’s good for both of us. I just want us to have a real chance.”–Annie and Jasper
  • He kisses her and she cringes. And so I.
  • They’re still kissing. He moves her to the bed.
  • She pushes him away, starts to cry and says she can’t have sex with him or be in a relationship with him.
  • Q5: If that means you have to go the police, then you have to go to the police.–Annie
  • He says she doesn’t mean that but she says she does.
  • She says that if he really loves her like he claims, he won’t go to the police because his chance at being with her will be gone.
  • Good point.
  • I doubt that will stop him, though.
  • He does let her leave.
  • Oh, look, it’s Ryan! He’s still around!
  • He stops Naomi as she leaves class.
  • Q6: The similarities between my paper and the Wikipedia entry are completely coincidental.–Naomi
  • Oh, Naomi. LOL
  • Ryan says that’s not it. He wants to know if she’s doing okay, post-Jen.
  • She says she is.
  • He says he has some of her stuff but Naomi says to dump it.
  • Ryan says Naomi is here if she needs to talk.
  • Naomi asks how he is, since Jen used him to. She was only with him to make herself look more compassionate to rich men.
  • Apparently this new to Ryan. (Um, how?)
  • He’s looks, and I imagine, feels very rejected now. (And how did he feel before?)
  • Adrianna goes over to Gia and asks how she is.
  • Gia brings up Navid and Ade says she hasn’t heard from him but it’s better not to think about it.
  • Q7: When I pass Navid, it feels like I can’t breathe.–Ade
  • Gia talks about seeing her ex, Alexa, and they debate who is most miserable. Gia wins.
  • Their chat is actually kinda of cute. Hmmm.
  • Liam, Ivy and Naomi are going for a hike or something.
  • Naomi says she loves the outdoors and Liam is surprised.
  • He leads the way and Ivy apologizes for picking this activity. But we know she did it purposefully./
  • Naomi is still excited.
  • Silver and Dixon are dining somewhere. The beach club? The Peach Pit? (Cough) Must be the beach club.
  • They are kind of bonding.
  • Silver asks
  • Q8: It’s cool. I’m kind of used to being rejected.–Dixon
  • Silver sees Teddy with the girl from the dance and surmises they’re still dating.
  • She asks Dixon what she’s like and Dixon says she doesn’t really know.
  • Silver notes how friendly Teddy and her seem.
  • Dixon suggests they leave.
  • But Teddy’s sister, Savannah, has walked up!
  • Q9: I think you’re making a huge mistake rejecting a guy like my brother.–Savannah
  • Silver is shocked, of course.
  • Teddy is mortified and pulls Savannah away, apologizing.
  • But first, Savannah says goodbye to Dixon by name.
  • And Silver realizes Dixon knew who she was all along and lied about it.
  • Q10: What kind of friend are you?!–Silver
  • She takes over.
  • The “threesome” is hiking.
  • Naomi is clearly exhausted. And a mess.
  • I think Ivy is in jeans. LOL
  • Ivy tries to “warn” Naomi about poison ivy (ha!) but confuses her so she falls.
  • Liam comes to the rescue, though.
  • Naomi sends him to some what.
  • Q11: I’m on to you.–Naomi
  • She says it’s clear Ivy still likes Liam.
  • Q12: You’re too much of a coward to admit it.–Naomi
  • Ivy says she’s not.
  • Naomi challenges her to come clean.
  • Ivy says fine, and admits it. She still likes Liam.
  • Q13: And you guys suck as a couple.–Ivy
  • Naomi tells Ivy to stay away from him.
  • Ivy says that will be hard, since they’re on the same surf team.
  • Q14: “It’s gonna be hard for me not to take you down.” “I’d like to see you try.” “Oh, honey. You have no idea what you’re up against.”–Naomi and Ivy
  • Gossip Girl promo…with a scene from last night. Odd.
  • Dixon sees Teddy studying and asks to join him.
  • He says he has something to tell him.
  • He confesses Silver was into him at the Winter Wonderland dance but when she saw him with Savannah, he thought he was dating her.
  • Teddy is really happy to know Silver was into her. He lights up. Awww.
  • Dixon continues…he purposefully let Silver think Teddy and Savannah were dating and then he kissed her.
  • Q15: “What the hell, bro?!” “Yeah. You should punch me.”–Dixon
  • Q16: “I’ve been rejected by Silver. I’ve been rejected by my birth mom. I failed a math test I studied for for three freakin’ hours. But none of those excuses are good enough. So you should punch me.”–Dixon
  • And Teddy does! Very hard! In the stomach.
  • Dixon, out of breathe, admits he deserved it.
  • Ade tells Gia she loves P.S. I Love You, The Notebook and Love Story. (I love the latter two. Haven’t seen the former.)
  • Alexa interrupts, asking Gia to call her later. Gia agrees.
  • Ade suggests maybe she wants to get back together, that that’s a good thing.
  • Gia doubts it.
  • Annie is leaving school and finds an envelope on her car.
  • Inside are pictures of her damaged car. Yikes.
  • Jasper appears, saying they were hard to find.
  • But he did, tracking down her insurance company. OOOhhkay.
  • Q17: “Is this a threat?” “No. It’s a present.” “You win.” “We’ll get back together?” “No. If you want me to confess, I’ll tell them.”–Annie and Jasper
  • (I may have gotten that last part of the quote wrong. Sorries!)
  • On the beach, so the girl friend must be coming up! (It’s been way too advertised…aka pimped.)
  • Naomi is delicately spreading a towel and then reveals a hot bikini, calling out to Liam.
  • He’s in the water. He doesn’t look as happy as he should.
  • Ivy passes by.
  • Naomi makes fun of she looks.
  • Ivy retaliates, saying she’s going into the water…with Liam.
  • Naomi says she’ll be waiting for him…all oiled up. TMI, Naomi!
  • Teddy goes up to Silver, saying Dixon told him everything.
  • Silver says she knows her mistake about Savannah.
  • She apologizes for assuming the worst and then overreacting–and for kissing Dixon.
  • He says it’s okay, he doesn’t care about that anymore. Instead, he wants to know what she was going to tell him at the dance.
  • He surmises that she wanted to get together.
  • She admits that’s true.
  • He suggests they pick up right where they left off, then.
  • Silver says no. She thought he was a player and he probably is, seeing that he’s been with two girls since the dance.
  • Q18: How much can you like me if you were able to move on so quickly?–Silver
  • Very interesting question. Different answer for different people.
  • Woah, Silver has a Vespa? (And funky goggles/glasses) Since when?!
  • She takes off. Teddy seems hurt/disappointed.
  • I have totally felt for him throughout this whole thing. I love this side of him. And I want them together!
  • Ryan is at a bar, grading papers. Strange. But so he is.
  • A woman is next to him, pointing out that it is indeed strange.
  • He admits it’s been a rough couple of weeks.
  • She introduces herself as Laurel.
  • She’s dressed hippie-ish but looks quite a bit older than him. (And, due to spoilers, we already know who this person is…)
  • Liam comes over to Naomi.
  • She has food for him.
  • Ivy walks up, asks for some. Naomi just smiles.
  • Liam says this is nice of her.
  • The coach calls Liam away.
  • Naomi kicks sand Ivy’s way “accidentally.”
  • Ivy “accidentally” hits Naomi with her surf board.
  • And you know what happens next…
  • Q19: “I’m gonna kill you!” “Get the hell of me, you crazy bitch!”–Naomi and Ivy
  • They’re still fighting, post-commercial break.
  • It’s quite amusing.
  • Liam notices, runs over, calls Naomi’s name and pulls her off.
  • More concerned for her? Or Ivy?
  • Liam asks what’s going on.
  • Naomi yells that Ivy has been trying to break them up.
  • Ivy denies it.
  • Naomi reiterates, saying she never should’ve asked Ivy for help because…
  • Q20: She’s not the problem. We are the problem! I wouldn’t have had to ask that she-devil for help if it wasn’t so awkward between us.–Naomi
  • She’s still yelling, btw.
  • Q21: I’m done. This is me, Liam.–Naomi
  • She says how she’s not interested in boats or nature or anything.
  • Q22: If you ever, ever think I’m going on another hike again, you’re out of your freakin’ mind.–Naomi
  • Q23: And if you don’t like me for who I am, that’s just too damn bad.–Naomi
  • She yelled/cried through all of it. Very raw. Well done, AnnaLynne!
  • She runs off.
  • Ivy suppresses a smile.
  • Liam’s gaze is still following Naomi. I can’t really tell what he’s thinking! Stunned? Pissed? Sad?
  • Ryan and Laurel are bonding/flirting.
  • Apparently Laurel has slept with a few rock stars.
  • She asks him why he’s drinking on a school night.
  • Q24: “I’m guessing you just got dumped. Or your indie rock band just broke up.” “I don’t have an indie rock band.”–Lauren and Ryan
  • That was pretty funny and then pretty sad.
  • She touches his head and I missed what she said. Darn.
  • Gia asks Alexa (Alexis? I’ve already forgotten!) what she wants. They are outside somewhere.
  • Alexa says she misses Gia and wants another shot.
  • Ryan and Laurel are getting it on in a car.
  • Ade is watching Love Story in her room. It’s going to make me cry!
  • Ade is crying, too.
  • Gia interrupts, asking if there’s room for one more at Ade’s pity party.
  • Ade asks about Alexa, thinking she wanted to get back together.
  • Gia says, no, she just wanted to give her her stuff back.
  • Ade says she’s very sorry or something like that.
  • Q25: Okay, we are starting this over. Be prepared to cry.–Adrianna
  • She’s not kidding, either, folks!
  • Gia brought tissues and snacks with her, lol.
  • They seem very at ease with each other.
  • Annie is trying to compose a latter to her parents, telling them her secret.
  • She writes how on prom night she accidentally killed a man.
  • And–boom–Jasper is in her open window!
  • She’s freaked. And, once again, so am I!
  • Jasper climbs in.
  • Annie asks what he’s doing there.
  • He says he’s not going to turn her in. He rather have a chance of being with her again someway.
  • Q26: I love you too much. If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, then it’s yours. Just come back to me Annie, okay?–Jasper
  • He leaves.
  • Annie deletes the document (not realizing it automatically saved already…hm) and she’s, like, crying tears of joy and relief.
  • Naomi is just finishing a massage at the beach club. As the masseuse leaving, Liam comes in.
  • Naomi says he didn’t need to come over and break up with her in person.
  • Liam kisses her. Intensely. Hotly.
  • See folks, that’s what they have! Intense, hot sexual chemistry.
  • Q27: So, girl fights turn you on?–Naomi
  • Liam says he’s been feeling distant since they got back together.
  • He says she’s been so polite and unlike the girl he fell for.
  • She says she just wanted things to be so perfect that she ended up not being herself.
  • Q28: The girl that I fell for is ballsy and opinionated and sure of herself. And today I finally saw her again.–Liam
  • I totally got Ryan Atwood vibes there! Matt was sooo Ben-like in his delivery. Anyone agree?
  • They start to get it on. Great. So much for showing they truly are more than that.
  • Liam may like those things about Naomi but it’s hard to believe because we rarely see her being that in front of him. We rarely see them doing anything beside sexing, pining or fighting.
  • Ivy is on the beach with a blonde woman.
  • I thought it was Jen for a sec and was typing OMFG but then I saw it’s Laurel. Her mom. (Which I knew.)
  • Laurel feels bad that Ivy struck out with Liam.
  • She offers Ivy pot. LOL
  • Ivy turns it down, saying her mom should stop that.
  • Q29: “I’m cool.” “You are cool. And Liam’s an idiot. Which is why he and Naomi deserve each other. You know, Mick Jagger was an idiot, too. Why he chose Jeri Hall (?), we’ll never know.”–Ivy and Laurel
  • Naomi, Ade, Silver and Annie are having dinner together!!!
  • Aw, I’ve missed this! This show really needs more of a cohesive gang.
  • They’re all having fun together.
  • Naomi says she is now looking for the perfect LSD: little sequined dress, because boys like shiny things.
  • Annie says she is happy for her and Liam. Naomi genuinely says thank you. Aw, guys!
  • Naomi says she’s got bruises but she’s happy with her fish. LOL
  • Silver says her fish may be a player.
  • Naomi says Silver won’t know unless she tries.
  • I think I spotted Jasper watching them from afar.
  • Teddy is on the tennis court, violently hitting balls.
  • Silver walks onto the court. Cue the coda music. LOL
  • Q30: “I don’t want to be with you.” “Yeah, you made that pretty clear.” ‘No, I want to be with you. I don’t want to want to be with you.” “What are you saying?” “I’m scared. I like you a lot. I want to trust you. But I don’t. So I’m scared.” “So what do we do now?”
  • She kind of runs up and kisses him. It’s really sweet. And kind of melts my heart.
  • Q31: You better not hurt me.–Silver
  • They kiss some more. Yayness.
  • Why isn’t it ending there?!
  • Dixon, Debbie and Harry are watching Jeopardy.
  • Harry gets the question right.
  • I’m not sure why we’re watching this.
  • Harry gets another question right.
  • Again, why are we watching this?
  • Oh, here’s why. The doorbell rings.
  • (In case you cared, Dixon and Debbie realize they’re watching a TiVoed ep so Harry has seen it before and that’s how he knows the answers. Because no show has ever done that before!)
  • Dixon goes to get the door and it’s his birth mom!
  • He’s shocked. Are you? I’m guessing…not.
  • Q32: “You’re here.” “I’m here.”–Dixon and his birthmom
  • Debbie comes over, to see who’s there. And she is doubly-shocked.
  • Fade to black.
  • Preview: If you date a player, you gotta play he game. Silver is jealous/POed about girls hanging around Teddy.

Those are my thoughts. What’s yours?



14 responses

16 03 2010

So happy Dixon told Teddy and that Teddy/Silver are together now. The whole Liam/Naomi/Ivy in the woods thing was too funny. I definitely had flashbacks to The Parent trap.. haha.

and Ryan’s back! I missed him. and why they needed to show us them getting it on in the car i do not know. But I definitely thought she was Jen when she was sitting with Ivy.

and I didn’t think that Liam sounded like Ben when I was watching it but when I read what you said I went back and watched it and you are so right. and I love it.

Jasper got wayyyy creepy. way way wayyy creepy. and im assuming he’s only gonna get more creepy. but i did kinda ffeel for him when he said “just come back to me” or something along those lines.

16 03 2010

Teddy- Got to go!
Dixon- I hate that they are making him a liar
Dixon’s mom- Glad she is back
Jasper- Needs to be taken down because he is weird and crazy
Silver- Has done a complete 180 since season 1
Adrianna- I like her and Gia but not Rumor as Gia
Gia- Like the character, not liking Rumor as Gia
Naomi- Annoying but the fight was funny
Ivy- Awesome and the fight was funny
Ryan- Needs to have more dramatic storylines but I’m liking him.
Laurel- Ivy’s mom/twin lol she’s cool
Annie- Needs to take Jasper down and hang with her friends more
Core 4 girls at the end (soon to be 5) – LOVED IT!! Reminded me of the house party episode when they were all drinking and having a slumber party

16 03 2010

haha @Wes your comment about Jasper was funny. and I completely agree with you about Silver…i’ve noticed that too. I don’t care too much about it because i like Teddy/Silver and i feel like season 1 was 2 seasons ago. anyone else feel like we’re in season 3?

I’m not liking Rumer as Gia either…she just seems really stiff? idk if that’s the right word.

16 03 2010

Goodness this is why I live this show so much!!!! It was intense and funny!!! Dixons mom shows up looking well put together!!! But has she really changed??? And that message saved for a reason!!! It’s gonna come back on Annie in a major way} really wish shed confess and face the music} at least creep would move on!!!

Btw…. So excited Shenae gotta Twitter….. Finally 😉

17 03 2010

Yeah it does seem like we are already in season 3 for some reason lol probably because of the 2-3 months hiatus! I think i would really like Teddy if Trevor didn’t look so old.

Did anyone else notice that Gia, Teddy, Annie, and Adrianna were all in Dixon’s dream?

17 03 2010
Brandon M

Alright, so I actually enjoyed this episode. These are my only complaints: The Ryan stuff bored me as usual and I still think the character and all of his scenes outside of West Bev feel completely out of place. I was hoping for a little more rising action in the Debbie storyline after Kelly pointed out Kai being into Debbie in the previous episode. I’m still not feeling the Adrianna/Gia storyline but I keep comparing it to Alex and Marissa (The OC) and I really need to stop making comparisons.

I think my biggest problem with 90210 right now is the lack of continuity with storylines between episodes. It’s there with some storylines, but I think they could do a better job with it in some places.

Anyways, thanks for your review 🙂

17 03 2010

Lexy: I’m glad Dixon ‘fessed up. He could’ve let Silver do it for him but manned up and told Teddy the truth. I wasn’t expecting that. From a practical standpoint, I can see why the show didn’t drag it out longer: they wrapped that up to start/focus on the story with his birthmom. Lexy, you are so right about The Parent Trap comparison! Lots of movie themes last night. As far as why they showed Ryan and Laurel getting it on, it’s because the storyline will continue. (Or did you mean why did they show it in a car? lol) Glad you saw the Liam/Ryan comparison. It’s happened before–last time was probably 2.12–but I was still kind of caught off-guard. Ditto on your Jasper, thoughts! In some ways it does feel like season 1 was ridiculously long ago (and in some ways it was). Not sure if that’s good or bad.

Wes: Thanks for such an entertaining response! I like how you broke it down and, although I didn’t agree with all of it, what you wrote for each. Made me laugh. I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised by Rumer’s acting in this storyline. I wasn’t digging her earlier this season but I think she’s pulling it off well now. Silver has changed a lot from season 1. I wouldn’t say the change is unrealistic–I think she’s just grown up a bit and sometimes that leads to a change in personality–but I do miss some of her spunk and spark. What did you mean when you said core 4 girls soon to be 5? Were you referring to Ivy? Your Teddy complain–that he looks old and perhaps that’s why you don’t like him–is one I’ve seen from a few people and it makes sense. Kinda makes me wonder about the casting directors, even though I do like Trevor and I do like Teddy. I did not notice anyone but Silver in Dixon’s dream! Interesting!

Gin79: I was trying to remember if Dixon’s mom looked that well put together last season. I’ll have to check out that live-blog or look it up on YouTube later. Oh, yes, that document totally had to be saved for a reason and I look forward to seeing that play out. I like when shows drop little hints like that. But it can suck if you happen to turn your head for that one second or something and miss it. That definitely happens to me sometimes, especially with the blogging. I’m excited, too, that Shenae’s on Twitter. She hasn’t tweeted that much but hoping it will increase!

Brandon: I enjoyed this episode, too. I’m with you on the Ryan stuff. He doesn’t belong in this show, IMO. He’s like in this no man’s land between the “adults” and the “kids,” and he doesn’t quite fit in either group and doesn’t quite work in his own world, either. I thought there was promise and potential when the series started and maybe it did kind of work in season 1. But increasingly so this season, I feel like the show would be better if they wrote him out and I don’t see why they’re not (or maybe they will), given their supposed desire to focus solely on the youngins’. Maybe I would feel differently if his character didn’t seem so pathetic this season. I know there’s a storyline with him coming up but I don’t have much hope for it. Wondering if they’ll also have him interact with the new Blaze adviser (Hal Ozsan) that’s coming. Anyway. I believe the Debbie/Kai stuff will be in the next episode but I’m not sure how it will play out exactly. I know it’s hard not to make comparisons. You know I do it all the time. But I am going to try to hold off on this particular comparison until the storyline ends so they’re both on level playing fields (i.e. I’m judging the whole of both of them instead of one whole and one part). What do you mean by the lack of continuity? That said some storylines are ignored for entire episodes and then picked back up later? And speaking of…

…I totally just realized Navid wasn’t in this episode at all!

17 03 2010

Yeah TDW I was refering to Ivy when I said soon to be 5 but I have to admit that Rumor’s acting is a little better than I thought.
Uhm yeah in Dixon’s dream there was Gia first, then Teddy, then Annie, then Adrianna, and Jasper was the last to walk by.

Am I the only one that thinks the girls made up as little too fast?

17 03 2010
Brandon M

Navid not being in the episode or any of the characters discussing what happened to him at the end of the last episode is a perfect example of what I mean by the lack of continuity in the storyline between episodes.

17 03 2010

Wes and Brandon, thanks for clarifying.

Wes, I was completely satisfied by the girls hanging out and I think it worked well with what we had seen up to that point.

Brandon, they did discuss it at the very beginning of the episode. Adrianna was telling Naomi and Silver how worried she is about him, especially since he was suspended and she hasn’t heard from him, and they tried to assuage her fears. But that was it. I can understand wanting/expecting more.

17 03 2010

I also really enjoyed the fact that all the girls were hanging out but I just thought it was a little too fast that Annie forgave them for everything that they have done, mostly Naomi and Silver. I really want there to be a new trio involving Annie-Ivy-Adrianna! That would be intertaining.

Another thing I enjoyed suprisingly was Naomi’s little “This is me” speech. I normally hate her but I actually felt compassion at that point.

17 03 2010

Ok, so I have some comments on the episode:
– Annie and Jasper: I don’t know how to feel about this storyline, I love how they put Annie on a darker, deeper place, I didn’t like her at all in season 1 but loved her in season 2 (if anyone’s watched Degrassi: The Next Generation, where Shenae starred for 3 seasons, she started off as this shy religion-focused girl, then she was raped and became a completely crazy person and Shenae’s acting was great, I hope they put more of that in Annie), and I kinda love and hate Jasper at the same time, yeah he’s completely creepy and stalkish and all but I could totally get his feelings with the whole “please come back to me” speech, and that’s what I love about teen dramas, being able to relate to some characters at some point.

– Adrianna and Gia: I’ve been really looking forward to this storyline, especially ’cause I loved how other teen dramas pulled it off: Alex and Marissa in The O.C., Paige and Alex in Degrassi: The Next Generation, Emily and Naomi in Skins… But they all did it in a different way, so I’m really hoping to see that storyline evolve, ’cause we haven’t seen anything but friendship yet…

– Liam, Naomi and Ivy: I just love Ivy, I can’t help it! she’s so fresh for this show… I got Naomi and Liam’s awkwardness and really felt for Naomi when she gave the whole “this is me” speach, I’ve kinda missed that Naomi! (maybe what she needed was to be a bitch again!). BTW great call on Ivy’s mother, I hadn’t read any spoilers on her showing up, but since her first scene she was obviously her mum!…

– Silver, Dyxon and Teddy: Glad Dyxon’s lies are over, glad we’ll be able to see Silver and Teddy getting into a relationship, I was really hoping for those two! It’s funny how Silver used to be my favourite character back in season 1 and know it’s like I yawn every time she shows up, GIVE ME BACK OLD SILVER!

I also loved how the girls are friends again, I’ve missed seeing them as a “gang” like in the old BH,90210…

About Ryan, his storylines have been completely boring since Jen, I wanna see him hooking up with a student asap!

17 03 2010

@Kevin Yeah I am familiar with Shenae’s character on Degrassi as Darcy and she was amazing but it’s time for her to be happy and not depressed anymore. I don’t see why people hated her so much in season 1. I loved happy Annie as opposed to this darker Annie. I hope season 3 is way better for her.

23 03 2010

silver/teddy will be totally boring to watch,especially see a old man kiss a teenager, I miss the old silver she’s so different now I want her back with dixon they were my favorite couple !
I can’t wait to see dixon birth mom SL

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