Live-Blog: 90210 2.13

9 03 2010

The Last Reaction Post

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EPISODE 2.13: Rats and Heroes

  • Previously on: Winter Wonderland dance, Liam takes Ivy, Silver felt something when Teddy kissed her, Naomi emphasizes that point to her, Silver sees Teddy hugging another girl, Dixon tells Silver he can’t remember why they broke up and kisses her, Teddy sees, Liam confesses to Ivy he still has feelings for Naomi, Naomi goes tee Liam since Ivy told her to, Liam and Naomi kiss, the gang tells Annie Jasper’s a drug dealer, Ade says she bought from Jasper, Annie is crying, Jasper tells her he knows she ran over his uncle
  • This is the first episode since Dec. 8.
  • This song was the theme to a CW/WB show at some point I’m pretty sure. Forget the name.
  • Silver and Naomi are in a limo, presumably coming home from their trip.
  • Naomi is texting Liam. She’s ecstatic. He misses her.
  • Silver is not amused since Naomi is paying no attention to her.
  • Liam is with with Dixon.
  • Liam is gushing, too, as he texts.
  • Q1: Somebody’s text-whipped.–Dixon
  • Liam says Dixon is being a “hater” and he says he’s happy for them.
  • Dixon says his kiss with Silver was amazing.
  • Silver says to Naomi she hopes he feels the same way but we don’t know what way she means.
  • Annie has been away apparently.
  • Debbie says Annie seemed happy via phone, laughing and saying she can’t wait to come home.
  • Okay, apparently Annie has been in Vegas!
  • Oh, with Tabitha. Hm. Interesting.
  • Debbie sees an invite for a boosters reception.
  • She accuses Harry of not telling her about it because Kelly has been there.
  • Harry says she has nothing to worry about because he hasn’t said 10 words to Kelly since Debbie determined Kelly likes him.
  • Not sure when that was determined. I hate this storyline. Argh.
  • Dixon tells Annie (they’re in the car together now) he doesn’t know why he and Silver broke up.
  • He says they’ve both changed since then and hopefully they can get back together now.
  • Annie looks distracted all of a sudden.
  • Dixon asks if she’s okay.
  • She says she’s not looking forward to going back to school.
  • Dixon says it’ll be fine because she already broke up with Jasper.
  • Perhaps that isn’t true?
  • Annie goes into her room and there are flowers…from Jasper.
  • The card says how he missed her and loves her.
  • She notices her window was opened and realizes he probably snuck in and out.
  • Did he really not stalk her while she was away?
  • Next day: Naomi is worrying about her tan.
  • Silver, again, is not amused.
  • They are going to someone’s 21st birthday party tomorrow night. Not sure who’s but they are excited.
  • Adrianna comes over.
  • They ask how her break was and she said she laid-low.
  • They say their trip aws great.
  • It’s kinda awk since Silver and Nomai are all giggles (about Ade’s tan) and Ade is on the outside of the inside joke.
  • Navid spent the summer in another part of California.
  • Liam and Dixon are shocked when Navid shows he has drugs…cocaine.
  • Dixon tells Navid to put it away and he tells Dixon and Liam to relax.
  • He says he doesn’t do drugs–they are to plant in Jasper’s locker, he’ll call the tip line and Jasper will get caught.
  • Q3: “I’m not a rat. I’m a hero.” “You’re an idiot.”–Navid and Liam
  • Liam and Navid are not buying it.
  • They ask how he’ll get into Jasper’s locker.
  • Navid says there’s a master list of locker combos in the principal’s–Harry’s–office. He obvi needs Dixon’s help.
  • Dixon says no way and walks away. Liam follows suit.
  • Yikes.
  • Jasper comes up behind Annie, saying how he missed her.
  • Annie tells him to stop and that she’s breaking up with him.
  • Q4: Then I’ll tell.–Jasper
  • She freaks.
  • He says all the cops need is a tip and they’ll check her computer and see what sites she’s been going to, etc. and gather evidence.
  • She starts to cry.
  • Q5: “Why are you doing this?” “I love you.”–Annie and Jasper
  • Great logic.
  • Jasper says they’ve both made mistakes but they can put them behind them.
  • He says if they start over, he’ll keep her secret.
  • He takes her hand and they walk down the hall.
  • Silver and Naomi see. They are not happy.
  • Dixon finds Silver on the computer. He cuts to the chase: he wants to talk about the dance.
  • Silver blurts out that it was a mistake (their kiss).
  • Dixon pretends not to be shocked and hurt and says he was going to say the same.
  • Silver says she was feeling vulnerable about seeing Teddy with the other girl and maybe she jumped to conclusions.
  • She plans on talking to him and maybe they can work things out.
  • Poor, Dixon. She not only doesn’t want him but wants his friend instead!
  • Naomi goes over to Ivy, who is reading a comic book.
  • Naomi was really friendly!
  • Ivy explains the comic when Naomi asks what she’s reading.
  • Q6: Woah, spoiler alert!–Naomi about Ivy’s description of the plot
  • Naomi thanks her for sending her the text to Liam.
  • Aw, that’s sweet. She didn’t have to do that. She could’ve left Ivy high-and-dry or, even worse, rubbed it in her face.
  • Ivy says she and Liam were never together and that he always wanted her.
  • Naomi says she brought her a gift from St. Bart’s.
  • It’s a cheetah-printed purse, LOL
  • Ivy awkwardly acts happy.
  • Q7: “I always wanted a pocketbook.” “Oh, it’s a Fendi baguette.”–Ivy and Naomi
  • The guys are outside, in gym, I guess, kickboxing.
  • Teddy and Dixon are sparring partners.
  • Teddy is going really hard and he calls out Dixon on kissing Silver at the dance after Teddy told him he liked her.
  • Dixon says he probably got over her already.
  • Teddy says no, he hasn’t because he really likes her and deserves to know if something is going on with them.
  • Dixon says he doesn’t think he and Silver are over. The kiss just happened and will probably happen again since they’re talking about getting back together.
  • Not cool, Dixon! My sympathy for you just went bye-bye.
  • I know it’s probably hard for him to see, but there’s no sense in pursuing a girl who says she’s interested in someone else AND screwing over your friend at the same time. It will sooo back-fire on all fronts.
  • Annie is sitting alone outside at school. She looks around at all the people with their cliques.
  • Silver and Naomi come over and ask how her break was.
  • She says it was good.
  • They say how they haven’t talked to her since the dance. What’s going on with Jasper? Did she break up with him?
  • She says it’s complicated…
  • Naomi says he’s a drug dealer and Silver says he lied to her.
  • Naomi adds that he’s greasy-looking. Not helping, Naomi.
  • Annie tells them to stop, that they don’t get to do this.
  • Q8: Just leave me alone. You’ve done it before.–Annie
  • She walks off.
  • Silver finds Teddy and says she wants to talk about the dance.
  • Teddy says she was right–he’s a player like she said and that’s not changing. So many girls and he doesn’t know who to take to the birthday party.
  • She seems kinda peeved and walks off.
  • Teddy seems kinda pleased, kinda confused.
  • Navid happily asks Jasper how it’s going. Jasper makes a face and keeps going.
  • Naomi tells Dixon that Annie is still dating Jasper.
  • She says it’s not her place to interfere but maybe Annie will listen to Dixon.
  • I like that Naomi is trying to help her…
  • Dixon is shocked. Looks like he’s contemplating Navid’s plan!
  • Gia goes over to Adrianna. They are at AA.
  • Ade says she didn’t know Gia was in AA. Gia points out it’s anonymoous. LOL
  • Gia invites her to go bowling with other people from the group.
  • Ade says no, she doesn’t want to make AA her whole life.
  • Gia says she just likes having people around that understand what she’s going through.
  • Ade says her friends do–kind of.
  • Gia says she should call her if she ever wants to talk and gives her her Blaze business card.
  • I sooo did not have business cards when I was in high school! And I was EIC of the paper!
  • Naomi and Liam are having a fancy dinner on the beach.
  • She says she wants it to be perfect.
  • They both start a convo at the same time. It’s awk.
  • They remark again and again that they are together at last.
  • And then they both change the subject at the same time.
  • Liam asks about her trip but every activity he mentions, she didn’t do.
  • She asks about his break–he worked on the boat.
  • He says he’s boring her and she pretends he isn’t. It’s awkward.
  • Naomi says she’s redecorating her house to remove all signs of Jen.
  • Where is Jen, anyway?
  • Naomi apologizes for mentioning her. She says she wants to forget about Jen and everything that happened.
  • Liam apologizes for what happened and she says she rather not talk about it.
  • Both look really hot but both are really not happy. It’s all awkward.
  • Annie is showing Dixon her new computer.
  • They joke about looking up things about Jude Law instead of doing homework.
  • Dixon says he heard she’s back with Jasper.
  • Annie says to stay out of it.
  • Dixon says Jasper is bad news.
  • She says she doesn’t want to talk about it, especially since they (Dixon and Annie) have been getting along lately and she doesn’t want that to change.
  • Dixon agrees and says goodnight.
  • He leaves and calls Navid. He’s “in” on the Jasper plan.
  • Ivy asks Liam how things are.
  • I thought she’d avoid him. Guess not.
  • She asks how his big date with Naomi is.
  • I thought she’d avoid that topic. Guess not.
  • Liam points this out.
  • Ivy tells him to get over himself. She’s not in love with him or anything.
  • And she’ll just ask Naomi. They’re “buds” now. LOL
  • Liam admits the date didn’t go well. He says it was “awkward” and “weird.”
  • Ivy tells Liam it was worth a shot. He agrees and walks away.
  • She has a slight smile.
  • Dixon goes to the main office and asks if he can leave something on his dad’s desk.
  • Navid distracts the secretary.
  • Naomi (looking good again!) asks Ade if she’s seen Silver.
  • She hasn’t and Naomi looks crushed/frustrated.
  • Ade asks what’s wrong and Naomi says her date with Liam wasn’t even passable.
  • Naomi questions if they lose their spark.
  • Naomi, that’s all you had! Physical spark!
  • Ade says there was just a lot of build-up and she can, um, test it out to see if they still have chemistry.
  • Naomi is pleased and thanks her. Ade says anytime.
  • Naomi says she and Silver are going to the birthday party and she should join them.
  • Ade says she’d love to. She looks very happy.
  • Dixon is still looking up the combo. He prints it out.
  • He hears Harry coming. Navid tries to distract him.
  • Dixon gets the document just in time, saying it was just a note for him but he doesn’t need to leave it now and stuffs it into his bag.
  • But did he x-out the screen?!
  • Jasper calls Annie over to his car.
  • She’s not happy.
  • She gets in, though.
  • Silver and Naomi see. They also see she’s not happy. But he is very happy.
  • Harry and Debbie are the boosters event. They run into Kelly.
  • Debbie says hello very friendly. But not at the same time.
  • Stilted conversation and Kelly excuses herself. Fair enough.
  • Harry says that wasn’t so bad. Debbie agrees…but she’s going to go talk to her. Ugh.
  • Ade, Naomi and Silver go to the party.
  • Naomi won’t take off her jacket…she reveals she’s naked underneath.
  • Ade and Silver are shocked, of course.
  • They point out Liam probably won’t even be at the party since he’s not Mr. Social.
  • They take drinks and Ade realizes it’s spiked.
  • Silver and Naomi freak out but Ade says she’s okay.
  • Ade excuses herself.
  • She takes out Gia’s card and calls. She looks like she’s about to cry.
  • She says something happened and asks if they can meet up because she needs someone to talk to.
  • Q10: “I’m at a party at the beach club.” “Well, you’re in luck. That’s a nice sweater. It looks good on you.”–Ade and Gia
  • That was kind of cute.
  • Ade explains how she took a sip of the drink and is now freaking out.
  • Gia tells her not to torture herself. Sober living is a process that takes time.
  • S houldn’t Ade have a sponsor or something?
  • Debbie tells Kelly she’d like to talk about her alone.
  • Q11: Let’s talk about that little crush you have on my husband…I’m not threatened. I’m annoyed.–Debbie
  • Kelly says that wasn’t her intention.
  • Debbie asks if she intended, then, to break up her marriage.
  • Kelly says she’s been going through a rough time with her mom passing and had confided in Harry.
  • But as soon as it potentially entered “crush” territory–and Kel says she hates using that term–she stayed clear.
  • Q12: I’m not that person anymore.–Kelly
  • Annie and Jasper are by the beach. He’s trying to engage her but she has a wall up and is being very snarky.
  • She tells him how she’s hated all the movies they watched. Jasper is totes insulted.
  • He throws a rock at a car and the windshield breaks. Was that his car?
  • He accuses of Annie of trying to pick a fight but he won’t fall for it.
  • Q13: We’re soulmates. Do you know what that means? Well, soulmates are forever. Forever.–Jasper
  • He creepily inches closer and touches her.
  • Now they’re in the car driving home, I guess.
  • Wasn’t his windshield. Sucks for that person.
  • She tries to get out of the car. He stops her and kisses her. She’s grossed out.
  • He says he’ll see her at school.
  • Harry is looking for the Debbie and Kelly.
  • He sees them talking in a room.
  • Debbie tells Kelly she needs to find her an available guy.
  • Seems they patched things up, thank god.
  • Debbie says it shouldn’t be an actor. Kelly says no teacher. And they both say the guy must be straight.
  • Q14: Three letters–WTF? What the frick just happened?–Harry
  • Debbie explains that Kelly’s whatever had nothing to do with him.
  • And, of course, Harry is, um, crushed.
  • Debbie teases him. Even though she’s just caused the problems for months! Ugh!
  • Silver and Dixon are laughing about Naomi wearing no clothes.
  • She spies Teddy with a girl and walks off.
  • Dixon follows and tells her it’ll be okay.
  • Naomi walks into Liam’s garage and says he wasn’t at the party so she came to see him.
  • She says it’s hot in here and drops her coat.
  • He is VERY pleased, walking over to her…and they cut to commercial.
  • Liam and Naomi presumably had sex. They are both very out of breath.
  • But they ask each other if antything’s wrong. They both say no.
  • They are in the boat. LOL Convenient that he had sheets and pillows. Hmmm.
  • Gia and Ade are chatting. They are laughing and having fun.
  • Gia spies her ex-girlfriend with the new girl she’s seeing.
  • Gia feels like a loser.
  • Ade points out that her ex looks jealous and probably thinks they arwe together.
  • Gia says no way.
  • Ade sits on Gia’s lap and kisses her!
  • Gia is flabbergasted.
  • The ex is POed and walks off.
  • Ade thinks it’s funny.
  • Gia asks why she did that.
  • She says she wanted to repay Gia for helping her out.
  • I kinda buy all that. It worked. Not at all what I was expecting.
  • Silver is still freaking out about Teddy being a player.
  • Dixon says he needs to tell her something: he likes her and lied about their kiss meaning nothing. He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about it.
  • He asks her to forget about everything he said during their break-up.
  • Q15: ‘Cause I’m crazy about you.–Dixon
  • He ask for another chance, taking her hand.
  • Annie is crying in her bed.
  • Her phone vibrates.
  • There’s a text from Jasper about how he loves her, alawys and forever.
  • She throws her phone against the wall and keeps crying.
  • Debbie and Kelly are at yoga.
  • The guy she has in mind is Kai, the yoga instruction.
  • Kelly admits Kai is cute and points out that Kai looks into Debbie.
  • Debbie says it’s a yoga schtick that he does with everyone.
  • He begins instructing them.
  • I wonder if Debbie will end up having an affair. I think he’s only done 2 eps, though. Maybe I’m wrong.
  • Debbie looks at him and looks kinda happy, kinda sneaky.
  • Everyone is in school, gathering around.
  • Harry and a cop are doing random locker searches.
  • Navid and Dixon look pleased…until Jasper’s locker is cleared.
  • Jasper looks at them. I bet he re-planted it in Navid’s locker. But how did he know?
  • And that indeed happened!
  • Navid says it’s impossible for those drugs to be in his locker.
  • They tell Navid that he has to go with them (I guess to the office or something) as Dixon and Gia look on.
  • Fade to black.
  • Preview: “Girl fight” between Naomi and Ivy, a joke from Navid about being bored from the promo and a bunch of fast, fast clips that reveal no plot.

Those are my thoughts. What’s yours?



27 responses

9 03 2010

Pooooor Dixon šŸ˜¦

9 03 2010

Did i say poor Dixson I meant ewwww Dixson

9 03 2010

LOL Gin79!!!

9 03 2010

Can I say I love Navide

9 03 2010

And I hate Jasper

9 03 2010

Omg poor Kelly! We love her more than Deb sk watch it! Hehe lol and as for mr stalker he has got to go

9 03 2010

TDW, can I ask why you don’t like the Kelly-Deb-Harry thing going on? I haven’t seen the original series, so has Kelly done the love triangle thing before? Is that want she meant by “Im not that person anymore”. Just curious….

9 03 2010

I wondered the same thing about the computer! But he must have right?

9 03 2010

Yes, g90210th. To make a long story very short, Dylan and Brenda were dating for a while. Brenda went on vaca and Dylan fell for Kelly, Brenda’s BFF. Dylan and Brenda later break up. Dylan and Kelly get together. Brenda is crushed and POed. Triangle drama ensues. Dylan chooses Kelly. Many fans have never gotten over it. (I’m a K-D fan so I, more or less, see the whole thing as two people unable to control their feelings and falling for each other, despite repeatedly trying to stop themselves. Still, Dylan and Kelly did hurt Brenda, I understand that.) Kel and Brenda’s relationship was never the same and we even saw that in 90210 season 1.

9 03 2010

F**k no way omggggg

9 03 2010

Again, g90210th, that is boiling it down A LOT. I’m sure YT has tons of clips. A lot of people see Brenda/Dylan as their OTH and HATE Kelly for what happened. Kelly, however, also never really forgave herself but has tried to repair her rep ever since. So this storyline has made her seem like a homewrecking “tramp” again and played on the old rep Kelly had shed.

And then, it turns out in the end I guess, it was just a misunderstanding with Debbie and Harry. So effing ridiculous. Never should’ve happened.

Also completely ridiculous to use Greg Vaughn, who had a recurring role on BH90210 as Donna’s love interest, in a role like this. Maybe it’ll end up just being for Debbie. (I think Kelly is in either 0 more eps, lol, or 1.) It’s bad enough to bring him back as a different character, but don’t insult our intelligence and ask us to make more leaps of faith than we already have.

9 03 2010

Gotcha TDW, thanks for that! I knew more or less about the K-D-B thing, but I wanted to make sure that’s what Kelly was referencing….

On another note, I really liked this episode! Maybe I’m just overly obsessed with 90210, but I cannot get enough of it LOL I was all smiles today knowing it was a brand new ep, and I must say IMO it was worth the wait. I loved the Ade-Gia scenes, I feel like there’s a real connection there between them. Whether it’s more than plutonic, I have no clue (but of course the spoilers say it soon will be). I’m not really digging Liam and Naomi. There was nothing really there to begin with, besides agnst, and now that they both have what they want, there’s no thrill of the chase anymore. I think the writers did a great job of showcasing that tonight. The trenchcoat was just so hilarious, I must admit though. Jasper is one heck of a character, when he was explaining to Annie in the hallway why they had to be together, I was like falling for his words right along with Annie. It’s amazing what a mind-player/manipulator he is. Which just adds to his creep factor. The actor that plays him is doing a really great job bringing Japser to life onscreen. Dixon, oh em gee, I want to strangle him, but at the same time want to root for him. It’s complicated LOL I loved him and Silver together in season one, I really did, and even though what he did to Teddy was low-down and dirty, I can’t help but hope that Silver gives him another chance. Besides, if Teddy truly cared for her, he wouldn’t have been sucking face with the girl at the party, bottom line. But then again, he is a player. Sooo complicated! Poor Navid, it sucks that his plan back-fired on him. I know he was just trying to do the right thing, but a saying came to mind when the coke was found in his locker, ‘play with fire and you’re gonna get burned’. He tried to take matters into his own hands, and situations like that (backfiring etc) are the risks that come with playing those games. Hopefully he’ll be able to get himslef out of it though. I’m kinda feeling Deb and her yoga instructer. I guess I’m just a sucker for the ‘secret affair/angst filled love’ type of storylines! Oh, and I just couldn’t help but think of Naley when Annie read Jasper’s text at the end. Always and Forever! Haha. Overall, not bad for a mid-season premire. I just hope the rest of the season finishes off right! šŸ˜€

9 03 2010

OMG I cannot believe Greg vaugh is back (almost the same time you can see him as cliff on the soapnet reruns). Like we should forget he dated donna in the original?
I think you are right TDW that they could be setting debbie up to have an affair. or to be divorced when rob estes leaves. could that be the reason for Harry’s departure?
I am glad that they did not take kelly back to her tramp years. she is a grown adult. and the writers seem to forget that having an affair with a married man is one line she would not cross. she saw what it did to her mother, she saw the pain brenda went through when dylan chose her. also she dealt with the triangle between brandon, kelly and dylan. so i think they have been there done that with her and really should not go down that road yet again.

10 03 2010

dear 90210, always and forever is a one tree hill thing don’t make it creepy by letting jasper use it kthanksbye

10 03 2010

So I was just watching Southland, the show with Ben Mckenzie on TNT, and the girl that plays Ivy was guest starring. I think she played Ben’s sister. It was odd seeing her play a different character who doesn’t act like such a boy. Just thought I would throw that out there lol.

10 03 2010
Brandon M

I hated this episode, and I’m really beginning to hate everything about the show. Maybe it’s because I just came out of watching four seasons worth of The OC episodes and I’m spoiled by how great the storytelling in that show was. . . but I’m so frustrated with 90210. There is so much potential.

90210 has too many “main” characters in my opinion. I know people may disagree with me, but I wish the main focus on the show was on ‘Erin SIlver’ and her Beverly Hills friends, because she is the spin-off starring character afterall.

The whole “moving to Beverly Hills from out of nowhere” storyline was played on the original show, and honestly, they haven’t done a great job replicating it for the Wilson family. For me, Annie, Dixon, and Naomi are the most annoying characters on the show and it wouldn’t bother me at all if they were dropped from the show.

I’ve really warmed up to Ivy this season, and I’m not looking forward to TPTB pairing her up with Dixon. I’ve honestly tried to like Dixon because I think Tristan Wilds is a good actor, but his constant deception when it comes to females in his life drives me nuts and it’s made me sick of him.

Does anyone else think the Adrianna & Gia storyline feels forced? It drives me crazy how the show feels the need to be risque and over the top by pulling edgy storylines out of its ass every chance they get.

The way the adults are handled on this show drives me INSANE. In my opinion, if you’re going to write for the adults at least give them an interesting storyline… I can think of five storylines that are better than the Debbie/Harry/Kelly bull we got in this episode. That’s why I really applaud Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage for the way they handle their adults on The OC & Gossip Girl.

It’s probably too late to save this show… with Rob Estes leaving I hope they take the focus off the Wilsons and revamp the show for Season 3. I’m going to keep watching because I’ve been watching this long. And maybe I’m being too hard on the show, but It aggravates me watching it and seeing the potential to do stuff so much better.

10 03 2010

g90210th, I’m glad you enjoyed the episode so much! I was surprised how the Adrianna-Gia thing started. We knew it would come from a connection formed via AA but they hyped it to be “OMG, two girls kissing!” and “Ade goes gay!” and “How HOT is this?!” when that kiss was SO not about that. It was light-hearted and fun and funny and, of course, quick! Now we know it’s going to evolve into something more, but I am bothered that the CW PR machine (as per usual) didn’t portray it honestly and instead tried to sensationalize it into something salacious when it was so far from that. That said, I am curious to see how exactly it plays out from here. Yes, the writers did do a job of showcasing tonight how Liam and Naomi have sexual chemistry but it makes me want to yell (to them, not you) TOLD YOU SO! I have been saying that since before last season ended. I never understood why people have been so feverishly rooting for them to get back together when we never saw WHY they should be together, besides the fact that they were sexually attracted to each other. There was no evidence that they had anything in common or had passion for each other that went beyond a physical passion. Was it hot when they kissed? Abso-freakin-lutely. That doesn’t mean they belong in a legitimate relationship together. And, sure, we saw a drop of emotion between them at the tail-end of last season but nothing that indicated to me that these two could embark on successful relationship. I guess it could be argue that they never got a chance to prove it one way or another, thanks to the Annie/Jen debacle, so we’re getting it now. Jasper is indeed one heck of a character! As is his portrayer, Zachary Ray Sherman, who pulls off creepy yet charming so well, I feel. I’m not sure, however, if I’m happy or frustrated that the whole Annie hit/run thing has been dragged out this long. I’m rooting for Silver and Teddy, though I understand the kind of nostalgia people feel for Silver and Dixon. Yes, it totally figured that Navid’s attempt to take down Jasper would backfire but since we didn’t see HOW it happened, it was kind of jaw-dropping. How did Jasper pull that off?! Again, glad you enjoyed! Nine episodes left…

vegasgirl, we knew for a while that Greg had been cast and he revealed that he wasn’t going to be back as Cliff but as a yoga instructor. We knew nothing else except some photos leaked showing his character with Debbie and Kelly on the beach. I was worried about how this would be handled and turns out rightfully so. Sure, Cliff was Donna’s love interest, but I do recall him and Kelly in one or two scenes together. Having Kelly and Greg interact again with Greg as a new character just doesn’t fly with me. (Not that it would’ve been better if Greg did come back as Cliff.) I know Cliff was a small part and I know the daytime soaps do stuff like this all the time but I just don’t see a reason for it here. I’m sure there were tons of other suitable actors for the role if they looked hard enough. And if they did insist on Greg, A) because they liked him for him, then put him in a different storyline with no scenes with Kelly whatsoever or B) because they liked him for this role, then, at the very least, be “funny” about it and have Kelly say something like, “Oh, he looks familiar” or “I think I know him from somewhere.” I can’t say for sure but I would venture to guess that we won’t have to suffer more Kelly-Greg/Cliff/Kai stuff (it seems more Debbie-oriented) but that doesn’t make me feel any better. It would be different if this show hadn’t disrespected the original so many times already. But this is an insult in a long line of insults and it bothers me to no end. (If only you could’ve seen how enraged I was last night.) There are some signs that Harry’s future absence will be marriage related but no strong evidence to go on. Great points about Kelly/Harry/whatever that BS was. It just seemed like another example of character assassination, turning Kelly into someone we hadn’t known her to be for, like, 17 years now. (All along this whole show has made her seem like this really pathetic character and that’s not the Kelly we knew, most of the time anyway.) Not to mention that the way they played it in the beginning of this season was that Harry was crushing on Kelly. Way to flip-flop, guys. And then to make a joke of it in the end, like, “Whoops. It’s no big deal after all” (and not even show how Kel and Debbie even got to that “hehe, we’re girlfriends” point). Such a waste of time, such a lack of intelligence.

Alyssa, thanks for sharing that! I skipped out on Southland last night. I can’t recall if I knew she was going to be on. Interesting that A) she played McKenzie’s character and B) it was not an Ivy-esque character. I would’ve liked to see that.

Beka, your comment made me LOL! What’s worse: them using “always and forever” in a creepy way (as they did) or in a serious, Naley-esque way?

Brandon, I’m sorry you hated the episode. My expectations were kinda high, given that I actually really enjoyed 2.12 and–I don’t know why–I thought this might be a fresh start. Alas, I was disappointed BUT it’s possible I’d have less ill-will if the aforementioned things with Kelly and Greg Vaughan didn’t occur. To your points, though: I one billion percent prefer The O.C. to 90210 and I understand why you’re comparing them, given how recently you saw The O.C. for the first time. Just keep in mind that, yes, they are both about rich kids in California but they are very different tonally with very different missions. And yes, 90210 does have a lot of main characters and the show was poorly organized from the start (with different showrunners than who we have now). It would’ve been fine to follow the “fish-out-of-water” story but they dropped it way too soon. The other route would’ve been, as you said, to focus on Silver but they chose not to do that and have failed (IMO) in subsequent attempts to connect Silver to the original show. Going back to the larger point of too many main characters, I think they agree and disagree: A) They recently made Gillian Zinser a regular, B) No Harry in season 3 and (theoretically) no Kelly and lots of talk of solely focusing on the young characters going forward. (And if that’s the case, perhaps they just mean in season 3, because I’m pretty sure there’s a Ryan-Jen storyline coming out and Ryan, IMO, does not fit in this show at all anymore–if he ever did. I think he should be leaving and Jen can go with him, for all I care.) RE: Ade and Gia, see what I wrote above. I don’t think it felt forced last night but I don’t appreciate it being shoved in our faces via publicity and I am concerned about how the rest of it will come off. Your comment, “It’s probably too late to save this show” is interesting, particularly since the show is already renewed for season 3. Frustrating, isn’t it? But perhaps we will get some sort of revamp for it. Then again, that’s what was promised for season 2. (I know some argue that that we did get it–many critics say the show has improved–but I say meh.)

10 03 2010

I was a huge sixon fan I guess I’m still a fan but now SIlver for me this seaon is just the naomi clown! I still love dixon but WTH are they doing with hi chaacter he was such a sweetheart last seaon and now they write him like a tool and make teddy the new SUPERMAN on the place (I guess it’s why I hate him) so for now like silver was unique last season totally different with the other girl I thought she was cool but now seriously her character start to be lame!last season she hated prom and now it’s her favorite activities!
Sixon was really cute that pissing me off they ruin them!
so like I’m sure silver(maybe I should call her erin bc she’s not our silver at all) will date with teddy(aka the worst casting ever for a teenager) I can’t wait to see dixon with ivy(bc now ivy seems the only character who is really interesting, she’s the new silver and much better than silver from season2)

anyway I will always root for dixon/silver but I’m really interesting to see dixon/ivy together! teddy/silver=lame (especially bc the grandpa and ERIN)

10 03 2010

Character assassination is the perfect term for what they are doing with all of the adult characters on the show. What made the original Beverly Hills, OC and other old school Teen Dramas unique was a blend of teens and the grown ups, it made it believable and we could relate.

14 03 2010

Although it’s sad that several of the actors who have appeared on the original take on different roles, this continuity phenomenon is not exactly new for the 90210 universe where different actors would who appeared in at least two for the franchise’s shows appeared as two different characters.

However in the case of Greg Vaughn, the fact that he has a scene with Jennie Garth as Kai and not Cliff on 2×13 alone is already a damaging score for the mothership.

We know that “90210” is finding its own identity despite being a direct continuation of the original, but showrunner Rebecca Sinclar should realize that the rich history of its parent show must be honored at all cost especially that she is also doing headwriting duties as well.

Other than that, I’ve enjoyed everything about “Rats and Heroes” in general and they got to feature all members of the ensemble cast although ‘m wishing they they all get to be utilized.

I hope that the build-up coming from the Annie-Jasper storyline pays off well.

14 03 2010

vegas, it seems they haven’t even come close to figuring out how to balance having a show with adult characters (Debbie, Harry, Kelly, Ryan, Jen, etc.) and younger characters, nevermind artfully weaving the storylines. And reportedly they don’t care to anymore. Curious to see how it’s handled the rest of this season and in season 3.

James, you’re completely right that it’s not new for an actor to play more than one character within a universe. It’s certainly not new to BH90210 (I even did a post a while back pointing out some of the actors who had more than one role on the original show) and it’s quite common for the daytime soaps. But I’m glad you pointed out that 90210 needs to recognize and understand the original’s history. That’s all I’ve been asking for from Day 1. Regarding Rats and Heroes, one member of the ensemble cast wasn’t featured: Ryan. But I know we’ll see him going forward. I hope the Annie-Jasper thing pays off well, too. I keep going back and forth on whether I think it’s good or bad that the storyline is lasting this long. Of course, whether I find the conclusion to the storyline to be satisfying will undoubtedly impact my answer. But because it is lasting this long, I have high expectations for its resolution and I’m hoping for an awesome, nearly unpredictable (but totally logical and realistic) twist. (Maybe I’m asking for too much? lol)

15 03 2010

Thank you for the reply…I’m hoping you could also do an interview with 90210’s EP so at least fans would know about her insights on the direction she’s taking the show to. Methinks it’s also important to know her side so I kinda give her the benefit of the doubt especially that she’s trying to clean-up some of the mess seen in Season 1 where a lot of damage to the history were inflicted under Sachs and Judah’s watch.

15 03 2010

I totally understand what you mean about giving Rebecca Sinclair, 90210’s current showrunner, the benefit of the doubt. It would be somewhat different if the show was hers from day 1 (or close to it). But, as you accurately put it, she came in and had to spend time cleaning up someone else’s mess. I think it’s arguable, however, how well she did that cleaning. I mean, she said going into season 2 that they were going to move away from any ties to the original, and yet we had the Kelly-Jackie-Silver storyline come along like someone dropped an anvil on my head. Even beyond that, I can’t say I see the marked improvement in this season over the last, despite what some critics say. But, of course, how fair is it to judge without really hearing her side, like you said, and getting her insights? I would absolutely love to do an interview with her. I’ve tried to secure one and I’m still trying but, unfortunately, it’s not looking likely.

15 03 2010

i couldn’t wait for 90210 to come back on from its break! however i’m not going to lie i was a bit upset. i was expecting a great episode but it didn’t live up to my expertise (however gossip girl was great i thought and i wasn’t expecting much at all!) anyways i have been and am still rooting for teddy and silver. i have watched this show since the beginning and i believe that dixon had his chance with silver. he made the choice to end the relationship and now it is time for both of them to move on. when he has a girl he is happy when he is alone though he wants silver back. let her go and be with who she has feelings for and truly wants(TEDDY!!!!) plus he really wants to be with her! i feel like annie is stuck in a terrible situation (the actor that plays jasper does a fabulous job of being a creeper!) although she set herself up for that in the end i know it will be solved and she will most likely be friends with everyone again. i’m interested to see what happens with jaspers character though! also i want to know how annie solves this problem and i want to know if others will find out about annie’s ‘dark secret’! personally i think that ade is meant to be with navid. the first season they had great chemistry and it couldn’t had just disappeared! this thing with gia isn’t anything big (as of now and if it does advance it will be just a fling, at least i hope so) for navid, the writers foreshadowed that his plan wasn’t going to work. jasper is a smart boy, navid blew his cover way to easy! i’m interested to see what happens to him, bit i doubt it will be anything big. plus as said earlier and my friends pointed it out to me, did dixon exit out on the computer?! i have a feeling that that story is still in action! NOW for my favorites liam and naomi!!! i have read what others said and although people say they only have physical chemistry, i KNOW there is something more between them. if you go back to season one you can tell that the two have more than a physical connection. they connected emotionally with each other by telling one another about their past and how they feel. if this were only a physical connection then both of these ‘beautiful people’ could have found others to spend their time with ;). yet they know there is something more which is why in the end they came back to one another. yes i agree that they need to work on their relationship but this is their first time as a real couple together! it takes time and eventually they will work it out. the writers wouldn’t prolong their relationship if liam and naomi were just going to be done in two episodes! (that would upset many girls, trust me) i’m rooting for these two to make it work because i love them together! i see ivy (or as i call her poison ivy haha i cannot stand her!) as an obstacle that this two will pass. it is easy to see that she wants liam but to him she is only a friend. those two do not belong together and she just needs to go find another surfer boy. yes they are great friends (and i thank you for texting naomi) but even she knows that liam doesn’t want her and she just needs to fully accept that. i agree with who said it before that the adult relationships aren’t interesting. personally i find them boring and their stories don’t fit in anywhere! sometimes it’s just a random mess! i think this show will pick up ( i keep telling myself it has only been one episode!) and will be great like it is! i cannot wait to watch naomi kick some poison ivy ass!!! lol. also does anyone else find the new previews they show after the episode a jumbled mess. i hardly understand what the next episode is about and i hate that!!!

15 03 2010

missingpaige, I agree with a lot of what you said. So, instead of reiterating, I will focus on what I didn’t quite agree with. While I’ve never been that big on Adrianna and Navid, I know many are and I think the show knows that. I got the feeling earlier this season that they were kind of each other’s endgame and I do think they’ll find their way back to each other. I’m pretty sure we only saw Liam and Naomi connect emotionally once, at the tail-end of last season. And as I mentioned above, while that signified some potential, it wasn’t enough to suggest to me that, just because of one bonding session, they were right for each other as a couple or could have a solid relationship. I don’t think that’s what motivated them, either, or kept their feelings for each other. Technically, they did find others to spend their time with: Liam had Ivy and Naomi had Jamie. They weren’t completely alone, broken-hearted and 100 percent devoted to finding their way back to each other. And I think because of the physical chemistry more than anything, they thought they had something and could still have something. And now they’re learning that physical chemistry isn’t enough. But you are right, though, that that was their first time really going out on a formal date and giving things a true shot and relationships take time to build. I do know where it will all lead but I will leave this area spoiler-free! Thanks for weighing in! =)

16 03 2010

because Liam was aware that ivy was infatuated with him, if he and Naomi really didn’t have any kind of emotional connection, why woulnt he just have picked her at the winter wonderland dance? Because of all the back drama and the length of time it has taken for Liam and Naomi to find their way back to each other, I feel like this isn’t the end and that awkwardness should only last for a short period of time and they will resume the incredible relationship they had in the prior season.

16 03 2010

You’re right–Liam did (kind of) choose Naomi over Ivy. And I think it’s because he (and Naomi) recalled the connection they thought they had. That’s what has been motivating them, causing their pining for each other all this time and their sabotaging of their other relationships. I am not arguing whether or not Naomi or Liam *think* they have legit feelings for each other. Rather I am arguing (or judging, I guess) whether or not they *actually* do.

Going down the potentially-TMI, let’s-get-personal route to explain further: I very much remember sharing, um, chemistry with people and perhaps one or two emotional moments. It’s easy to feel that because of that, something is there, there’s something worth pursuing, the makings of a real incredible relationship. Then you try it…and realize you were wrong. (In many cases, it’s your serotonin playing mind games with you but anyway.) Not to say this is the case for all people in all situations–sometimes there’s no awkwardness, sometimes the awkwardness passes–but that’s what I see here.

Liam and Naomi undoubtedly felt something during their time together last season. But the incredible relationship that I saw consisted of 97 percent physical passion and that passion can make you think there’s the potential to have something more than that. But now they’re finding out that having that passion doesn’t guarantee anything.

Only my opinion. You know I welcome others. But I will warn you that you’re in for a bumpy next-nine-episodes.

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