Favorite Holiday Episodes, Pt. 2

22 12 2009

YESTERDAY: Beverly Hills 90210

TODAY: Dawson’s Creek

1. Episode 4.10, Self Reliance

This is the first time the show addresses Christmas and it takes part over two episodes. In 4.09 we have the Leery’s Christmas party. But I chose 4.10 as that one to highlight because it’s in that we see the party’s after-effects. Specifically, Joey and Pacey are each dealing with their own reaction to Dawson and Gretchen’s kiss at the party. It leads to a beautifully emotional scene with Joey and Dawson when he gives her a touching Christmas gift.

2. Episode 6.10, Merry Mayhem

The only other time we get a Christmas episode is in the final season. The whole episode is pretty great–I love seeing Joey’s relationship with her father–but the standout scene here is Christmas dinner where it goes from comedic to dramatic when a drugged-out Audrey exposes some harsh truths that no one else has the courage to say.

Tomorrow we move on to The O.C.!



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