Favorite Holiday Episodes

21 12 2009

It’s that time of year. Whether snow is falling by you or not, it’s likely holiday fever is running rampant.

Television shows, including teen dramas, are known for considering the holidays to be “gifts”–easy excuses for getting all the characters together in one place and having drama ensue. But when this is done year in and year out by seemingly a bazillion shows each year, it can become stale after a while.

In the teen drama world, there’s been a few gems. This week we’ll take a look at some of my favorite Christmas-Hanukkah-New Year’s-Plain Ol’ Winter episodes, show-by-show.

TODAY: Beverly Hills 90210

1. Episode 3.16, It’s a Totally Happening Life

The title is obviously a reference to It’s a Wonderful Life, the plot of which the show kind of  toys with. In this episode, two angels–one who is trying to advance in the angel world–take a look at what should be a normal day for our Beverly Hills gang–albeit, one with fighting among nearly all the characters and a bus ride that could prove deadly. One of the angels serves as a narrator, explaining to the other the dynamics among the characters (it can be quite humorous at times) and even pausing or rewinding as it jumps from storyline to storyline and back again. I remember hating this episode years ago but as I watch it now, I see the storytelling as creative instead of annoying and the message heartfelt instead of cheesy. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt that one of the storylines centers around one of my favorite love triangles, Brenda-Dylan-Kelly.


2. Episode 5.14, Injustice For All

Beverly Hills 90210 was on for 10 years, which means it had quite a few Christmas episodes. Heck, even one of the characters–Donna–shared a birthday with the holiday. But nothing gave me more pleasure than when they incorporated Hanukkah into the mix. As a member of the tribe–though, to be honest, one who alternately hates and loves the religion–I always feel pride when pop culture gives Judaism some attention. It’s partly why I identified with Andrea so much (one major difference: no marriage and baby in college for me!). In this episode, Andrea throws a Hanukkah party and we get latkes and dreidel games, just a few episodes after a chilling storyline on anti-Semitism (Episode 5.11, Hate Is Just A Four-Letter Word).

3. Episode 6.16, Turn Back the Clock

Like my first pick, this episode sheds the linear storytelling format in favor of flashbacks. As some of the characters sit around recounting a disastrous New Year’s Eve, they’re slowly joined by more and more of the gang who provide additional details. The episode also features performances by The Corrs, including a great rendition of the holiday classic “Auld Lang Syne.”

Come back tomorrow for a Dawson’s Creek Christmas gone wrong!



3 responses

21 12 2009

These were good choices, I like the one and only New Year’s in BH history, love The Coors.
But you know my all time fav and why.

22 12 2009

Thanks, vegas. It never occurred to me that that was the only New Year’s episode. Good thinking.

25 12 2009
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