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20 12 2009

Following up on Becky’s submission of character theme songs for The O.C., here’s a set for One Tree Hill.

There’s a few other videos like this but I chose this one because it included the most characters.



7 responses

21 12 2009

man i would’ve loved to see it, but in germany it’s not available 😦

21 12 2009

Yikes, I’m sorry!

21 12 2009

Awww these were perfect songs for each of them! And an amazing video

22 12 2009

Awwwwww perfect!! The only one i wasnt sure of was Lucas’s
Not quite cute enough if you follow me.
TDW = Legend!!!

22 12 2009

loved it. the songs were great for them.

22 12 2009

its interesting that summer and brookes song was the same because the two characters have similar traits but are extremly different. i liked this song better for brooke though. the lyrics sorta suit her more

22 12 2009

Becky, I hadn’t noticed the two songs being the same. (I admittedly haven’t watched the first video in a while). But I think it’s worth noting that all the songs for all the characters don’t apply to them at all times. There’s so much more to each of them than each song conveys, you know?

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