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4 10 2009

Becky submitting the following:

“[This is] character themesongs on the oc. i did not make the video btw ! im sure if you looked you could find more for other shows but i just remember this one because each song fits the character so well ! (:”

That was great, Becky! Thank you!

Does anyone have songs or videos that work for characters on the other shows?



8 responses

4 10 2009

I remember watching this a long time ago and I even made my own version but Youtube took it down 😦

5 10 2009

Butch Walker – Mixtape
“You say hello, inside I’m screaming I love you
You say goodnight, in my mind
I’m sleeping next to you
You drive away from my car crash of a heart
And I don’t know

But you gave me the best mixtape I have
And even all the bad songs ain’t so bad
I just wish there was so much more than that
About me and you”

totally fits for peyton & lucas.

5 10 2009

Alyssa: That sucks! I’ve never understood why they take some down and not others. It seems very random to me.

MJ: That definitely fits for Leyton. But what’s unique about the video above is that it’s theme songs for characters, not couples.

5 10 2009

i think it’s for both because of the song for marissa. it’s about her love to ryan. at least thats what i think.

5 10 2009

I get what you’re saying but I think the larger point is that that’s what defined Marissa. And I guess you can argue Leyton’s love for each other defined them, too, and was the theme of their characters together or apart.

5 10 2009

the line “teachers dated me, my parents hated me” fits taylor soo perfectly

5 10 2009

“This Boy” by James Morrison is perfect for both Lucas and Peyton in the verses AND it was actually played in episode 4×17 in Honey Grove.

“This boy wants to play, there’s no time left today
It’s a shame cause he has to go home
This boy’s got to work, got to sweat just to pay what he gets to get left all alone”

I think this verse is quite fitting to Lucas’ personality

This girl tries her best everyday, but it’s all gone to waste cause there’s no one around
This girl she can draw, she can paint
Likes to dance, she can skate, now she don’t make a sound
We’ll play in the park, dinner’s too dark for us to see
Well we’ll make our way home, with mud on our clothes, she won’t be pleased

for me this really represents Peyton

5 10 2009

Becky: Sad but true!

Izzie: Wow, that works really well for each of them! Thanks!

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