TDW Look Back, Pt. 2

31 12 2009

Part One

ORIGINAL POSTS: The Essential Teen Drama Love Triangles (1/31/09) and All-Time Favorite Couples (2/16/09)

WHY I LOVE THEM: It’s no secret that my favorite aspect of teen dramas are the romances, which are often accompanied by love triangles. My favorite characters, moments, quotes, etc. are tied up in these heartbreaking, angst-filled, passionate love affairs that I can’t help but relive over and over again (thanks, SoapNet and YouTube!). Like with most of TDW, these posts do both you and me a favor: I get an excuse to obsess some more over my favorite triangles and couples (it’s “research”) and give everyone else a handy-dandy guide to the messy thing known to hardcore viewers as “ships.”

WHERE I’LL GO FROM HERE: Aside from these two series, or TDW Originals as I like to call them, I have about 20 others already done and a document with ideas for at least 20 more. I used to do them a lot more frequently in the first 6 or so months and I’d like to kick up the pace again. If you have any ideas for a series topic, feel free to let me know.



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