Weekly Poll

30 12 2009

In the last Weekly Poll, the question with the closest results was whether Nathan should let Dan be in his life. Just 1 vote separated “I’m torn” from the “no” response, which made it 41 percent to 40. Important to note, though, that 18 of you, or 19 percent, do believe he should. Thirty percent also believe Jen should stay on 90210 but 52 percent have had enough. We had the largest numbers in the Gossip Girl poll, as warring Jenny and Serena fan threads sent their cohorts to vote. In the end, Jenny won with 70 percent and a whopping 179 votes to Serena’s 50 votes, which amounted to 20 percent. Also worth noting that there were votes for the other options: Blair and Vanessa each got 3 percent with 7 votes a piece and “none of the above” received had 4 percent with 11 votes.



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