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4 01 2010

When people (clearly not TDW readers!) ask me when Gossip Girl and 90210 are returning with new episodes, they’re shocked to find out it’s March 8th and 9th, respectively.

Still more than 2 months to wait, after already suffering through half of December with repeats.

Why, they ask.

Well, the explanation is really quite simple.

There’s usually only about 22 episodes produced per a season but more than 22 *weeks* in a season. This means there will be a significant off period, a “hiatus,” where we get nothing but repeats or a different show in its place. In the past, they’ve been short and frequent–on for two weeks, off for three; on for four, off for two.

This year, The CW decided to buck tradition and do just one giant hiatus for Gossip Girl and 90210. A long break  for a few months then a long stretch of back-to-back new episodes for a few months.

But they’re not doing this for One Tree Hill. One Tree Hill returns on January 18, after a six-week break, and then goes on another hiatus in early March, when Gossip Girl comes back, and returns again in late April.

According to The CW, they’re doing this to ensure all new episodes on Mondays (with help from Life Unexpected) from January 18th til the season ends.

But I’m not sure I buy it. I’m also not sure I know who the loser is.

Is The CW concerned about the quality of One Tree Hill this season? Are they looking to burn through the episodes sooner? Are they worried fans won’t stick around and tune in after an extra-long break?

Or do they have more confidence in One Tree Hill leading the new episode charge in January? So much confidence that they’re using it to anchor a new show?

Do they see Gossip Girl and 90210 as the shows fans are willing to wait for? Are they saving their best material for a one-two punch later in the season?

Or are they concerned about Gossip Girl and 90210’s dropping ratings?

It could be a combination of the above. They could be having their cake and eating it, too. They could think this is the perfect way to have the second-half of the 2009-2010 season kick ass: a little of this and then a little of that.

But the cynic in me says no. The cynic in me says that’s not the case at all.

Let’s hope I’m wrong and we get three renewals when it comes time to announce next season’s schedule.



6 responses

4 01 2010

Over in the UK we havnt had any series 7 of OTH yet, and i can honestly say im dreading it. I just cannot see it being anywhere near as wonderful with no Chad or Hilarie. I have always been a hardcore fan and cant go a day without watching a few epps on DVD, but dread to think of a Tree Hill minus Luke and Peyton, Peyton and Brooke, Luke and Jamie/Haley/Nathan 😦 All i look forward to is seeing Rachel again 🙂

4 01 2010

in germany we only had the whole first season from oth.. the rest never aired.
totally sucks!

4 01 2010

I don’t get your point.
Which one do you think it’s going to suffer?

5 01 2010

Kelly: While I have several issues with season 7, the absence of Leyton is one of them–and a big one. Putting my love for the couple aside, I also have appreciation for them as individuals and the relationships they’ve built with the other characters. There’s been countless times this season where it felt like something was missing or something was being substituted, scenes and storylines where you just know that Haley, Nathan, Brooke, etc. would be/should be talking to Lucas or Peyton about whatever issue is happening. That said, some do love this reason and I’ve seen a wide range of (mixed) opinions. Rachel does have a standout episode, if you ask me, so keep looking forward to that. Let me know what you think when you do get to see them.

mj: Wait–so they’ve only ever aired the first season in Germany? That’s so interesting. The show seems to have a big international following (especially in France). I’m pretty sure some fans–maybe just one–from Germany recently started a “One Tree Hill Germany” Twitter account. There’s been a few accounts created, just in the last few weeks, to represent fans in different parts of the world.

Cooper: My point is I wonder if what they are doing is an experiment of sorts, using this half of the season to really test the waters with each of the shows. Soon it will be time to decide which shows should be renewed for next year. There’s only so many slots to fill and they’re going to want to add at least one new pilot next year. That means not every show currently on The CW can be renewed (unless they don’t all get full seasons). So I’m wondering which of the teen dramas–if any–will be canceled. There’s persuasive arguments for and against each of them and, like I did above, you can read positively or negatively into the current scheduling. I don’t know which one’s going to suffer but one may.

6 01 2010

I actually think 90210 and Gossip Girl will definitely be renewed for next season, unless something crazy happens like CBS and Time Warner decide to put an end to the network. The Beautiful Life has already been canceled and Melrose Place is probably the next to go. Combine this with the fact that Smallville (Tom Welling can’t be Superboy forever), Supernatural (the creator only originally planned for 5 seasons) and One Tree Hill (I actually hope this comes back, but all shows must end at some time) are all on their last legs and I think the CW has no choice but to bring back 90210 and Gossip Girl.

6 01 2010

Bec, you have some good points. I don’t see the network being shut down (particularly due to the success of The Vampire Diaries) but that was a possibility in the past and you never can be absolutely sure. I will be doing a post soon on the arguments for and against each of the teen dramas. For now I’ll just comment on Smallville, Supernatural and Melrose Place, since they *probably* won’t be part of my other post.

Smallville: They moved it to Fridays nights, where historically nothing ever does well, and it’s holding its own. Viewers have stuck by the show and The CW seems happy with it is as well. The network acknowledges it’s been on for a long time but says they feel good about the show and admits it could still have a future.

Supernatural: Ditto on the loyal ratings and the network being happy with the show and saying a future is fair game.

Melrose Place: To some it seems like a no-brainer to cancel the show. Like 90210, it was one of the lowest-rated shows on all of network TV in 2009. But canceling it after one season admits defeat. The CW wants so badly to be able to say they brought back two of the biggest shows of the 90s and it was a success. Canceling it, especially after getting Heather Locklear, would be a big embarrassment. I’ll touch on this again in my comments on 90210 when I do that post.

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