Top 5 Biggest Vixens Pt. 5

13 03 2009

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

1. Valerie Malone (Beverly Hills, 90210)

This should come as no surprise as Valerie was and is, without a doubt, the ultimate teen drama vixen. There wasn’t a woman in Beverly Hills Val didn’t fight with or a guy that was safe from her come-ons.  With a priority list that consisted of ME ME ME, Val stopped at nothing to get her way from the day she set foot in the zip code.  A few arrests and even an AIDS scare didn’t deter her to change her wild ways.


These ladies deserve a small shoutout for occasionally causing trouble but either not sticking around long or having a lot more to their personality.

Sophie Burns (Beverly Hills, 90210)

Jen Lindley (Dawson’s Creek)

Abby Morgan (Dawson’s Creek)

Eve Whitman (Dawson’s Creek)

Taylor Townsend (The O.C.)

Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill)

Nicki (One Tree Hill)

Taylor James (One Tree Hill)

Georgina Sparks (Gossip Girl)




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