Gossip Girl: Real NYC Stories Revealed

27 04 2009


“Gossip Girl: Real NYC Stories Revealed” begins during tonight’s new episode of GG.

This short series, hosted by Jessica Szohr (Vanessa), showcases the lives of real-life teens living on the Upper East Side in a 90-second segment during each episode.

From the press release:

The new video series introduces four real girls from Manhattan’s Upper East Side who grew up in the same NYC hotbed as characters of Gossip Girl. These real girls have followed their passions to define their own successes in life. Their real stories are being shared to encourage all 20-something girls to live life with a fresh perspective and inspire others to pursue their dreams as they juggle common life pressures such as careers, relationships, beauty, finances, family and friends. The four real girls are:

  • Chrissie Miller: fashion designer and founder of the Sophomore apparel brand
  • Faythallegra Coleman: emerging Brooklyn-based filmmaker and writer
  • Dani Stahl: style director for Nylon magazine, jewelry designer and “IT” girl
  • Lara Meiland-Shaw: co-founder of a Lara Hélène Bridal Atelier and philanthropist

After these partial-segments air, you can go to http://www.cwtv.com/dovegofresh to see how they end.

The series is sponsored by the Dove go fresh campaign which seeks “to give these women a fresh perspective and help them recognize a wider definition of success and ultimately feel beautiful.”



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