News Roundup: Gossip Girl, The O.C., 90210 and One Tree Hill

16 03 2010
  • Last night’s Gossip Girl (1.7 million viewers) stayed the same in the ratings compared to last week, making that two weeks in a row with a record-low. Meanwhile, Life Unexpected had a nice increase in ratings, which The CW (rightfully) bragged about in a press release, while also spinning GG’s numbers.
  • At work today, Gossip Cop and I busted Access Hollywood and OK! Magazine for citing one of the fake Twitter accounts for Chace Crawford (Nate, Gossip Girl).
  • Zap2it has an interview with Aaron Tveit (Tripp, Gossip Girl), mostly about Ugly Betty.
  • Hilary Duff (Olivia, Gossip Girl) and Chris Carmack (Luke, The O.C.) star in the TV movie Beauty & The Briefcase, which will air on ABCFamily April 18.
  • Benjamin McKenzie (Ryan, The O.C.) wrote a piece for about tonight’s episode of Southland. Apparently this is the third week he’s done this. News to me!
  • Bonnie Somerville (Rachel, The O.C.) and Matt Lanter (Liam, 90210) each participated in a short trivia game with DailyFill, where the questions happened to be predominantly about our teen dramas!
  • The CW Source, BuzzSugar and have spoilish interviews with Tristan Wilds (Dixon, 90210).
  • Alloy and have spoilish interviews with Michael Steger (Navid, 90210). Really not happy with the factually-inaccurate and insulting answer he gave to the last question in the latter one. (BTW, have you read my interview with him?)
  • has a post highlighting “5 Dudes Who Are Way Too Old To Be Playing Teenagers on TV,” including Trevor Donovan (Teddy, 90210) and making references to Steger and Andrea (Gabrielle Carteris, Beverly Hills 90210).
  • The Walshes ranked 49th in TV Guide Magazine’s list of Top 50 TV Families.
  • For the week of February 22, One Tree Hill had one of the top 10 biggest gains when DVR ratings were factored in.
  • Hilarie Burton (Peyton, One Tree Hill) posted a new vlog earlier this month on the SoGoPro site.
  • Kate Voegele (Mia, One Tree Hill) is going on tour with Jordin Sparks.
  • Michaela McManus (Lindsey, One Tree Hill) has been cast as one of the leads in the CW pilot Nomads.

Fun Fact

19 02 2010

Five of the six teen dramas began with main characters who were siblings or would become siblings.

On Beverly Hills 90210 we have twins Brenda and Brandon, while on 90210 there’s Annie and her adopted brother Dixon. The original also had Kelly and David as step-siblings while the new show made Annie and Dixon share a half-sibling with Naomi.

On The O.C., Seth found a brother in Ryan when the Cohens became his guardian.

One Tree Hill has half-brothers Lucas and Nathan.

And Gossip Girl has Dan and Jenny as well as Serena and Eric, along with quite a few pairs of step-siblings, some involving Chuck (with Serena and Eric) and Blair (with non-main character Aaron). And, of course, Dan and Jenny became step-siblings with Serena and Eric.

The lone exception is Dawson’s Creek. No original main characters as siblings in Capeside.

But DC is one of four teen dramas that introduced a baby sibling when the first child, the main character, was in high school or older.

On BH90210, Kelly was between her junior and senior years of high school while David was between his sophomore and junior years when they got a baby half-sister, Erin, now known on 90210 as Silver.

Dawson was a senior in high school when his parents had Lily.

Seth and Ryan were out of high school when the Cohens had Sophie.

Lucas was graduating high school when his mom had a baby girl, also named Lily.

Remains to be seen whether Gossip Girl and 90210 will continue the trend!

Get Ready for Gossip Girl Season 3!

13 09 2009

We’re days away from Gossip Girl’s season 3 premiere!

Here’s what you need to know about last season:

After a summer apart, Serena and Dan rekindle their romance but it doesn’t last and Serena begins dating Aaron.  Throughout the relationship, the bond she shares with Dan remains strong and she ends things with Aaron.  Dan and Serena *again* get back together and *again* split up, allowing Dan to have a fling with one of the teachers at Constance and Serena to briefly date the scheming Gabriel.  Dan and Serena attend prom together just as friends.

Serena’s friendship with Blair is off-and-on as well, with Blair jealous as Serena becomes an Upper East Side socialite and gets in to Yale.  The season ends with them reaffirming their bond as best friends (or is it frenemies?).

Serena and her mother Lily have a similar trajectory: their relationship is drama-free periodically but when it’s bad, it’s really bad with Lily purposefully having Serena arrested and Lily slowly owning up to her own wild past.

Lily’s past comes back to haunt her in more ways than one.  Despite being married to Bart Bass, she can’t hide her feelings with Rufus.  Bart unexpectedly dies, clearing the way for a Lily-Rufus reunion.  The joy is shortlived, however, when Rufus finds out they had a child years ago who Lily gave up for adoption.  Rufus, feeling betrayed, refuses to be with her and instead tries to track the boy down.  With Lily’s help, they find his family but are saddened to find out he died years earlier.  Lily and Rufus slowly find their way back together, with Rufus ready to propose.  The plans come to a halt, however, when Rufus finds out Lily was secretly funneling money into his account to help with Dan’s tuition.  Again feeling betrayed, Rufus ends things.  In the season finale, however, they both put their pride aside and get engaged.

Rufus spends a lot of the season struggling with daughter Jenny, who rebels against not only her family but also Constance and her friends.  She moves out of the Humphrey loft, has a fling with Nate, makes a questionable friend in Agnes (The O.C.’s Willa Ford) and faces off against Blair’s minions.  Blair hands down her Queen B title to Jenny, putting her in a position of power she never had before.

Chuck is surprisingly devastated when Bart dies, feeling abandoned by everyone.  His downward spiral includes plenty of girls, drugs and tears.  He inherits his father’s fortune which he briefly has to wrestle away from his uncle Jack.  He later finds both a mother figure and a business partner in Lily.

Blair comes back from her summer in Europe with a new boyfriend–Lord Marcus–but still nursing her broken heart from Chuck’s abandonment.  The two dance around their feelings all season, with Blair willing to say those three little words but Chuck refusing to.  In fact, Chuck insists his flirtation is just a game, devastating Blair.  But she doesn’t mope for too long, briefly getting back together with Nate.  She soon realizes that Nate is her “high school” boyfriend and she needs to move on.  Around this time, Chuck realizes he needs to admit his feelings or he’ll lose her forever–and he does.  The two finally exchange those three little words.

Nate starts off the season dating a married woman (who happens to be Lord Marcus’ step-mother and sometimes lover!) but the fling soon ends and Nate is left to tackle family problems.  He finds himself homeless after the government seizes his family’s assets since his father remains on the run from the first season.  When his father returns, Nate refuses to run away with him and instead convinces him to turn himself in to the FBI.  During the trying time, Vanessa’s there to help and the two end up getting back together.  The differences in their lifestyle become glaringly obvious when Nate’s grandfather exerts his influence over him, and things end between them, allowing him to briefly get back together with Blair (as mentioned above).  Nate and Vanessa salvage their friendship, agreeing to backpack across Europe together–but not before briefly meeting someone who happens to be Rufus and Lily’s long-lost son.

Everyone’s thrown for a loop when Georgina returns to the fold as a Born Again Christian.  She seeks forgiveness for her past transgressions but soon the evilness that lies within her is brought to the surface again.  She enrolls in NYU, where Blair and Dan will be going in the fall, and requests to be Blair’s roommate.

Serena, instead of preparing to go to Brown, takes off with Carter on a search for her father.

Does Serena find him?  Will Georgina and Blair end up as roommates?  Will Chuck and Blair last? And will Rufus and Lily find out their son is alive?

Come back tomorrow at 9pm eastern for my live-blog of the season 3 premiere!

News Roundup: Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill and More

29 05 2009
  • Kristin has a video interview with the Gossip Girl cast.
  • Chace Crawford (Nate, Gossip Girl) talked to about his role in the Footloose remake.  Gossip Girl co-star Connor Paolo (Eric) praised Crawford in a article.
  • Candy Spelling, mother of Tori (Donna, Beverly Hills 9021o) is reportedly blaming the death of husband Aaron Spelling (the creator of BH90210) on Tori’s decision to alienate the family from her life.  Candy has since clarified her original statements a bit via The Huffington Post.
  • A One Tree Hill fan has started a Save Lucas + Peyton account on Twitter.
  • Kate Voegele’s (Mia, One Tree Hill) new album made the Billboard Top 10 list.
  • Adam Brody (Seth, The O.C.) joined the cast of the Kevin Smith film A Couple of Dicks.
  • USA Today has a short story on Autumn Reeser (Taylor, The O.C.).
  • Mark Matkevich (Drue, Dawson’s Creek) stars in the new webseries Pushed.

Love Triangles Pt. 5: Gossip Girl

30 01 2009







How It Started: Everyone on the Upper East Side is shocked when “it girl” Serena suddenly leaves town.  Then when she returns a few months later, her best friend Blair is even more shocked when she finds out why Serena left town in the first place: because she slept with Blair’s longtime boyfriend, Nate.

How It Ended: Upon Serena’s return to the city, Nate–who is still with Blair–struggles with his feelings for both girls.  Serena isn’t interested in him, though, and works to repair her friendship with Blair.  Meanwhile, Blair and Nate work things out and continue to date.

Key Episodes: 1.1-1.2, 1.6-1.7, 1.17

YouTube Evidence: Gossip Girl–Blair/Nate/Serena; Blair/Nate/Serena–Leave (Get Out)


How It Started: While briefly broken up from Nate during season one, Blair loses her virginity to his best friend, Chuck.  Blair manages to keep her indiscretion secret, even as Chuck tries to hook up with her again.  Blair and Nate reunite, angering Chuck.

How It Ended: When Blair has a pregnancy scare a few weeks later, someone tells Gossip Girl that Nate might not be the babydaddy.  Blair isn’t pregnant, but the damage is already done: Nate finds out about their one-night-stand, breaking up with her and ending his friendship with Chuck.  Chuck, likewise, rejects Blair telling her, “I don’t want you anymore and I can’t see why anyone else would.”  Blair and Chuck spend the rest of the season inching towards a relationship and then pulling back.  In the season finale, Nate and Chuck repair their friendship and he gives Chuck his blessing.

Key Episodes: 1.7-1.8, 1.10-1.13, 1.17-1.18

YouTube Evidence: Nate, Blair, Chuck–There’s No I In Team


How It Started: While dating Serena, Dan makes friend with a girl named Sarah–unaware that she’s really Georgina, Serena’s frenemy.  Georgina, masquerading as Sarah, wedges herself in the middle of Serena and Dan’s relationship.  Dan, upset with Serena for cheating on him (though she really didn’t), hooks up with Georgina.

How It Ended: With help from Blair, Dan learns Sarah/Georgina’s real indentity.  He does not get back together with Serena, though, feeling that the damage has been done and the whole situation put way too much distance between them.

Key Episodes: 1.15-1.18

YouTube Evidence: Dan/Serena/Georgina–Cry; Georgina Sparks Is Back!


How It Started: Long-ago sweethearts Rufus and Lily connect again when their kids (Dan and Serena) begin dating.  Lily contemplates seeing Rufus again but doesn’t after Serena asks her not to, as it would complicate her own love life.  Lily, intead, gets engaged to business mogul (and Chuck’s dad) Bart.

How It Ended: Rufus tries to stop Lily from marrying Bart, and they even sleep together on the eve of the wedding.  Lily decides, however, to go through with the wedding.  Within a few months, though Lily becomes unhappy in her mariage and plans to leave Bart and, presumably, get with Rufus.  Before she can do that, though, Bart dies in a car accident.  Following his death, Rufus and Lily head towards a relationship.

Key Episodes: 1.6, 1.9, 1.12, 1.16-1.18, 2.5, 2.7, 2.11-2.13

YouTube Evidence: Gossip Girl: Loose Ends; Iris–Lily and Rufus Fanvid


How It Started: After getting back together and then breaking up again, Serena and Dan plan to see other people.  Serena meets Aaron, a budding artist, and they soon begin to date.  Throughout the relationship, Aaron is threatened by Dan and Serena’s continued friendship with him.

How It Ended: Dan realizes how much he still loves her, and asks Serena to give him another chance.  Serena turns him down and takes Aaron up on his offer to spend winter break in Argentina.  When she returns, she reveals to Dan that she broke up with Aaron, and they get back together.

Key Episodes: 2.8-2.9, 2.11-2.14

YouTube Evidence: Serena/Dan/Aaron–The Way I Loved You; Gossip Girl 213: Serena (Dan or Aaron)






Spoiler: Watch with Kristin

27 01 2009


Georgia in North Dakota: I love Toni Collette‘s new show The United States of Tara! What can you dish? I’ll take that or Gossip Girl.
I’ll give you both. At the premiere party for the show, Brie Larson (Tara’s daughter) showed up with a familiar Gossip Girl face. Her real life boyfriend is none other than Serena van der Woodsen’s ex-flame Aaron Rose (John Patrick Amedori). Kooky, right? When asked if she’s jealous that John was making out with Blake Lively Brie tells me: “You know, I don’t care. I think she kind of looks like me, so I don’t really take offense to it. I just envision that it’s myself…Whatever! He’s still my boyfriend!”

Randall in Miami: What’s the latest on Gossip Girl?
A former bigtime couple that some of you (though, admittedly, very few of you) love will be getting back together and who it is certainly surprised the pants off of me! Also, Nate’s grandfather makes him an offer that’s too good to pass up, which leads to Vanessa feeling out of place, and the dynamic of that relationship shifting. Basically the whole rest of the season is relationship roulette.

Wanda2Saints: Who is the GG couple getting back together?
Not Jenny and Nate, despite the purposely misleading photo at right. (Shhhhh!) And yes, right now you Chuck and Blair fans should be weeping, ’cause this old couple reconnecting totally means that Bluck or Chair (or whatever your name of choice) will not become a real couple any time soon this season.

Margaret in Tallahassee: What’s next for Rufus and Lily?
Rufus and Lily continue to play house, which continues to sicken the kids…and continues to seriously trigger my morning sickness. This baby is not a Rufus and Lily fan.

Any word on Tori’s comeback to 90210?
I’m hearing Donna (Tori Spelling) comes back to  Bev Hills and reveals she’s having problems with David (paging Brian Austin Green!). Seriously, have any of these women been lucky in love?! I feel for the old school 90210-ers! The upside, though, is that their careers all appear to be going well (and global). Word is, Donna is thinking about opening a clothing store in Los Angeles and she’s already a huge success in Japan.

Emily in Rapid City, S.D.: Have you heard any details on the new Dylan on 90210?
Yes, Matt Lanter soon joins the cast as the new Dylan McKay, and AnnaLynne McCord tells me she’ll be the first to get in on that action, “He is the bad boy and Naomi starts to love herself some bad boy…He] just throws her so off her Naomi world and off its axis, that it kind of intrigues her, so she feels challenged. He gets her into trouble.” And it looks like Shenae Grimes may also get into the mix., “I feel like there’s going to be a triangle somewhere there,” she tells me, “and I wouldn’t complain if I was apart of said triangle.”

Katrina in Auburn, N.Y.: Kristin, please tell me Josh Henderson will be back on 90210!
The maybe-he-is-maybe-he-isn’t, long lost Wilson kid might not be finished with Beverly Hills just yet! Josh tells me that the fate of Sean Cavanaugh has yet to be determined. ” I don’t think he’s done by any means. There are still things up in the air where I might be the son. It’s worth watching, I’ll just say that. My guy’s still bouncing back and forth.”

Gregory in Eugene, Ore: Anything you can share on One Tree Hill?
Looks like Lucas’ movie is going to get shut down.


Wow, this was so jam-packed with scoop that made me mad that I just have to comment!

  • Blair and Nate getting back together is old news.  I forget who broke it, but I did read it a while ago.  While I am not opposed to the idea, it’s hard to believe Blair and Chuck still won’t be getting together.  I much rather see a Nate and Serena pairing.
  • Donna having problems with David = NOT ACCEPTABLE, especially if BAG isn’t even on the show.  I am sick of the new 90210 rewriting history and ruining the way the original ended.  It is so disrespectful to longtime fans.
  • And calling Matt Lanter the new Dylan McKay is a little premature.  Would be interesting/annoyingly predictable, though, if it ends up being another Brenda-Dylan-Kelly triangle.
  • I really don’t want to see Lucas’ movie get shut down…except if it starts back up.  I’d love to see snippets of the final product, a premiere, etc.  Then again, it is getting to be very Dawson’s Creek-like where Dawson makes the movie (in the show’s penultimate episode) based on his life/the actual show.
  • Am I off my rocker about all this?  What do you guys think?

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