Villains, Part 2

27 06 2009


1. Abby Morgan (played by Monica Keena)

This character, who met an untimely demise in the second season, stirred up trouble for Capeside’s favorite foursome and frequently feuded with on-again, off-again BFF Jen (Michelle Williams).

2. Drue Valentine (played by Mark Matkevich)

Jen later faced off with a new adversary, Drue Valentine.  His mischevious ways included harassing Joey (Katie Holmes) and trying to lure Jen with drugs.

Tomorrow we move on to The O.C., where one villain’s actions had fatal consequences.

News Roundup: Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill and More

29 05 2009
  • Kristin has a video interview with the Gossip Girl cast.
  • Chace Crawford (Nate, Gossip Girl) talked to about his role in the Footloose remake.  Gossip Girl co-star Connor Paolo (Eric) praised Crawford in a article.
  • Candy Spelling, mother of Tori (Donna, Beverly Hills 9021o) is reportedly blaming the death of husband Aaron Spelling (the creator of BH90210) on Tori’s decision to alienate the family from her life.  Candy has since clarified her original statements a bit via The Huffington Post.
  • A One Tree Hill fan has started a Save Lucas + Peyton account on Twitter.
  • Kate Voegele’s (Mia, One Tree Hill) new album made the Billboard Top 10 list.
  • Adam Brody (Seth, The O.C.) joined the cast of the Kevin Smith film A Couple of Dicks.
  • USA Today has a short story on Autumn Reeser (Taylor, The O.C.).
  • Mark Matkevich (Drue, Dawson’s Creek) stars in the new webseries Pushed.

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