Sexiest Moments, Part 4

23 07 2009


1. The Living Years, Episode 1.11

Brucas hook up in a stranger’s hot tub.

2. Crash Course in Polite Conversation, 1.12

Leyton get carried away in a motel room.

3. The Wind That Blew My Heart Away, 3.13

Naley hook up in the rain (one of many times).  Brucas start kissing in the rain and then move it indoors.

4. Forever and Almost Always, 6.23

Naley has “slutty wedding sex.”

**For the record, I had the hardest time doing this list for OTH (versus the other shows) because there were SO MANY sexy scenes to choose from!  I know I left some great ones off, but only because I had to keep it short!

Come back tomorrow for the last part of my sexy moments series!

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YouTube Video of the Week

31 05 2009

In January, one of my YouTube Video of the Weeks was a One Tree Hill video about Leyton, set to Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.”

It was one of the best videos I’ve seen any for teen drama couple, let alone Leyton.

I recently found a Brucas video set to the same song and, in the interest of fairness, the video is below.

Despite Leyton’s marriage, we all know the Brucas vs. Leyton debate rages on.  I don’t really mean to add fuel to the fire, but I do think it’s interesting to look at both videos as they have a lot of similarities.


News Roundup: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and The O.C.

2 02 2009
  • CW couples dominated Portait Magazine’s poll of the Top 10 Young [Relation]Ships.  Blair and Chuck (Gossip Girl) take the top spot but One Tree Hill’s Brucas, Naley and Leyton are numbers 2, 3 and 4, respectively.
  • PEOPLE has a photo of a very dressed-down Blake Lively (Serena, Gossip Girl) and Penn Badgley (Dan, Gossip Girl) at DirecTV’s Celebrity Beach Bowl.
  • After almost a month of searching, I finally found a promo for Benjamin McKenzie’s new show, retitled Southland, on NBC.  Coincidentally, the audio track–Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch–was featured on The O.C. (and Dawson’s Creek!) once or twice!

Love Triangles Pt. 4: One Tree Hill

29 01 2009






How It Started: Lucas had a crush on his half-brother’s girlfriend, Peyton, but ended up dating her best friend Brooke in season one.  It wasn’t long, though, before Lucas and Peyton couldn’t hide their mutual attraction and began sneaking around Brooke’s back.  When Brooke found out the real reason Lucas broke up with her, she ended her friendships with both of them, and the Leyton versus Brucas war began.

How It Ended: Peyton and Lucas realized they couldn’t move forward with their relationship after hurting Brooke so much.  By the end of season two, Lucas realized how much he missed Brooke and in the beginning of season 3 they got back together.  At the end of the season, however, Peyton also realized that she was in love with Lucas and told Brooke–effectively ending their friendship.  Brooke broke up with Lucas, in part because of this, in the beginning of season 4.  It took some time but Lucas finally realized he was in love Peyton, too, and Brooke gave them her blessing.

Key Episodes: 1.8-1.15, 2.23, 3.9, 3.21-3.22, 4.1-4.3, 4.8-4.12, 4.15

YouTube Evidence: One Tree Hill–Classic Love Triangle; One Tree Hill–Love Triangle; Brooke/Lucas/Peyton Love Triangle; Brooke/Lucas/Peyton: Tikal


How It Started: When Peyton returns to Tree Hill at the beginning of season 5, she’s surprised to find out that Lucas is in a serious relationship with Lindsey.  Lucas, still angry that Peyton turned down his marriage proposal a few years back, continues his relationship with Lindsey and denies that he has any feelings for Peyton.  One night, after Lucas and Peyton share a kiss and Peyton thinks they will be together, she finds out Lucas and Lindsey are getting married.

How It Ended: On their wedding day, Lindsey leaves Lucas at the altar after realizing that he is still in love with Peyton.  Lucas spends the next few months trying to get Lindsey back and blaming Peyton for their break-up.  Season 5 ends with a love triangle cliff-hanger: Lucas is at the airport and calls someone, asking “Do you want to get married tonight?”  It isn’t until the season 6 premiere that we find out he called Peyton.  She accepts his new proposal and they get engaged.

Key Episodes: 5.1–5.9, 5.11-5.18, 6.1, 6.05

YouTube Evidence: One Tree Hill–Lindsey/Lucas/Peyton, One Tree Hill–Peyton/Lucas/Lindsay; Lindsey/Lucas/Peyton–The Hardest Thing; The Comet Movie Trailer



Nathan-Haley-Chris Keller (not included above based on poll results)






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