Sexiest Teen Drama Moments

20 07 2009

Sure, it’s primetime and the characters are usually in high school, but that doesn’t mean teen dramas never get down and dirty.  I’ll spend the next few days highlighting, show-by-show, some of my favorite sexy moments.


1.Toil and Trouble, Episode 8.8

Kelly and Brandon decide to spice up their relationship by having sex anywhere and everywhere throughout the episode.

2. Forgive and Forget, 8.3

Valerie and Noah get it on in a stranger’s pool. (Skip to 7.05!)

**Note: I also wanted to include The Dreams of Dylan McKay (5.10) where Dylan–while in a coma–fantasizes about hooking up with all the girls, as well as Graduation Day (7.32) when Donna loses her virginity to David butttttt I couldn’t find clips of those scenes!

Come back tomorrow for more sexy scenes!



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