Guest Post Opportunity: Defend Your Favorite Couple

20 07 2009

Do you think Steve and Clare are an underrated couple?

Are you still pissed Joey didn’t end up with Dawson?

Do you believe Lucas and Brooke belong together?

Well, here’s your mission, should you choose to accept it: tell us why!

In a guest post of at least 100 words, defend your favorite couple.  Persuade us–using your personal beliefs, tribute videos and evidence from specific episodes–that they shouldn’t have been so controversial, unpopular or kept apart by the powers that be.

Were you secretly happy when Gigi was trying to get back with Mouth?

Did you think Marissa and Volchok made a great match?

Are you hoping Serena and Aaron reunite?

E-mail me your thoughts at

Need inspiration?  Check out the Essential Teen Drama Love Triangles and my own favorite couples list.

Disclaimer: Submitting a post doesn’t guarantee publication. I reserve the right to edit for clarity and content.



2 responses

27 07 2009

I would defend Dawson and Joey being soulmates but it has been so long since I was so adamently passionate about D/J. I have actually come around a lot to the pairing of Pacey and Joey. When I first watched the show I was in love with the idea of soulmates and desperately wished I had that kind of connection to someone. I couldn’t see what a great and meaningful couple P/J made. Other than that my favorite couples usually get their happy endings (Leyton), on their way to happy endings, or die before they get there (Ryan and Marissa :-/) And I knew how BH 90210 ended before I started to watch it, so I didn’t let myself get to invested into any of the couples.

27 07 2009

Interesting answer, Alyssa!

Everyone else–please e-mail me your “post”!

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