’s Top Moments of the Week

10 01 2009


As one life ends, another begins. Except on TV, where no one ever really dies and the number of surprise babies corresponds directly with the stunted creativity of a show’s writing staff. (Looking at you, 90210.) what we’re saying is this week’s Top Moments include plenty of doom — but also glimmers of hope.

12. Harshest Embrace: “I’m Chuck Bass!” yells the Gossip Girl bad boy, as he thinks about jumping from a ledge. “And no one cares.” No one, that is, except Blair, who coaxes him into her arms. But what other Bass have they held? Chuck’s uncle (who we childishly call Jack Ass, because it rhymes with “Bass,”) later reminds Blair that Chuck must never learn what happened between them. X-O X-Eww! Watch full episodes of Gossip Girl on our Online Video Guide.

11. Littlest Scandal: Oh snap — One Tree Hill returns from winter break to shockingly reveal that Peyton and Luke are… having a baby! And that they’re… totally cool with it. Oh. Well good for them, then. Moving right along.



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