Article: Jessica Lowndes Says…

13 01 2009

…Adrianna’s baby is, essentially, saving her life.

How so you ask?  In the most in-depth interview (which was briefly mentioned in today’s roundup) I’ve seen with her, Lowndes says her character has been turning her life around–no more drugs, etc.–and being pregnant will keep her on the right track.

So, SPOILER ALERT, Adrianna will be keeping the baby.

My favorite part of the article is the way it starts: pointing out how Lowndes was barely on the press’ radar when the show began (and seemed to be going the Scott Scanlon route-aka dying prematurely and tragically) but has now carved out a name and character for herself.  And, so, I offer you another comparison: Lowndes’s path is very much like Luke Perry’s (Dylan, Beverly Hills 90210).  Perry joined the show as a guest-star with an unplanned/unforeseen future and soon became one of the best things about it.  Interesting, no?

Other tidbits from the article: Lowndes was 4 when the original started (I was 3!); Adrianna will beat Annie for the lead in an upcoming school play; and Lowndes still “pinches” herself when she’s around original cast members!



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