Monday Night Reaction

20 01 2009


  • How and why is Blair’s dad back?  Did I miss something?
  • Q1: “We heard you watching Gilmore Girls all night.”–Roman
  • Q2: “I am a better fit for Yale than that Rory girl!”–Blair
  • A pit bull?  Really?  Blair so doesn’t seem the put bull type.
  • Q3: “He’s as dead to me as his father is to him.”–Blair
  • Since when do colleges give a set day for acceptance notifications?
  • Quite funny seeing Lily and Rufus come down the stairs
  • Cannot see Rufus making a society debut and don’t know why Lily would want to do it so soon.  Social suicide?
  • Q4: “I would say get a room but yours is right above mine.  Remember that.”–Eric
  • The “Bush-league” comment was well-timed.
  • So will Bart forever be Chuck’s personal kryptonite?
  • Q5: “Does she have Benjamin Button syndrome?”–Dan
  • Nice Teach For America plug.  Most school-aged viewers probably don’t know what it is, though.
  • If this is the episode with the opera in it, it must be the episode that W intern was an extra on?
  • Chuck’s different schemes to get rid of Jack are hilarious.
  • Is that a different headmaster from the one seen in the previous episodes?
  • Q6: “Dan Humphrey?  He’s like a cafeteria lady with a lottery ticket.”–Blair
  • Q7: “Witch hunts are my Valium, Serena.”–Blair
  • Jack hitting on Lily = ew!
  • Has Jack really been doing cocaine?
  • Doesn’t Blair know this conundrum is pretty much her fault?  How can you apply to only one school?!
  • Q8: “The Bass-tard is untouchable.”–Lily
  • Did Chuck really not know that Lily and Rufus were (sorta) together?
  • Is Serena an idiot to give up her Yale spot for Blair?  Or does she genuinely not want to go?
  • Q9: “New teachers are like children.  They need to be taught.”  “And spanked.”–Blair and Penelope
  • Eric totally would know about the opera!
  • No Jenny until half-way through…and then not again!  I do not object!
  • So Eric does want Lily and Rufus together?
  • The angel and devil bit with Blair was pretty cute.
  • Blair/Leighton Meester is a good actress!
  • Love that Lily and Rufus are planning college visits…aka, their future–together!
  • I liked Serena’s dress a lot until she and Dan were sitting and having that talk and the cleavage took up half the TV screen.
  • Q10: “It went from Family Ties to Faulker in one cocktail.”–Dan
  • Why does Nate insist on wearing his hair greased back like that?  So gross.
  • Why is everyone going to the opera on this particular night?
  • Surprised to see Lily and Rufus making out in public like that.
  • I love when Blair’s plans backfire.  She never learns.
  • Were there really no Blair/Chuck scenes this episode?  Unacceptable.
  • Why was Lily going to adopt Chuck if she was so unhappy being married to Bart?
  • How does the adoption immediately translate to a chance in Bass Industries CEO?
  • This can’t be the last we see of Jack, right?  What happened to all the Jack/Blair hints?  Not going to see that played out?  Execs change their mind after reading all the online backlash?
  • Jack is pretty psycho.  So you’re mad at Lily…and that makes you want to rape her?!
  • I like Chuck the hero.
  • Will Rufus sell the loft and move in with Lily and co?
  • The Chuck and Rufus handshake was nice but I doubt the peace/respect will last.
  • So pretty soon everyone’s gonna be related to everyone else!
  • Will Serena + Brown = Summer + Brown? (The O.C.)
  • Serena totally wants out of her relationship with Dan, right?  Not that we thought it was going to last…
  • …especially when Dan can move on to Miss Carr!
  • The detention punishment seemed lame…until the threat of not getting into Yale was unleashed!
  • Q11: “Uht oh.  Is it war?”–Dorota
  • And now Blair is going to be the psycho one!


  • Wonder why they included the Long Island Iced Tea clip in the ‘previously on’ segment.
  • It’s weird to hear the number 23 being reference when that’s no longer Nathan.
  • Haley looked way too dolled up for a basketball game.
  • Why doesn’t the coach tell Devon to stop acting like such an ass?
  • Q1: “There’s this amazing invention called the dishwasher.”  “Yeah, it’s called me.”–Peyton and Lucas
  • I love when Nathan teaches Jamie lessons.  He’s such a great father.
  • Brooke and Julian on couch = wow!
  • Q2: “Maybe we should just continue this in the bedroom?  Preferably with no clothes on.”–Julian
  • Q3: “That grin should be illegal.”–Brooke
  • Why did Brooke stay on his lap when Sam walked in?!
  • Q4: “I’ll have my headphones on tonight.  Just in case.”–Sam
  • Q5: “There’s no drama in normal.  I’m going for 8 Mile.”–Director #6
  • Dan’s back!
  • Didn’t expect to see the Carrie flashback.  Liked it, though.
  • Q6: “I’ll try to avoid being kidnapped by a crazy bitch.”–Dan
  • The coach made a fair point that Nathan needs to wait his turn.
  • The Julian/Lucas hat convo was funny.  So are they buddies now??
  • Q7: “Julian, you’ve been calling me Paul since you were 15 so don’t start with the Dad crap now.”–Paul
  • Q8: “Getting lucky is how I got a son.”–Nathan (Catch the double meaning??!!)
  • Can Naley be my parents?  So happy to see them on this drama-free streak.
  • Peyton seemed extra-nasally in the scene where she warns Brooke about Julian.  (Which she was totally right to do!)
  • Q9: “Haley, will you marry me?” “That is creepy on so many levels.”–Lucas and Haley
  • So Lucas didn’t give Peyton an engagement ring when he proposed in Vegas the second time?  Must’ve overlooked that.
  • Julian looks kind of funny in the letterman jacket.
  • And Brooke’s ruffled shirt is not flattering on her.
  • Why is Brooke worrying about what will happen post-movie when they don’t even have a director yet?
  • Nice to hear Dan talking nicely about Nathan to Jamie.
  • Q10: “So I’m gonna be your first.”  “We’ll see.”–Chase and Mia (Catch the double meaning this time??!!)
  • That diamon is huge!
  • Q11: “I am so glad you always knew me.”–Peyton
  • Q12: “…some classic Dan Scott advice that doesn’t apply to normal people.”–Nathan
  • How many of you think Dan will break his promise?
  • Q13: “Good thing you’re not a serial killer.  We actually have those here in Tree Hill.”–Peyton
  • Very interesting Julian revelations from Paul. Curious to see if this affects Leyton or just Brooke/Peyton.
  • As if we needed more proof that Jamie is adorable, that phone scene was pretty cute.  And too short!
  • Surprised that Peyton is actually unhappy with the ring.  She didn’t show that at all in the earlier scene.
  • Q14: “Lucas Scott, you son of a bitch!” “Rent Die Hard; it’ll change your life.”–Dixon
  • Now that Long Island Iced Tea clip makes sense!  But I can totally do without Chase and Mia.
  • Q15: “I didn’t fly all the way out here just so I could nail some flight attendant on the plane.  Though I did that.”–Dixon
  • James Van Der Beek (Dixon) is playing a mix of all the directors Dawson encountered.  Anyone notice that?
  • Q16: “Bottom line: the three of us are going to get more ass than a toilet seat in Yankee Stadium.”–Dixon
  • Q17: “Let me tell you why you’re not gonna direct this movie. Because you can’t identify with this world. I want a director who can recreate the feeling I get every time I step out onto the river court at night. I want someone who can explain to the audience why one song can instantly change Peyton’s mood. Someone who can recognize that there are two completely different sides to Brooke Davis, both of which are amazing. I want a director who can make the little things the big things. And you are just not the guy to do that.”–Lucas
  • Q18: “I suck.”  “True, but why this time?”–Peyton and Brooke
  • Really liked that Peyton can own up to her mistakes.
  • Q19: “We’ve been through too much for me to violate the girl code now.”  “The girl code?  I am engaged to your ex-boyfriend.  You are so exempt from the girl code, it’s not even funny.”–Brooke and Peyton
  • Maybe Nathan should just coach.  Seems like he’d be great at it.
  • Do you think it’s cuter/better that Nathan doesn’t know Jamie made that phone call?
  • Devon is an ass.  He and the other D (Dixon, not Dan) need to be written out.
  • Q20: “Zero points, zero rebounds, one assist.  The best stat of the night.”–Dan
  • I love Dan when he’s actually being a father!
  • Q21: “Now it’s right where it belongs.”  “And it will be forever.”–Lucas and Peyton
  • Q22: “What is this supposed to mean?” “It means we’re going steady.”–Brooke and Julian
  • Q23: When I first got here everyone thought I came for a girl, the girl in the book. But I only came here to make a movie. But now it turns out everyone was right. I am here for the girl in the book, the other girl.”–Julian
  • Wow, didn’t think Dixon would end up directing.  I thought Paul was going to say Lucas or Julian should just do it.
  • Next episode in two long weeks!  At least the promo looks funny!



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20 01 2009
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