Site of the Week: The Vicious Circle

26 01 2009

90210’s Silver is always blogging on her site The Vicious Circle.  The creative folks over at The CW went to the trouble of creating an actual blog for us all to read.  And it ain’t half bad.

My favorite post: when she waxes philosophical about older sis Kelly and her relationship with Dylan.

“Yet for some reason, Kelly and Dylan just can’t seem to get it together.  It’s this weird push and pull.  They’re like two magnets that repel each other –- you’d think that they should be able to make things work, but there are crazy polar forces that keep it from happening.  I’ve seen them together, and what they’ve got going is this storybook, telenovela kind of love.  But it’s also an idiotic, telenovela kind of love.  And even when they think it’s over, it’s never really over.”

So true, Silver.  So true!



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