90210 Two Nights in a Row!

27 01 2009

In addition to re-airing The Bubble tonight at 8pm, Wide Awake and Dreaming will re-air immediately after Wednesday at 9pm.

In Wide Awake and Dreaming, Naomi tries to get her parents back together and Annie grows closer to Ty.

New episodes resume Feb. 3.



4 responses

27 01 2009

in my neck of the woods, privileged airs after 90210. we get “the bubble” tonight and that’s it.

27 01 2009

and i just checked- “Wide Awake and Dreaming” airs tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 9.

27 01 2009

My mistake, Rosalie. While looking at the TVGuide.com listings, I saw 8pm and 9pm and assumed it was in one night. It’s on at 8pm Tuesday and 9pm Wednesday. Correct made.

Thanks for the catch,

27 01 2009

I am nothing if not anal-retentive. Comes with the English degree. 😉

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