Monday Night Reaction

3 02 2009


  • Q1: “I’m serving a week of hard time.”–Blair
  • Since when does high school detention mean doing community service?
  • Q2: “Miss Blair, your martyr act?  Not good.”–Dorota
  • Calling a teacher by her first name is never a good sign.
  • Did Chuck get a haircut?
  • Is that a tattoo?  That’ll be very hard for continuity.  Just see Prison Break!
  • Q3: “I made friends with a family of squirrels.”-Blair
  • Q4: “Do you need a refresher?  I say, you do.”–Blair
  • Impressed to see Blair’s “minion” stand up to her.  Too bad it didn’t last.
  • No cell phone use during school isn’t that uncommon.  Never see anyone actually pre-emptively take phones away, though.
  • Q5: “I think it’s withdrawal.  She hasn’t checked Gossip Girl for an hour.”–Penelope
  • Q6: “Is a scandal a scandal if you can’t text about it?”–Hazel
  • Love Dorota trying to be stealth in her glasses!
  • Q7: “Thank you, Jesus!”  “No, thank you, Blair!”–Hazel and Blair
  • Q8: “Please, I need to check the DOW!”–Nelly
  • So are those new phones?  Or their phones?
  • Q9: “…the Chuck Bass version of Naria.”–Vanessa
  • Q10: “She’s the Midwestern Mother Teresa.”–Hazel
  • Never saw a bathroom with a double-door like that.
  • Q11: “Once again the world has proven that anything you can do, I can do better.”–Blair
  • Q12: “I have a friend in cyberspace who’ll know just what to do.”–Blair
  • Q13: “Lonely Boy and Ms. Carr? Mary Kay Letourneau alert!”–Blair (How many viewers actually knew what that was referencing?
  • Q14: “I’m glad you’re not wearing that raccoon makeup anymore because you looked like one of The Incredibles.”–Dan to Jenny  (Who was only in one scene again!  Yes!)
  • Q15: “And I thought I was the bad seen in the family.”–Jeny
  • Q16: “Is Lonely Boy giving a certain new teacher more than just an apple?”–Gossip Girl
  • Wow, did Dan really just go into the girls bathroom??
  • Q17: “I knew you and Serena were having problems but I had no idea they were anatomical.”–Blair
  • Why didn’t Dan react to that dig at him and Serena?  Bigger fish to try?  Or because he knew it was true?
  • Q18: “Maybe you should write a short story about it and have Rachel give you notes.  Naked.”–Blair
  • Q19: “It’s a website where a girl posts gossip.  At least we think it’s a girl.”–Serena
  • Elle is a very sexy name, no?
  • Can see why Constance “turned a blind eye” to GG in the past and can’t now.  Now it’s actually school-related.
  • Glad to see Gossip Girl as a blog, and its place in this society, is being explored more.
  • Go Nelly!
  • Expulsion!  Yes!  (C’mon, I can’t be the only one that wants to see Blair suffer a little and get what she deserves.)
  • Q20: “This is my darkest hour.”–Blair
  • Guess this could be a slander case. (At least that’s what my law and ethics of journalism class leads me to believe!)
  • Q21: “The moment Blair involves me in her schemes, the bofriend of the BFF clause is officially null and void.”–Dan
  • Saved by the bell?  Really, Vanessa?  Cliche and didn’t even make sense.
  • Serena’s logic in defending Blair to Rachel fails because of one important factor: Blair brought this all on herself!
  • Q22: “Gossip Girl is just a stupid website.”–Serena
  • Um, perhaps teachers and students shouldn’t be friends in the first place?
  • Is the dog really named Handsome?
  • How would a homeless person care for a dog when they can’t even care for themselves?
  • Q23: “I can’t believe we’re all here on a Saturday night.  That’s a lot of cancelled resturant reservations.”-Lily
  • Rufus versus Harold, yes!
  • Q24: “I’m late for my chiropractor.  She’s double-jointed.  Makes the kama sutra seem new again.”–Chuck
  • Knewwwww Dan and Rachel would be caught in some “compromising” position.
  • Q25: “The whole Eyes Wide Shut mystery has been fun.”–Chuck (I was thinking of that film, too, but again, how many teen got that reference?
  • And is this story also Eliot Spitzer-inspired?
  • Q26: “The face, Serena. Try to pretend it’s not totally tragic.”–Blair
  • Who signs their text messages?
  • The Gossip Girl debate was probably inspired by real-life controversies about similar blogs.
  • Q27: “I love Damages.”–Blair (Again, do teens watch that??)
  • If Rufus was so pissed, why didn’t he make Dan leave with him?
  • Q28: “I saved myself and Gossip Girl.”–Blair
  • “It’s over, isn’t it?” has to be one of the most common teen drama phrases.
  • Q29: “Sometimes the only thing to do is to wrap your arms around each other one last time…and just let go.”–Gossip Girl
  • Rufus makes a good point: Rachel wasn’t acting professionally and that does lead to fair suspicions.
  • Why do students know where their teacher lives?
  • Blair’s dad finally saw her real side!
  • Figures the dog is going with Harold.  Shows never keep the dog around.
  • Was Elle killed?
  • That storyline is becoming more interesting now that Bart is involved and could have reprecussions.
  • But Vanessa and Nate were so not necessary for this episode.
  • OMFG!  Did not expect Rachel to kiss him!
  • When Serena says she wants to put the Rachel issue behind them, does that mean she also wants to get back together?
  • OMFG x 2! They are moving fast!
  • Weirddddd promo!
  • No new episodes til March!


    • Loved that they referenced Andy and Karen.  Let’s hope we see them again soon!
    • Q1: “Were you allowed to date in prison?”–Jamie
    • The “you like her!” exchange between Jamie and Dan was quite adorable.
    • Q2: “Lucky for you, women have never been able to turn the Scott men down!”–Dan
    • Q3: “Sex did not make me popular.  I made it popular.”–Brooke
    • Q4: “It’s Peyton Sawyer.”  “Actresses!”–Peyton and casting lady
    • Q5: “Too old but she’d make a great Deb.”–Dixon on Peyton
    • Cute that Peyton read “Peyton”‘s lines.
    • Q6: “Why are you so good to me?–Lucas (Peyton’s response was great but I didn’t get to write it down in time!)
    • Q7: “She said yes!”–Jamie on asking a girl to come over.
    • Q8: “Is that how you got Nanny Deb?” “That and gin.”–Jamie and Dan
    • Q9: “Sweet!  Snow day!  Later, teach!”–Mia
    • Q10: “You’re kidding, right?”  You’re Italian, right?”–Mia and Peyton
    • Brooke’s reaction to the shirtless guy was hysterical!
    • Q11: “…And the guy playing Whitey.  He was just so cute.”–Julian (BRING WHITEY BACK!)
    • Q12: “Now I know how people must feel when they’re meeting me for the first time.!”–Brooke
    • It was cool seeing the actresses read.  Trying to remember if that’s another thing Dawson’s Creek did…
    • Q13: “There’s something about that one.”  “She wants to sleep with you?”  “That’s it.”–Dixon and Lucas
    • Q14: “Audiences like boobs.  I did not make that up.”–Dixon  (Are they calling him Adam Reese now?  WTF?!)
    • Q15: “Should I just go ahead and put her in pasties?!”–Broke
    • Q16: “You totally have a type!  He looks like Lucas!”–actress “Brooke”
    • Q17: ‘That’s another part of me you should know.  I lash out sometimes.”–Brooke
    • Haley answering the phone and reacting like she did = so unprofessional!
    • Jamie looked adorable in his suit!
    • Q18: “It’s very becoming.  Shall we?”–Jamie
    • That new principal is a bitch!  Bring what’s-his-face back!
    • Q19: “When you stop to think about it, where does the sidewalk end?”–Jamie
    • Q20: “Back off!”–Jamie to Dan
    • Surprised/kind of impressed Dan knows of The Time Traveler’s Wife.  Guess he read a bit while in jail!
    • Q21: “Who brags about being a baby proofer?”–Skills (So glad he’s back!)
    • Never expected Devon had a kid/family.  But that doesn’t excuse his prior behavoir.
    • Q22: “Wedding. Wedding.  Baby!”–Peton
    • Q23: “Made-of-honor?  Really?”  “It shouldn’t be a surprise.  “But it’s so nice to hear!”–Brooke and Peyton
    • Q24: “Oh, so there were 11 of you bitching and moaning?”–Brooke
    • Q25: “He was in prison!”–Jamie
    • Fergie’s appearances are always so random!
    • Q26: “Peyton’s a love interest.  Think about it with your other head.”–Dixon (One of the most risque lines ever, no?)
    • Q27: “Which one do you think Lucas will like?”  “Whichever one you’re naked in.”–Peyton and Brooke
    • Q28: “Come again?”  “That’s what she said?”–Peyton and Brooke (TOO FUNNY!)
    • Q29: “Girl code was shattered years ago.”–Peyton (But I like that Brooke was still worried.)
    • Q30: “You know that’s like three guys we’ve shared?”–Peyton (Love the sex tape reference.)
    • Q31: “High school Brooke did letter in sex.”–Peyton
    • Q32: “You know Tree Hill better than anyone else.”–Haley
    • Q33: “They should name an anti-depressant after you.”–Lucas to Haley
    • Q34: “Go away. You’re mean.  That’s why Daddy and Uncle Lucas don’t like you.”  “That’s true.”–Jamie and Dan
    • Q35: “You’re my best friend.  Don’t you know that?  Actually you’re my only friend.  I don’t even have an imaginary one.”–Dan
    • Amazing how sincere Dan is with Jamie…and no one else. Think he’ll ever repair things with Nathan and Lucas?  Or would that not be true to the character? (That’s a hint on a series of posts that’ll start Wednesday!)
    • Signature move stuff was kind of funny.  Can see why Brooke’s upset.
    • KNEW Lucas didn’t write that break-down.  Because, after all…
    • Q36: “You called me your pretty girl and told me I was gonna change the world.”  (Brucas fans must be quite happy with that part!)
    • Q37: “You want high school Brooke?  I’ve got news for you.  I’m not that girl anymore!”–Brooke
    • Q38: “Jamie used to take naps in the dryer.”–Haley
    • Q39: “What else does a baby get into?”  “Your heart.”–Peyton and Haley (Funny AND sweet!)
    • The Team Peyton onesie was odd.  It seems like a reference to Peyton versus Brooke, but that’s so over and done with so why would Haley give that to her?  Team Mommy would’ve been a lot better.
    • Loved that Brooke put Sam’s essay on the fridge.  I love how much of a mom she’s turning into.  Perfect for my spin-off idea!
    • The teacher left a faint kiss mark on Jamie’s cheek!
    • Q40: “Next time I think I should date someone my own age.”  “Or younger.”–Jamie and Dan
    • The Junk insult, though somewhat funny, was pretty unncessary.
    • Wonder if they’re foreshadowing a post-partum depression storyline?
    • Q41: “And I’ll totally sleep with you.  You, too.”–girl auditioning for Peyton
    • Q42: “No problem.  She was Peyton last night.  And I was Lucas.”–Dixon
    • Lucas’s script is good.  The actors are bad.
    • My guess on Haley’s upcoming storyline: she’ll be fired or suspended but then get people to rally against her before the school board.  Been there, done that.
    • Q43: “Were you really a mathlete?”  “I was THEE mathlete!”–Brooke and Julian
    • Yes!  Lucas showed up!  Hope he actually knew and Haley didn’t tell him.
    • I was totally expecting there to be a second heartbeat (twins) but I’m glad there wasn’t.  Whew!
    • Q44: “Let’s make a movie!”–Lucas
    • Great references to early episodes tonight.
    • Bethany did a good job directing but like I said with CMM’s episode, there wasn’t anything distinct about it.
    • No promo—>also no new episodes for more than a month?  UNACCEPTABLE!



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