Biggest Character Transformations Pt. 2

5 02 2009

My look at the Biggest Character Transformations continues…


Who He Was: Ryan’s life seemed to be headed nowhere when he joined the Cohen family after being arrested for stealing a car.  He couldn’t go a week without getting in a fight and struggled to control his anger, regardless of what was at stake.


Who He Became: Well, for starters, by the second-half of the last season, he was no longer getting in fights.  In fact, I don’t think he threw any punches from that point on.  He improved his relationships with those in his life, especially his formerly-estranged parents.  In the series finale’s glimpse into the future, we saw him working as an architect and befriending a young troubled boy, much like Sandy did for him.

BROOKE DAVIS (One Tree Hill)

Who She Was: Brooke was known in high school for her promiscuity, adversity to studying and love of parties and shopping.  The only glimpses we saw of the respectable woman she would later become was in her fledgling fashion line and her term as student government president.


Who She Became: Brooke took her small clothing company, Clothes Over Bros, and turned it into a national, multi-million dollar company.  Recognizing there are more important things in life than wealth, she cared for an ill foster baby and took in a troubled teenager.

TOMORROW: Gossip Girl and 90210



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