Random Gripe

7 02 2009

One of the things 90210 uses for promotion is the ties it has to the original series, including featuring and mentioning original characters.

But those things end up being so unsatisfying because the show seems to do them half-assed (which isn’t surprising giving the LA Times piece from earlier this week). They mention or feature a character but don’t provide information for the new storyline to make sense with the old.

So the question is: why don’t they fill in the holes?

Example 1: Dylan is the father of Kelly’s son, Sammy, who was born sometime since 2000 but not after 2005. So when exactly did that happen? And why didn’t Kelly and Dylan marry when she got pregnant? And why did they split up?

Example 2: In the pilot episode, Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez was giving the morning news at West Bev. But since when does Hannah (and her parents, Andrea and Jesse) live in Beverly Hills and if they do, where are they? We haven’t seen Hannah since that first episode!

Example 3: Brandon, we’re told, is traveling the world, covering wars and like. Or so it seems. So he’s still a journalist? Where is he based out of? Is he married?

Example 4: When and why did The Peach Pit change locations and names? And where has Nat been lately?

Example 5: According to spoilers/rumors, Donna is living in Japan with David but may move back to Beverly Hills–or at least returns to help Silver as she goes through a tough time. But didn’t Brenda say, early in the season, that she saw Donna and her “cute” baby? How, if they are living in Japan? And what happened to Now Wear This? (And Kelly’s PR firm?!) And how can Donna come/move back without David and their kid? And why would Donna come back to help Silver but David, her own brother, wouldn’t?

These bones that the writers throw to us end up being worth very little because they lack so much information. There isn’t a genuine effort to reward, respect or even keep viewers of the original.

What are your thoughts?



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